Ron Paul’s “Wild Ideas”: Follow the Constitution, Stop Printing Money, Don’t Fight Undeclared Wars

  • Surfisher

    “Obama’s IQ less than 100…!!!”
    “Nation in a Crisis to force Obama to take another IQ test today….”

    TODAY’s (4-1-2012) BREAKING NEWS:

    Reported from an acquaintance whose cousin’s friends went to Harvard with Obama — and they stated that on a college dare they all took an IQ test. Obama tore up his result upon receiving it in disgust…but they were able to see the number 93 on one of the torn pieces!

    If true — than we have a near Idiot for President.
    If you don’t believe Obama’s IQ is LESS than 100 — than force Obama to take an IQ test IN PUBLIC (so all can see what’s the World “Leader’s” actual mental capacity)!

    Other IQ tests reported today (4-1-2012):

    Romney — 87 (so low only because he gave 2 possible answers on each question — one For, and the other Against…)

    Ron Paul — 155 (actual score)

    Newt — 210, making him the smartest person on the planet (but he cheated on the test, just like he cheated on his wives….)

    Santorum — 0 (may have done better, but answered all: “Jesus saves”….)

    • Surfisher

      Other BREAKING NEWS TODAY (4-1-2012):

      “Hitlery Clinton moves to Unified Germany TODAY declaring: “I think I have a chance of becoming Germany’s next Chancellor (as long as I stop shaving my small mustache)…”.


    • robin

      Where did you get this information from about IQ tests? I used to administer IQ tests and this is very difficult to believe. Be careful what you put out there without authenticating it, otherwise it’s just inflammatory, not based on fact.

    • BH

      Robin: Surfisher was obviously joking

      • robin

        Thank you BH…I guess I’m just too serious.

      • AdamGmoney

        Robin just got pissed cause she thought surfisher was dissing Hitler.

        Robin is an anti-semitic International Socialist.

  • 1+1- 2? I guess you’re the brains of the family, huh? Valid comment. ROFL.

    No, Gillard does the bidding of the Central bank i.e. RBA. If you’re so sure that Ron couldn’t help Australia, please actually elucidate why. You’ve yet to even come close to making a point. Fail to do so and I reply no further. I don’t deal with half wits and/or trolls.

  • Hitler, is that you?

  • 1 + 1 = 2
    There is your valid comment.
    well der, we have a prime minister not a dictator.
    Ron Paul still wouldn’t help Australia, only America.

  • They’re called shabbataen frankists.

  • You were the one worried about Ron destroying social programs. Of course the TSA isn’t a social program – Its a severe infringement on our personal freedoms, and privacy. Further, being neo-liberal is not an idea, it’s a philosophy. For example the carbon tax was a political ‘idea’ or ‘policy’ Being a liberal is a general philosophy in which you base your ideas from. You’re still yet to make a valid comment. I also suspect you’re silly enough to believe Gillard is running the country too.

  • TSA, is not a social program if the government sell it out to private investment.
    Ron Paul is a neo-liberal do you agree?

  • And what’s up with that regarding Ron Paul taking out his full-dentures (false teeth) and not wearing them in his videos to fool people. And then he gets on you back and you couldn’t shake it off??? Well here the way to shake it off: Say the words, “RON PAUL HAS ALREADY BETRAYED ME!” to yourself or to other people, and you can shake it off.

  • show me your sources will gladly read them. but paul supporters EXPONENTIALLY outway any romney,santa,or grinch supporters. we dont need your vote.

  • I see you are still living in the illusion that it will make a difference whether Obama or Romney wins. It WONT. They work for and are payed by the same corporations so it will make no difference. Only person in the race who is speaking about any real chance is RP and I pray that he does go third party if he doesnt get the republican nomination.

  • PLEASE… don’t join the Lemon party..

    a 3rd party is a mistake.. It will split the conservative vote.

    Thumbs up if you don’t want Ron Paul to join the Lemon Party..


  • Ron Paul hands down GETS MY VOTE!!! The attacks on him are, desperate and have no merit.

  • Don’t pay any attention to Baylent2270, he spamming the same sentence about every video of Ron there is and also about 9/11. Just flag him as spam since he don’t even know wth he is talking about.

    • nevadasmith

      DogmanisReal ,Baylent2270 is a funny guy.We will need some humor here as it will be a long struggle thru November 6,2012 when we take it all for Ron Paul.

  • Don’t be fooled by his appearance in this 2012 a.d. election campaign. He took out his full-dentures (all false teeth for upper jaw and lower jaw). (He did this as a TRICK to suck you in when you look at him showing a toothless man.) This Ron Paul look a lot more menacing when he puts on his false teeth (full-dentures). He sounded a lot more menacing when he has his teeth on and did his illegal drugs. Somebody should investigate this Ron Paul. There will be a lot of dirt.

    • nevadasmith

      To Baylent2270, Your Mitt S**T Robamaney is just Driving Sideways,
      It least you know you were taken by a pro
      I know just how you feel
      She talked a perfect game, deflecting all the blame
      You took the Jag and changed the flat and got behind the wheel
      My oh, Driving Sideways, taken in by the scenery, as you’re propelled along
      And your companion, going to help you to navigate
      I fear she may be wrong, I fear she may be wrong
      And you will say that you’re making headway and put it in overdrive
      But you’re mistaking speed, forgetting what you need
      And never even noticing you never do arrive
      Cause you’re driving sideways, if you roll down the window you’ll see
      You’re where you don’t belong, and your companion they’ll know how to help you to navigate
      I fear she may be wrong, I fear she may be wrong
      And your paradigm, the hopeful eyes, that it’s just around the bend
      And when this private thought comes screeching to a halt
      Let’s hope you know what to do to start it up again
      Driving Sideways having scan on the radio so she can sing along
      And she’ll sit, thinking your gonna handle it, until she proven wrong
      Until she’s proven wrong,
      Until You prove her wrong
      Aimee Mann “Driving Sideways”

  • I want the Police to arrest Ron Paul. The charge: kidnapping his former employer’s son in 1965 a.d. and put him in a different country. The victim escapes and returns to the U.S.A. He again did a 2nd kidnapping of the same victim in 1972 a.d. and altered his face via plastic surgery. After that he dumped the semi-concious victim in a remote country. Ron Paul then returns to the United States, smoke more of his illegal drugs and embezzled this victim’s US $265,000,000 assets. Now 40 yrs later…

    • nevadasmith

      Baylent2270, You are funny.I’ve taken all this RonPaul stuff real serious and a good laugh was so useful. Thank You

  • Ron Paul will NOT get my vote.

  • WISCONSIN for Ron Paul.
    Wisconsin for RON PAUL.

    Ron Paul, Ron Paul, Ron Paul!

  • If your not a delegate for Ron Paul please consider going to Americans and get Ron Paul a second window of opportunity to get in the Presidential Race 2012!

  • I love how I’m only 13 years old and on my Saturday I’m looking up presidential candidates like Ron Paul, and reading the debates on the comments below. 😀