Ron Paul: The Cold War Is Over, Let’s Start Trading with Cuba

  • fraud

  • Who is this 2Pac I keep seeing? O:

  • Most citizens do not hear us. The media has taught them that we are murdering criminals. Stand strong battle, dark days are soon to arrive for us all.

  • I am serving currently. I am proud to read that you are considering the Military as a career. But I would beg you to wait until the Republic has been restored. Our current incorporated entity masquerading as the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA is reaching a critical point. The globalist plan to destroy us from within is reaching fruition. Many rumors are circulating to prepare to declare war on the citizens. This may result in openly civil war. Prepare for the storm.

  • Great! Because this former country belongs to you and me. Not the incorporated Gov’t of THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.
    The Act of 1871?

  • Ron Paul cured my political apathy. He’s just too good.


  • I dont become a republican because I’m liberal on most things . For some things such as immigration im conservative. I like Ron paul Better than any other Republican candidate because doesnt lie like almost every single politician i know. I like him better than Obama even though Hes a republican and i will support him. I may not agree with him on a lot of things but at least hes better than all of the other candidates. #RONPAUL2012

  • thanks god bless

  • While i may not agree with what you say i will fight to the death for your right to say it. THATS freedom

  • Must Watch : fcLTqo4jEK4

  • Supporters really need to be civil when defending thier reasons for support. You can’t change peoples minds if you start off hostile

  • thats why its a REVOLUTION my friend. i dont think ron paul cares if hes president this time……its the MESSAGE!! The idea of freedom has been resparked again! I know i will try my hardest to raise my children with these same belief of freedom and peace. pass it on….dont be so afraid to discuss things in public…anywho im gonna start ranting again. later

  • holy shit that was friekishly polite. Most people on youtube immediatly insult my intelligence and religion of christianity. thanks for serving a lot of my family is int the army and its a career choice im considering. cheers to ya

  • Altho it bothers me to know that the elections where manipulated (which you can laugh at me for saying it, doesn’t bother me), it’s fascinating to see so many people do vote for him. Just imagine when these students grow up, the power of their opinion. But, as they manipulated the elections, they might also manipulate the mass opinion, some way, not to easy.

  • rigged buddy. our “democracy” is being shammed i really dont wanna say too much tilll after the convention though when we can actually SEE the delegate count. i just think its funny that everytime tere a Caucus/Primary all i hear is romney win but then weeks later you read oh well santorum actually one or someone else squeezed by. i dont believe it simply because i (a soldier from a politcal family) have YET to come across ONE romney supporter not one yet he somehow he landslides every victory?

  • well sir as a soldier in the army for the better part of this decade i applaude your honesty and respect your opinion. and THAT sir is the ultamate goal. to have tolerance and understanding. its kinda the double edged sword of americas “freedom” (isay it like that because i too can see the police state rising and have watched the patriot act and the ndaa shred our constittution.) your right humancasnio i didnt have to write that. my bad have a great day. VOTE DR. RON PAUL if not at least vote!

  • Surfisher

    Unless Ron Paul wins — our Free Republic will END!

    Aside from the original US Constitution….

    Wonder how many have read (the ORIGINAL work, not the Google synthesis…LOL) Gibbon’s ‘The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire’?

    Also, how many have read (at least four times, since Plato’s conclusions need to be reread many times to understand the totality of his (Socrates) genius, by mere mortals such as us) ‘The Republic’?

    Also, J.S Mill’s treatise ‘On Liberty” (about three times at least, to comprehend the impact of his inescapable conclusions).

    The works of Cicero (one time reading — since his views are apodictic) — among the many, here is a condensed sample: “The more Laws a Nation has, the less Justice (freedoms) the People will have”, “Freedom is a possession of inestimable value”, “Laws are silent in times of war”….

    Ayn Rand’s sharpness of Logic in ‘Atlas Shrugged’; Aristotle’s ‘Organon’ (not his other writings, since they are flights of fancy); the complete works of the benign Marcus Aurelius; Hume, Berkley and Locke (the three empiricists!); Petronius’ ‘Satyricon’ (incomplete — since only a partial manuscript was saved (missing the ending), ridiculing “alternative life styles”); and a whole lot more….

    If you are one of the 7 Americans that have read all these Original Works (and comprehended their meaning) — then you know why our Nation is about to END as a FREE REPUBLIC.

    If not, no worries — soon these original works will be burned (banned) — so you won’t have to worry about reading all this stuff….LOL!

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  • isolationist as in not having the army fighting useless wars, then most of the earth countries leaders are isolationists. So if majority of leaders are isolationists that means that is the common thing, so your way of thinking is out of place. And I doubt trading with other countries, and people haveing the same freedoms to exist or enter the country makes you close to a isolationist.