Ron Paul: The Cold War Is Over, Let’s Start Trading with Cuba

  • im cuban and i endorse this message

  • Ron Paul’s right. The US relationship with Cuba is being totally dictated by a small group of Cubans in Miami. Why should they hold everyone else hostage?
    Cuba is not a threat to US security, the Cold War’s been over for 22 years.
    It’s time to end these vindictive, pointless sanctions.
    Chickenhawks like Santorum would obviously disagree, but that’s how you know if your policy is good or not!


  • CIGARS 🙂 Havanas, the best in the world.

  • Cuba has nothing that we would want to buy.

    If you disagree, name one thing.

  • thumbs up if you where thinking…. WOOOWW how is he loosing?

  • Romney, Gingrich And Santorum Disliked This Vid!

  • The organized criminals Castro threw out will never be satisfied until Castro is throw out. Like BP and Iran, or Dulles and the countries they set up fruit and resource theft. They are like Hamas. Once they set a foot on a land, it’s theirs forever.

  • It seems like he wasn’t breathing well – running out of breath. I hope he takes a break soon. He is 76 and the campaign must be taxing on him. I love the guy.

  • Lol nope i knew his ass was like bush

  • Santorum, Romney and Gingrich Disliked this video

  • change^2

  • … and romney and gingrich followed him.

  • Face it it guys, theres no hope… unless we start rebelling.

  • Ron Paul cured my apathy.

  • so am i.

    atheists for ron paul. you should educate the obama atheists on theamazingatheists channel with me

  • Finally, political manifesto that is sensible… Mind Our Own Business…

  • “And who gets to write the search warrants? The people who are marching into our houses – the FBI, the CIA, and the Military will be writing their own search warrants. I think the founders of this Country got pretty annoyed with that when the British Army did it.”
    RON PAUL R[̲̅ə̲̅٨̲̅٥̲̅٦̲̅]LUTION!!!

  • You cannot start a war and then withdraw. Why don’t you truly show Iran that you respect them. You cannot just not take part all of the sudden, you cannot just attack them because they want more power. Why don’t you take a true middle way – teach them. teach them how to make nuclear weapons, teach them how to protect them.- YOU NEED them too. They have oil – one day … HOW IMPRESSIVE AND POWERFUL WOULD THAT BE. Why would they use them – they’d be annilated. CHILDREN STILL!! IRRESPONSIBLE!!

  • HAHA – You think you are opposing my view, but you are actually supporting it. I love the guy – As a senator he’s great, but as president he’s shit. You guys need someone like him and to listen to him. You still think he’s saying something different though – he isn’t he’s still selling propaganda that you are the greatest. You are as fucked over there as we are here in Europe.

  • After watching this video i have no fear for the future. the new world order is going to fail bigtime. Do not live in fear my friends. Freedom is on the rise and will prevail.