Ron Paul’s “Wild Ideas”: Follow the Constitution, Stop Printing Money, Don’t Fight Undeclared Wars

  • Let’s see Republicans are not voting for him. So republicans are sucking off the system.

  • all americans arent dumb….just most.

  • Yes, but media blackout compared to real numbers, the truth is all that matters.At least we have seen the light!

  • yea they all scream lets vote when they havent figured out that their vote doesnt mean shit…they are just making excuses for themselves instead of taking action….fucking pussies will be the death of us all…u know why the jews were treated so bad ? cuz they just laid down and took the beatings instead of fighting every second. pussies…if they put me in a camp im gonna try to escape or die trying…fucking cowards.

  • I hate the fact that there’s no good candidate to vote for besides Ron Paul. If Romney, Santorum, Gingrich, OR Obama wins we’ll have a guaranteed 4 more years of war and continuing plunging into debt.

    Unfortunately I don’t know if it’s even possible for Ron Paul to win at this point, he’s in last place w/ delegates. If he doesn’t become our president, not only will I still write his name on the ballot, but I’ll be extremely disappointed w/ this country as a whole.

  • Did you lose your job in 2008? Are you still employed?

  • you can vote all you want..the election is rigged your morons.

  • I dont get what it takes for the american people to stand up, your nation have done voting fraud. And you fat motherfuckers just sitter there sippin a XXXXL Cocacola and driving back and forth to the bathroom with ya permobile. God save your souls.

  • K

  • The USA also have the most illegals. High unemployment rate continues on. The USA continues to print money their ass can’t back up. The USA is selling the souls of future generations. You’re talking about being “owned” Your kids and their kids will simply be that, punk.

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  • Americans arent dumb…. the Media thinks we are, and tries to make him look worthless. If you noticed all the debates, and how people cheered for him in debates, etc….yet when they talk about the debate its as if he wasnt even in the debate, which was hard to do on their part sometimes with all his great responses.. Its complete bullshit. I hear so many people say, I would vote for him, but he wont win, Damn, if all those people voted for him, he WOULD win.

  • Yeah, If America doesn’t want him, I’d bet the populations of every other country on the planet would gladly take him!

  • meh…

  • and this is why america is shit now

    you just proved my point of how dumb republicans are

    we dems vote for the guy with the best policy you republicans vote for whom ever you feel is more honest or more american or more friendly etc

  • wow a politician that actually gets it, I am impressed.

  • +1 To That my friend. you’d have to be a complete idiot to support anyone else.

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  • As a person who barely ever agrees with Republican politics, I still have to say that I hope Ronald wins.

  • Wild ideas my foot.