Ron Paul: Romney Listens to Me – But We Disagree on the Issues

  • Obama = Bush = Romney = Gingrich = Santorum =
    NDAA, Patriot Act, SOPA, ACTA, PIPA, Indefinite Detentions, Assassinations of American citizens, Endless Wars, Drug War, Cracking down on Medical Marijuana, Spying on Americans, Guantanamo, Slaughtering innocents with drone attacks, Torture, the list goes on.

  • It doesn’t even matter. Nothing will stop an idea that’s time has come.

  • Have fun watching Mitt Romney win the Maryland Primaries because Mr. Money baggs is going to win sadly for us all.

  • You’re damn right they will once they understand what they’ve done to these kids; that they’ve spent their whole lives turning a blind eye to the fraud hiding right in front of them.

    I’ll drop everything I have and start from nothing, and the older generation I’ve talked to says the same thing. The ones you talk to are the ones who knowingly feed off their neighbors and love a stack of monopoly money more than liberty, freedom, prosperity, their neighbors or their country.

  • That is true, Romney is a multi millionair and the comman man cant relate to him. Obama will win reelection, sadly for us all.

  • If millions ever did vote to give up their social security, When I say I will dress like J edgar Hoover in Drag, you really do have my word on that.

  • ROMNEY_ is a BIG BUSINESSMAN!!! He can never be a PRESIDENT because He doesn’t have clear understanding of what is the situation of the nation!!!! So these media people and the establishment better wake up!!!!

  • You have my word on that

  • If you honestly believe that people will vote to lose their social security, if that day ever happens, then i will dress in Drag like J edgar Hoover

  • I agree 100%, Mitt romney is a rich mans president, I have given him the nickname, Mr. Goldman sacchs, also i call him, Moneybaggs

  • It doesn’t even matter. Once peoples eyes are opened to the monopoly money fraud and carbon taxing genocide, they can never be closed again, and all your prognostications fly out the window.

    Your only hope is to keep doing what you’re doing, marginalizing him and trying to make him sound like something he’s not, but like I said; the truth will sweep over these people like a FLOOD.

  • Romney may listen to you, Dr Paul, but you know his track record well enough by now… the moment he gets into office, he is going to flip-flop his entire presidency

  • Okay I will do the math for you, Ron paul will not gain enough electoral votes to win the Presidency, and he has already stated that he will not run as an independent.


  • Okay, lets say he does run as an independent, lets say Obama gets 69,000,000 popular votes, Romney gets 67,000,000 popular votes and ron paul gets, this is a generous estimation bear in mind, lets estimate that he will get 22,000,000 popular votes, now do the math and determine who gets the most electoral votes.

  • Once they realize they aren’t going to win anything without us, the better give him 1144, or they will lose and he’ll run as an independent.

    Libertarians are fiscally conservative and socially liberal. We’ll take more Democrats with us than Republicans, but either way, their party is over without us.

  • Well then asnwer my question if I know absolutely nothing: Is Ron paul going to win the maryland primaries and do you forsee him winning all 1,144 delegate votes: I am trying to determine if you are delusional and in need of psychaitric evaluation

  • going to make profit from its success.

  • Be honest with me, do you think Ron paul is going to win all 1,144 delegates, now just be honest with me, just be honest.

  • United States of Israel. Israel gets 30 billion a year from US tax payers.

  • Ron Paul is the only candidate who wants to stop spending trillions on undeclared wars… It’s like you haven’t even heard a word that he’s said. Why would you argue with people about something that you don’t even know about? In a free market economy, with sound money, we wouldn’t even need taxes to pay for an educational system. Privately owned schools would pop up all over the place, and the unsuccessful ones would be eliminated through competition. If the school shows good results, then it’s