Ron Paul: Romney Listens to Me – But We Disagree on the Issues

  • Ron Paul never quit please!!!!!!!!!


  • Ron Paul never quit please!!!!!!!!!

  • Last Place Paul is last. Zero wins. Sad.

  • instead of cutting education and going to war with iran, why not stop the war and spend those trillions on education. problem solved

  • No. Completely false.

  • Ron paul has dismissed those rumors on television.

  • I’m far away from the States, and have been receiving news that he signed some kind of agreement with Romney, that he is dropping out in order to receive a vice president role in Romney’s office. Is that true ?

  • Yeah but with all dues respect, lets say Ron paul gets 22,000,000 popular votes, he would be taking votes away from Mitt Romney and Obama would be reelected.

  • HAHAHAHAHAHAH, Ron paul can’t even win a single primary.

  • HAHAHAHAH- Well, when Ron Paul wins a primary let me know because I will be shocked that he was able to get enough votes to win a single states popular vote.

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  • “The working class wants a president that will CREATE FREE education, FREE law school”, FREE medical school”

    How fucking stupid are you? Government doesn’t create shit, much less shit that’s free!
    PEOPLE create and pay for things not government…

  • Ron Paul or Gary Johnson

  • Your comments are being flagged for spam. This video channel isn’t about catering to your ” waaa..I refuse to accept the truth …I GIVE UP. – INSECURITY problem.

    Take your bullshit negativity where it belongs. To a barry seotoro youtube channel ( aka fakely named Obummer) and no one gives a damn to see you dress like j edgar hoover in drag. we have enough fucktarded looking freaks in the world and some people see them enough on tv wanting attention.

  • The media won’t admit it, but yeah. The Ron Paul supporters will outnumber the Romney/Santorum supporters 4 to 1. But you’re going to see him come in third on television, and on websites that are owned by government protected media corporations. And yes, I believe that the majority of the delegates will turn out to be for Ron Paul when their physical presence is required to determine the outcome.

  • News getting schooled…these reporters are such mindless tools.

  • keep reading that teleprompter, honey.

  • NO ONE BUT RON PAUL!!! 2012

  • Maybe you should check if you have Alzheimer’s. He’ll get rid of it by phasing it out, he won’t get rid of it immediately, that would be destructive. These programs have not helped the common folk. Why is that we Americans had the largest middle class, even before these programs? You might want to think about that. Social security was broke to begin with.

    I would suggest you go to ronpaulmyths On that site, you’ll have a better idea of what he really supports.