Ron Paul: The Cold War Is Over, Let’s Start Trading with Cuba

  • 2) That means the Gentiles in the U.S. are, as we
    speak, having their freedoms intensely limited ! One very
    wise and educated gentleman named Alan Sabrosky uses a very
    effective method to uncover who was really behind the 9/11
    attacks and he points out, Who is most likely to benefit
    from the activity in question, in this case, the creation of
    a scenario where Gentiles are the recipients of such

  • 3) This is a question which all people are about
    to be able to answer correctly beyond a shadow of a doubt !
    The answer to this question is a single puzzle piece, if you
    will, that completes a picture previously and very
    deceitfully hidden from being viewed by the American public
    and by most Israeli Jews, because who, in their right mind,
    would support anyone that is bent on the demise of our own
    country !

  • 4) Yet we have been doing exactly that in the U.S.!
    As you will see from your investigations at your computer,
    we clearly need to do some serious pest control in the US !
    YouTube these 2 items please: 1) Brother Nathanael
    2) Doreen Dotan .

  • To those making comments about the Illuminati: Please shut up. Not every freaking thing is associated with that. We all know the top wealthy elite do want control over practically every aspect of our lives, but that doesn’t mean you can scream Illuminati at everything. Think logically…

  • The Illuminati got you by your balls, sheep!

  • Ron Paul is an Illuminati double agent.
    Because it’s all just a big manipulation theater. They own every power on the earth.
    Nobody get’s a position this high without their permission. Just like with Obama, it was to give hope to the dumb sheep, until that hope gets weakened by broken promises and then they find another clown to keep people in check, a never ending cycle.
    watch this, and you’ll know who is the real master of EVERY secret society on the planet.


  • Link my chann. for my brand new InfoWars report on: RON PAUL ASSASSINATION? …. ANONYMOUS 2012

  • paranoid schizophrenia

  • word of wisdom\Ron Paul.

  • Do not worry, the enemy is self destructing as we speak ! We are only paying attention to them that they be saved. For a world with some people suffering, is a world no one wants. If we wish that our enemy suffer, we are no different than they are. There are an infinite number of untold benefits to loving all people !

  • Ron Paul or stfu

  • What makes you say that?

  • Ron paul is part of the Illuminati…he’s a double agent

  • Ron paul is part of the Illuminati…he’s a double agent

  • Becareful what you say Arizona cause u could offend someone and go to jail ..

  • Is RP still taking money pretending he actually has any relevance? Why is he still running? Nobody supports him except the lunatic fringe…5% does not win elections

  • You know RON PAUL wont sell you out like the other politicians do!!

  • sleezy guy in beginning almost jacked it up

  • hey same here after watching that!

  • RESTORE AMERICA NOW- That is the campaign slogan. It could also be, Remind America Now. Because after four years of Ron Paul, no matter how much of his agenda he might accomplish. Those four years will: Remind future presidents how to be president. Remind congress and future congressmen how to do their jobs. Remind the American People what to expect from their president and congress, let alone themselves.