Ron Paul’s “Wild Ideas”: Follow the Constitution, Stop Printing Money, Don’t Fight Undeclared Wars

  • Scott R

    Folks… IMHO, the stock market is getting ready for a serious correction. The technicals are showing slowing momentum from the 2009 lows. I hope that you guys stop by and check out my charts.
    What I’m seeing in the markets matches the sentiment I hear from Ron Paul all the time. The current system to prop up the markets with easy money and printing is a house of cards doomed to collapse on itself. It will be either through hyper inflation OR a massive default and deflation cycle that this all comes down. We can not solve out economic problems by bailing everyone out, creating entitlements, and continuation of our nationbuilding overseas. If you haven’t already done so, I would put most of your assets into HARD assets like real estate, gold and silver. When the entitlement system fails in the US, we will have mass rioting and looting. We may also have food and water shortages and a failure of the “grid”. As the grid breaks down, the technology that we’ve used to allow this HUGE population this great life style will no longer be able to be self sustaining. Basically, the earth and the envirnment is about to push back on us all in the same way an over population of a species in the wild finds it’s equilibrium via some starvation or disease. Let’s hope and prey that it does not get that bad, but what if it does? You need to watch Chris Martenson’s crash course.

    If there is ONE link you click on in this blog, you need to click on that one and watch the videos.


  • wow just wow your stupidity is i can’t even explain it.

  • No one else but Ron Paul2012!

  • No, it was a subsidy part of a bill which bailed out these companies. Even if going by your point a tax break for the oil corporations is strongly opposed by the vast majority. And the fact that he doesn’t want to give it to colleges in a time of economic crisis to lower student, clearly shows he stands up for the 1%

    SOPA was a typo, I actually meant SOLA. The Sanctitiy of Life Act which he introduced, forces states to recognize life at conception which is completely against libertarian values

  • can there still be a convention if santorum and newt join the dark side againts ron paul?

  • It was off the wall because it had nothing to do with the context of how I mentioned the TSA. So what exactly were you talking about then when you said “they aren’t social programs if the TSA is privately owned”? Secondly, name a SINGLE Ron Paul idea that you mentioned. Oh you haven’t. Yeah, that’s what I thought. If you’re response is again either schizophrenic or sub par, don’t expect me to dignify your lack of nouse or trolling with a response.



  • i really want him to win hes going to need more support and publicity!

  • Paul did not vote for oil “subsidies” as you implied. He voted for a tax break which is not the same as a subsidy. If you can’t even distinguish the difference between a subsidy and a tax break I’m not even going to bother trying to have a discussion with you. He also voted against SOPA, yet another leftist lie.

    I also think it’s hilarious a liberal is defending NAFTA of all organizations since it does nothing but favor big multinational businesses over small local merchants.

  • Also your comment about a “1912 in 2012” economy is so laughable it only speaks of your incredibly vast ignorance of economic and monetary matters. Do you even realize why it’s important to have competing currencies, how damaging inflation is to people on fixed incomes, and how a fiat monetary monopoly like the Federal Reserve is incredibly favorable to the super rich? No but keep spouting propaganda you read in Mother Jones and while the government robs you blind to favor the rich.

  • I’ll never understand why you brainwashed lefties love NATO and UN so much. You do realize they’re noting but backdoors for undeclared soveriengty violating wars right? With the Soviet Union gone they serve as nothing but a legal workaround for the President to declare reckless wars. Once again leftists blindly worship government agencies simply because of the name officials have slapped on them. FEMA’s “inefficiency” is to bad it should be considered criminal.

  • Everything I said are facts or repeatedly came from his own mouth and easily sourced. His “medical” statements were on the rep. debate with Wolf Blitzer. His oil subsidy vote, SOPA bill are public record and his opposition to the civil rights, college subsidies and the government orgs I listed are very well known and repeatedly uttered on tv by himself. It’s very easy to dismiss facts for political bias. And FEMA’s supposed bad track record is an efficiency problem not a ideological one.

  • its all about the banks. the banks make decisions for U.S ahead of time

  • Obama cares about money, not the people
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  • Real wild ideas: Dismantle the FBI, EPA, FEMA, BoA etc., pull out of UN, NATO, NAFTA, give oil giants subsidies but none to colleges (progressives, minorities), Doctors should not require medical licenses, Working uninsured should be taken care of “by the churches”, introduce SOPA and continue to run as a Libertarian, a 1912 economy in 2012, Slam the civil rights for not improving race relations yet make millions off of racist rants. Very classy republicans..

  • Million march is the right idea, start a youtube channel promoting it and i’ll subscribe. There’s no chance RP is going to win so you better start now. Romney was chosen to face Obama…most have known that since the Iowa caucus.. good luck

  • robin

    French Canadian,
    Here is the lecture done by Noam Chomsky if you have not listened to it.

    See if you can find where he creates cognitive dissonance and how logically is his logic…Then compare to the other site I gave you.

  • robin

    French Canadian,
    Have you seen this documentary about conspiracy theories? I think it is very comprehensive. Then I will post the one done by Noam Chomsky considered by his loyal young following to be very insightful and intellectual. His is called Dispel 9/11 with Sheer Logic. Then decide which one is more believable and more logical. If you listen you will hear him use cognitive dissonance, which I’m sure you are aware of. Since he is a linguist, using this technique probably is very easy for him to do.

  • If Ron Paul doesn’t win and our country takes a turn for the worst, if it comes to it, I want to be on the front lines of We the People vs. the Government, I say we organize a million+ person march to the White house and demand to be let in. There was a time in America when that would be the most noble and righteous thing one could do for his country

  • Dammit! You made me laugh! Heck no, none of us on here is serious! Have a good day!