Ron Paul: Romney Listens to Me – But We Disagree on the Issues

  • Let the hate flow through you little sociopath. Let me guess? You’re an atheist?


  • education>everything

  • He doesn’t know what he is talking about with inflation. Oil isn’t about inflation – it is about global supply and demand. The hosts owned him.

  • They want him to drop out because Gingrich and Santorum are going to run out of money and if they drop out; the anti-Romney vote will unite behind Paul, who isn’t going to run out of money.
    Hundreds of delegates are yet to be decided from caucuses that have already taken place and those delegates are not bound to vote according to their state primaries. These anchors don’t even know how the process works.

  • The media continues with its lies
    Ron Paul for President 2012!


  • Ron Paul must have been like, “the nerve of this bitch”

  • You’re the only one talking about social security, and he’s the only one protecting it. The rest of these puppets are printing social security into meaninglessness.

    The government is an even worse a steward of wealth and fortune than monopoly money.

  • “no evidence of inflation” what a fucking retard.

  • more spending is not the way to back up your message of smaller government.

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  • that’s the problem, somehow people have infiltrated this country and want entitlement programs. i’d like you to do something, i want you to go next door and demand money from your neighbor. right now. just because you are you. do you have the balls to? the govt. does not produce anything, it steals from you and me and gives to others, i’m hoping your wrong about the delegates, after the first round, bound delegates are no longer bound, so after round one, its a free for all.

  • Ron Paul. The only one who gets it

  • If Ron paul started legal Impeachment proceedings in accordance with state and federal law for Obama’s signing of the NDAA, if he would talk about incrementally paying off the national debt, manufacturing more goods in America, helping millions get back to work, SINCE HE WANTS TO ABOLISH SCOIAL SECURITY< MILLIONS WONT EVEN VOTE IN THE PRIMARIES.

  • Congressman Ron Paul should seek Obamas Impeachment for signing the NDAA which would make him extraordinarily popular, and he would get alot more votes if he would stop talking about social security.

  • we have two more media donkeys with elite load on them. they act like they doing a great job by not respecting this great man. Ignorant folks!

  • The problem is that millions of Americans dont want to vote for a man who wants to abolish social security and medicare. If he wanted to win more than two primaries he would talk about creating ADDITIONAL programs to help the poor.

  • Well apparently millions of voters disagree with you or Ron paul would actually win more than one primary, the fact of the matter is that he is wasting millions of dollars on a campaign that is hilarious. If Ron paul believes he will get 1,144 delegate votes at the convention then he might want to ask his doctor if he has dillusional hallucinating tendencies.

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  • Primary voters have clearly rejected Paul and Newt. The disastrous thing for Paul is that he got rejected more than Newt by Primary voters.

    Both Newt and Paul have not been able to shake off the image as Washington insiders. How could voters forget the fact that both men have spent decades in Washington playing all kinds of Washington games.

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