Ron Paul 2012: Yes We Can!

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  • Surfisher

    Only Ron Paul can save our Free Republic (and Mitt can only help if he bows out NOW)!

    Mitt Romney could become one of the greatest Statesmen in US History! He’d be the Savior of our Nation — the one that generations to come would tell their children: “Look at this statue, this is Mitt Romney, he saved America”!

    Or, he can reduce himself to just a tiny footnote…what is amazing is that his fate rests in his own hands (a very rare occurrence throughout the history of the world)!

    All Romney has to do, is to take advantage of this rarest of historical moments, and make a SINGLE DECISION!!!

    Withdraw his candidacy IN FAVOR of Ron Paul, with the following grandiose and heart-wrenching patriotic speech (to save his political skin):

    “I, Mitt Romney, will sacrifice my political goals for the Good of the People. Now I understand that only Ron Paul can save our Nation. I agree with all he stands for, therefore, I have deemed that our Nation’s salvation can only be accomplished when Ron Paul is elected as President of the United States of America. Without regret, but with joy, I do the most honorable and patriotic deed I can — I withdraw myself from this election, and give my full support to Ron Paul!”

    One honest person is needed to bring these logical conclusions to Romney’s PERSONAL ATTENTION (not the myopic sycophants surrounding him and stroking his ego by chanting wishful thinking as ‘fact’: “You gonna win Boss, you gonna win Boss….).

    Regardless how egotistical, arrogant and narcissistic Romney may be, some semblance of reasoning of what’s best for him, should still remain in his skull. The instinct for self preservation dictates that even the smallest of minds will chose the path that leads to safety, not the one leading to disaster.

    An honest realist needs to talk to Romney one-on-one — and explain the following to him, so Mitt can comprehend it:

    1) If you don’t win the nomination, than your political career is over (you’ll become just a tiny footnote in US History as a failure).

    2) If you win the nomination, and don’t defeat Obama — which is the most probable outcome (you’ll become just a tiny footnote in US History as an even LARGER failure).

    Therefore, Dear Mitt, whichever gamble you take from the above, may lead to total disaster for your political career (and probably will)!

    However, here is an action you can take, Dear Mitt — WITHDRAW IN FAVOR OF RON PAUL, AND PLEDGE YOUR TOTAL SUPPORT FOR HIM — that guarantees you’ll become immortalized in the annals of US History (becoming the 21st Century Savior of America by your sacrifice)! Surely this carrot of success will entice Romney’s egotism to go for it (over the probable political beatings he’d receive otherwise)!

    All one needs to do, to assure Mitt’s Historical Greatness of Sacrifice for the Good of the Nation, is to present the above to Romney’s eyes alone! I urge all able to do so, to place this document in front of him!

    Send this to Mitt Romney — as an Open Letter, e-mails, etc. — the more you send, the greater the chance he’ll get to read it!

  • The actions of the people in the audience at the republican debates speak for themselves(75% of them identify as christian). And you’re right; we non-superstitious people are the ones who don’t understand. We atheists gather every Sunday to group think and to advance our militant atheist cause.

  • You maybe talking about warmongers, stating that these are “Christians” is just a ploy to advance a stupid atheist cause… But no worries you’re freedom to spread stupidity won’t be fully hindered… Ron Paul has a “Christian” mindset and to simply point out the crowd to be such makes me realize atheist or anti-Christians for that matter never really understood the freedom of opinion or justice…


  • i like this guy, he seems to have a morality you dont see in politicians. i did my art exam on him, in the obama style posters 😛

  • Surfisher

    Unless Ron Paul wins — our Free Republic will END!

    Aside from the original US Constitution….

    Wonder how many have read (the ORIGINAL work, not the Google synthesis…LOL) Gibbon’s ‘The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire’?

    Also, how many have read (at least four times, since Plato’s conclusions need to be reread many times to understand the totality of his (Socrates) genius, by mere mortals such as us) ‘The Republic’?

    Also, J.S Mill’s treatise ‘On Liberty” (about three times at least, to comprehend the impact of his inescapable conclusions).

    The works of Cicero (one time reading — since his views are apodictic) — among the many, here is a condensed sample: “The more Laws a Nation has, the less Justice (freedoms) the People will have”, “Freedom is a possession of inestimable value”, “Laws are silent in times of war”….

    Ayn Rand’s sharpness of Logic in ‘Atlas Shrugged’; Aristotle’s ‘Organon’ (not his other writings, since they are flights of fancy); the complete works of the benign Marcus Aurelius; Hume, Berkley and Locke (the three empiricists!); Petronius’ ‘Satyricon’ (incomplete — since only a partial manuscript was saved (missing the ending), ridiculing “alternative life styles”); and a whole lot more….

    If you are one of the 7 Americans that have read all these Original Works (and comprehended their meaning) — then you know why our Nation is about to END as a FREE REPUBLIC.

    If not, no worries — soon these original works will be burned (banned) — so you won’t have to worry about reading all this stuff….LOL!