Ron Paul: The Cold War Is Over, Let’s Start Trading with Cuba

  • i genuinly dont like this

  • hell yeah

  • A: paul isnt president
    B: Reagan was most popular
    C: do research please

  • dont trade with cuba and dont trade with NK berma or any commie pinko countries. except china cause we’re in to deep to get out of there. Cuba is evil dont trade with them

  • how the fuck does ron paul’s rally get so many people but when it comes to voting its becomes low!


  • I see these young peoples’ faces and their ardent enthusiasm for their future and their immediate understanding of the importances of existence. America do not betray their hope and faith. The world is watching. If you fall we all do. Americans, this is the time ,do not fail us. obama has entrapped Americans, detention without trial, continual warfare, I implore all Americans, do the right thing.

  • See how people immediately know you are not serious?

  • nathernrock

    you must be joking

  • I hope some of these young people take Dr. Paul’s message to heart and,in turn,run for political office themselves. Great change can come with a US presidential election but the greatest change comes when the citizens,through local and state governments,are willing to put themselves on the line and stand up for the constitution and the liberties upon which this country was founded.

  • ron paul is a isolationist left-winged nuttcase, Rick Santorum is the only hope.

  • The cold war is over. Fidel Castro is a leftist puppet and Cuba a subordinated narco-state…

    free these poor nigger communists! American and Mexican Real estate corporations are ready to take over the filthy commie island. But first, it needs to be democratized through a Military intervention.


  • 7 people sneezed and hit the dislike button by accident

  • We know YouTube want let this gem reach the top! Wow! What a great speech Dr. Paul gave.
    Ron Paul 2012!

  • what? I don’t understand…?

  • 7 got diarrhea and had to leave

  • “the” – ron paul
    – march 28 2012

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  • America First!

  • Now thats a lecture of lifetime…..a useful one to shape our lives.