Ron Paul’s “Wild Ideas”: Follow the Constitution, Stop Printing Money, Don’t Fight Undeclared Wars

  • other than a few redneck farmers for Santorum, intellectually lazy Romney/Obama supporters, i don’t even know what Gingrich is all about.

    Ron Paul is known across america, nationally and internationally.


  • way bizarre coincidence I guess LOL

  • Just let government feed you the same bull.

  • I get the sentiment but just don’t…

  • too bad ron paul 2012 aint gonna happen

  • Nice Interview, no stupid questions

  • President Paul!

  • welcome to YouTube.

  • The Troops OVERWHELMINGLY SUPPORT RON PAUL! that alone says volumes!

  • Same here. I feel the exact same way. In all seriousness.

  • Go Ron Paul go!!!!!

  • Ron Paul is my Hero!! Ron Paul 2012!!!!

  • I wish “reality” would sink into Americans. I tell you what, Ive always thought people were stupid.. ever since I was a little kid.. up untell I was 15 and started getting into politics and seeing things like “the zeitgeist movie” I never realized how fucking stupid people are. Im not claiming to be smart or anything but really.. how stupid can people be?! when I think about it, it makes me want to go crazy..

  • Ron Paul is the People’s choice, the rest are the Zionist owned Establishments choices including Obomber…

  • y am i always 301 in every video i fucking watch

  • in paul i trust

  • Even though you are spinning a positive note, the racist bs only gets to the idiots. Not to mention that he refuted any of the allegations, just simply judging by his character he has nothing written about him to be even closely considered racist.

  • 1) what the fuck are you talking about? 2) if you believe Ron Paul will win the nomination, then you are obviously wrong. Look i like Ron Paul, i think he is the most genuine and sticks to his word, but i DAMN SURE know that he wont get the nomination. wake the fuck up. and what the fuck are you talking about? kkk? ghetto? needing salt? Like, who even brings those up in regular conversation?

  • I am saying that there is no chance of him becomeing VP. If you think he will you are living in the dream world. I hope he dosent get the nomination. He has the suport of the people, all people not just republicans but democrats and independents. He will do much better out of the repugnican party. Rmoney has no chance of beating O so he has no business even considering a VP. You need to work on your reading comprehension if you are going to make silly coments. Rmoney changes his own mind enuff.

  • 1:18 and especially 2:28 are ownage talk right there.