Ron Paul’s “Wild Ideas”: Follow the Constitution, Stop Printing Money, Don’t Fight Undeclared Wars

  • Our governments do not work because of racist, STUPID people like you.

  • French Canadian


    I do not believe that the TIME magazine poll is rigged. I voted and tried to vote again later to see if it was rigged. It said that they had already counted my vote. So it is not rigged. The reason Obama won it, is because he had a huge crowd of followers who were as devoted and tenacious as Ron Paul supporters. So if the Obots could it, we can also do it.

    Yes, I did listen to your video. But I do not think that Ron Paul’s website is the place to discuss about Jews… there are many other sites who serve this purpose.
    As far as I am concerned, from day one, I never believed in the War on terrorism… always knew it was an hoak. Never thought also that what religions say is real. I do not believe in religions. I only believe in a GOD and in spirituality like the Golden rule, etc. Religions are man made and their only purpose is to divide.

    I condemn everyone that does evil, whether it is a Jew, a British, a German, a Japaneese or from any other races. I NEVER condemn a whole nation, because this is ridiculous and completely insane.

    As far as Israel is concern, this is what I believe:
    Their government is as corrupted as the American government. Mossad and CIA are the two most corrupted organizations in the world. And I personally believe CIA is worst than Mossad. When the USA created the UN to be able to give to the Jews the land of Israel, there was a reason behind this… a hidden plan. Still, the people who live in Israel now, are not responsible for the deal made by the UN . So the Israelis are allowed to live in peace in that country. But what they should do is to wake-up to the corruption of their government, like Americans are waking up to their own government corruption, and try to find someone like Ron Paul and make things better for themselves and for everybody in this world. This is what I really think.

    Congratulations for all the good work you do regarding getting involved as delegates. Keep the good work and God Bless!

    • robin

      French Canadian,
      I guess it’s my suspicious nature. I voted on the Time magazine, so I hope you are right here. Ron Paul supporters are very active and involved, so the number just seems too low. I do understand why Obama got on the cover of Time magazine. Yes, you’re right about talking about Israel on here because it doesn’t help Ron Paul’s campaign. I think what all the intelligence organizations have done and continue to do is immoral and unethical and justify it by saying it is for their countries national security(very evil entities and why JFK wanted to break up the CIA when he was president). You make some very important points, but I do feel that we have to discuss Israel and our unconditional support and what is going on there but probably not on here. Until we do, the bloodshed will continue. There are many Israelis who are peace activists, and I have great respect for the nuclear scientist who 20- years ago blew the whistle on the nuclear/biological and chemical weapons that were being made secretly and what the Israeli government still denies. Everyone surrounding that case were threatened to keep silent or meet with the same fate. He was tortured and kept in solitary confinement. He is a hero not a traitor. It’s no different in this country,although it’s a well=kept secret. I always remember what my husband said when he came in to talk about Russia when our son was in elementary school . When he was studying at Leningrad University, babushka’s kept coming up and telling him to tell his fellow countrymen that the Russian people didn’t hate Americans, the government does. So, it’s important to keep in mind in the Middle East and around the world. However, we have allowed these things to happen because we have not been involved. We have turned our power over to our representatives and people in positions of power. We understand now how important it is to be involved in our community. I do agree that this is probably not the right forum for this discussion as we’ve already seen-got nasty, but this has to be in the discussion with those that don’t understand why we can no longer let Israel control our foreign policy and why the media does not report the truth. We just put Ron Paul signs around town, so we’ll see if they stay there. We got some interesting looks. Our primary is next month. A close relative is Syrian and just sent us some information that Mossad, CIA intelligence are involved in the violence there and blaming it on Assad and his government. We had already suspected that. They are very concerned what will happen to all their relatives who are Christian if they overthrow Assad who has been protecting them. They are all voting for Ron Paul for the same reasons we are. Just praying for some divine intervention.

  • French Canadian

    Have you read this article? If not, you should. Very, very encouraging!

    Ron Paul Nevada Team Continues Winning Streak in GOP County Conventions

    • robin

      French Canadian,
      I hope you found the interviews I posted back in the thread on here. We are going to our local GOP meeting next week to see if we can become delegates. Then we will post our letters to the editor after we find out whether they will let us into the inside club. Going to do as many as they will let us. We’ve already talked to the GOP chairman here who seemed to appreciate the questions we asked at our local candidate forum. He is also running for the state rep. position. We’ll see how it goes. Too bad voting for the Person of the Year in Time magazine is rigged. Obama got it four years ago as a person no one knew anything about. World recognition, but they want to keep Ron Paul in a marginal role-he’s in third place. We still voted anyway.

      Did you watch the video I posted earlier??
      By Anthony Lawson and well-done…I’ve shared this with many I know who continue to buy into the MSN propaganda about Israel and the Middle East..

  • Rick Davis

    Ron Paul is currently the third most influential person of 2012 according to current Time magazine poll. More influential than Barack Obama, Mitt Romney, and Rick Santorum combined. This is an unprecedented opportunity for us bypass the media blackout and draw national attention to the only candidate that can get this country back on the right path. Help Ron Paul get the attention he deserves and vote today.

    Official voting ends on Friday, April 6, and the poll winner will be included in the TIME 100 issue.,28804,2107952_2107953_2109630,00.html

    Be sure to share this with EVERYONE you know.

    • robin

      Why do suppose Erik Martin and Asghan Farhadi are ahead of Ron Paul? Where are all the Ron Paul supporters? -or maybe it is fixed????

  • robin

    Denial is a powerful coping mechanism we use when faced with a painful truth.
    Here are 100 reasons why something is not right with the official story of 9/11. Watch if you want to find out for yourself.

    We all have to do our own research, but this gives you a place to start=100 reasons why the official story of 9/11 does not make any logical sense.

    • AdamGmoney

      There is also something called “projection”.

      This is where you project your own subconcious thoughts, & feelings onto others & blame them for the very thing at the cause of your mental imbalance.

      THis case, ironically, you are the one in denial. Next step is acceptance.

  • I am 14 and English and I always have an opinion and question the boundaries and catches of problems, strange things, politicians, media basically everything . I have a right to be a skeptic but my problem is that people get the shit annoyed out of them by me questioning them, honestly I am smarter than most people I know. And no not in the way i get a B or A in English I mean knowing common problems, what is right and wrong and questionable events. And I am Atheist this also helps.

  • truthfully im 19 years old and there really doesn’t seem to be a differnce of intelligence between those ages. If you study ,work hard, and think. A 7 year old can surpass the intelligence of an average American.

  • i think are clinically insane and should seek help.

  • Make a RON PAUL chain letter!

  • Mitt Robney 2012

    Believe in the status quo

  • The KKK does that shit, and it deserves a spotlight.
    Man dude, you must love conspiracy theories.

  • they say they are jews but they are not , read Revelations chapter 3 verse 7 thru 13

    • AdamGmoney

      So who are the real Jews then? There are none? Really?

  • Ron Paul for the LEMON PARTY..

  • RON PAUL SUPPORTERS!!! just wanted to share that all of us should go out and be anyones delegate, romney santorum, and yes even gingrich, that way in the event of a brokered convention you can switch your support to paul! RON PAUL 2012!!!

  • Our Jew monopolized media is anti white , yes. For example, constant race mixing, constantly showing white people in a negative light, making it news headlines in our Jew monopolized media for months when a white person attacks a nonn white, but hushing it up in our Jew monopolized media when a non white attacks a white, etc.

  • so you can’t even vote for the next election

  • Anti white media? The fuck is this shit?

  • 2. I really wish I would explain this all better. Why Ron Paul wouldn’t be good for Australia.

  • 1. IF you fail to see the difference between America its policies its politics and how it runs it’s country and Australia then you are the moron/troll.
    Ron Paul is for small government, which means all social programs (obviously)
    That means for example, the fire brigade would not be run by the government but why private enterprise, ei no universal fire protection. (that’s what they have in Texas)
    Sure Ron Paul would do a world of good for America, but for Australia is would be corrosive.