Ron Paul’s “Wild Ideas”: Follow the Constitution, Stop Printing Money, Don’t Fight Undeclared Wars

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  • Huh? I dont think you took what I said the way I meant it. Ron is VERY VERY against printing more money. Even deems it unconstitutional. Actually he is right about that. Secondly, you don’t have to make personal remarks…didn’t do nor say anything to deserve that. Maybe you should understand what is actually being said first before going off on a tangent like that.

  • That plan will severely weaken the value of the dollar. The last time a country tried to print its way out of a recession was Germany after WW1 when it had to pay reparations to the British and French which essentially made the German mark worthless. That process is called Hyperinflation. You are out of your mind if you believe we can print our way into prosperity, in which case I sincerely hope you are seeking psychiatric help.

  • the white house and statistics never lie, right?!