Ron Paul: Romney Listens to Me – But We Disagree on the Issues

  • Let’s make assumption that Blooberg Clowns are Nuts, do you think they could distinguish between Romney and Obama?
    You can not afford Dr.Ron Paul because your financiers have been so worried about their stolen money and non-bid contracts .
    Ron Paul will freeze your blood in your veins till last step this fraud .
    Who are you afraid of ,if you got an army behind you?
    Ron Paul will never join to those three clowns who have been working for AIPAC and lobbyists .

  • “Your days of calling people stupid animals are almost over.”

    buwahahahah.. no I will continue to call people stupid animals for years… you stupid animals!

    All money is getting devalued – why? Because resources are scarce… but you know what? if you went to a gold standard – your wages would decline!!! Why? Because gold is finite – labor supply effectively isn’t – particularly the kind of labor the average RP supporter is capable of…. WalMart or Chuck E Cheese

  • A ‘Genocidal ZioFascist Sociopath’

    Well it’s pretty safe to assume that all genocidal people are sociopaths… so it’s kind of redundant really isn’t it?

    Kind of like saying

    ‘Financially illiterate, racist Ron Paul supporter’ – you could probably take out half the words as they are redundant….

    Please convince your messiah to stay in the primary – you arseclowns get funnier the more he loses!


  • These kids got some free education.. yeah that intro was weak but not surprising.. how bout them trying to talk about inflation.. Hilarious and sad!

  • HAHAHA Tell me how can he win when there’s still stupid people like you that think that government can provide free shit?

    It takes ZERO effort to be stupid, to smarten up however it takes time…

  • You are just another pissed of fan boy. That is all

  • i don’t understand how these people think they are going to talk politics with Ron Paul, he has been banging books before they were born! …what ever banging means…sounded good when i was typing.

  • The anti-Romney vote are mostly Teavangelicals from places like, and they hate Ron Paul more than Romney.

  • Why do you think it’s only our monopoly money getting devalued? That’s the whole point fiat slavery, to loot your paper money and buy everything up while spreading poverty, famine, disease, and war.

    Your shit is going down, and it doesn’t matter anymore, because the IMF and world bank will go down with you. There will be liberty and self determination. Your days of calling people stupid animals are almost over.

  • RP has stated numerous times he would not touch social security/medicare. Ideally he would like to abolish it but now is not the time, just like how he cannot make the income tax 0% instantly. He’s all for cutting foreign aid, bringing home troops from all bases, cut several departments in the US government to enable him to cut 1 trillion in one year.

    He wants to balance the budget, he will do everything in his power to do that before cutting programs that are needed by the elderly and vets.

  • The more these people keep trying to put Dr. Paul down the more determined the movement becomes. So keep the fuel coming media,you cannot stop an idea who’s time has come.The more the Liberty message that gets out the more people wake up every single day.Now as for her being a hottie she is.But her knowledge level makes me go limp quickly.There is nothing hotter than a beautiful babe who loves Liberty and packs heat and can recite the constitution while having an orgasm.Gotta love it. Yeah Baby

  • You can stick with calling people assclowns, and I’ll stick with the truth, and call you a genocidal ZioFascist sociopath.

  • False scarcity?

    Maybe some of the scarcity is false (like OPEC cartel behavior) – but there are some very real forms of scarcity out there..

    When more wealth (as produced by new emerging states like the BRICS) competes for the same resources (finite commodities) it increases prices – regardless of ‘ZioFacists’ and whatever labels you arseclowns come up with for things you don’t understand

  • Yes but they have been going up against ALL CURRENCIES!

    get a clue

  • Surfisher

    Unless Ron Paul wins — the below is a Final Blow to FREEDOM!

    NDAA — how it affects YOU, the US Citizen!

    Prior to this 2012 infamy — BO signing the NDAA — no US military force could be Constitutionally used to WAGE WAR against US Citizens within the USA!
    The reason Clinton used in 1993 in Waco, TX — the FBI, BATF, SWAT to kill men (who may have broken the Law), and also kill and burn to death innocent women and children, that had different religious beliefs — NOT the US Military, which only stood by and did not participate.

    Now, BO, has the POWER to determine that ANY US CITIZEN disagreeing in a “confrontational manner” is a TERRORIST! So, go ahead and start A Peaceful Revolution — your exercise of FREEDOM of Speech may be deemed “Detrimental to National Security”, and thus your actions termed as those of Terrorists, to be crushed by the greatest Military Power on Earth — OUR OWN ARMED FORCES — obeying the dictates of the Commander-In-Chief (our current and FUTURE occupier of the White House)!

  • Oil is a commodity, gold is a commodity. When the value of the dollar goes down, gold goes up…. any questions?

  • No, you don’t know what you’re talking about with inflation because you try to value everything around you in monopoly money which gets printed out of thin air and loaned around to a monetarists ZioFascist friends.

    EVERYTHING is going up in “value” because you don’t know where value comes from our how to measure it.

    He talks about inflation AND supply and demand which is also being manipulated to drive up the cost through false scarcity. False scarcity is the same weapon as carbon taxes.

  • this girl should be on the mickey mouse club, not bloomberg. no wonder cnbc as shitty as it is owns them – viva ron paul

  • I wonder if the vagina actually comprehends the questions on her teleprompter?

  • Another ghost worshipper…