Ron Paul: Romney Listens to Me – But We Disagree on the Issues

  • That’s where YOU and charity were supposed to start, not slavery and Fascism. You don’t give a damn about anybody other than yourself.

  • and that is not how the sytem works, the poor people need help,, the poor people need help to be able to survive, that is how the sytem works.

  • I know how the sytem works, i also know that Millions of americans cannot be wrong to not want to give up their social security. I tell you what if you think I am Wrong then Ron paul should win at least two primaries before the national convention in florida, and he should get at least 1,144 delegate votes to secure the nomination, If I am wrong and millions are right.


  • He knows, he just loves his stack of monopoly money more than the people he claims to care about.

  • You’re hilarious, man. If you’re all for helping the poor and promoting peace, then you should be supporting Ron Paul. You obviously have no clue how the system works.

  • As Ronald Reagan said to Jimmy carter and Walter Mondale “There you go again”

  • I still think that provisions could be made for the poor by not spending trillions on wars, by saving trillions, not creating a deficit, cutting trillions of dollars in spending, cutting unnecessary programs and creating proper educational programs

  • You’re just another carbon taxing sycophant looter that peddles eugenics and genocide; a Democrat. There’s no mystery about you.

    You’re just a transparent self worshiper that masquerades as a Christian while peddeling population reduction, slavery, and death.

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  • I mean presidents should not spend trillions on wars, when they can spend millions on peace, millions on creating programs to stop poverty, school programs for free education for the downtrodden.

  • Now you seem like a reasonable fellow, i can tell by the way you speak. You might have guessed it by my policies but I am a staunch democrat, and I am definitely not a republican.You must agree that if George W Bush could spend trillions on wars, then a good president would not spend money on unnecessary wars, and make the proper provisions to help the poor here in america through school programs for the severely disadvantaged.

  • Hellooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  • If Ron Paul made those cuts, allowed competing currencies to stabilize the inflation of the dollar, got rid of minimum wage to allow more opportunities in the job market, and got rid of socialist regulations in the economy, then their children would be able to support them easier, and privately owned retirement homes would pop up all over the place in a free market, causing the living expenses to be more affordable.

  • No, no, let me guess, Ron paul is going to win a majority of delegates in maryland, Washington DC, maine, louisiana, Alaska, Michigan, massachusattes: he just has trouble winning the popular vote in any territory that is not the US Virgin Island.

  • Yeah he has said he would love for social security to be abolished when someone asks because it has become to big of a tax for everyone, its almost broke and its going to fail anyways. But he has repeated a hundred times cutting social security is not part of his plans. And he has also said a 100 times that he will not do that because it will hurt a lot of people. He wants to work to maintain social security as long as possible and slowly work our way out of it to something better.

  • I suppose Millions of people will vote for Ron paul in the maryland primary right???

  • Ron paul has no chance at winning the nomination, he should just run as an independent and take someone like Alan Keyes or Rand Paul as his running mate.

  • Vote for whoever you want. Like I said, neither your vote or your lies even matter anymore.

    Good luck.

  • Do You have an actual argument, or are you to busy calling innocent posters ridiculous hurtful names> It’s no wonder Ron Paul hasnt won a primary, some of his supporters are like you.

  • EVENTUALLY, and it should. It’s a system of generational theft and handouts sustained by fiat slavery. While you make promises to keep the government cheese flowing, the younger generations watch as you shackle them to a plow. It’s just a matter of time until the whole system comes crashing down on your looter head.