Ron Paul’s “Wild Ideas”: Follow the Constitution, Stop Printing Money, Don’t Fight Undeclared Wars

  • Also, since you profess to be a Christian, doesn’t it say in the Bible to love your enemy? Turn the other cheek? If your enemy asks for your shirt, give him also your coat?

    Way to live by your own morals. If Jesus were real, he’d be ashamed to call you his son.

  • I’M stupid? This coming from the guy who can barely put together a sentance, knows nothing of American history, and thinks violence is the only solution to his problems.

    I’M the stupid one for trying to undo the brainwashing that has been done on you? I guess that’s what I get for being educated.

  • my god your stupid go sit on a stick and rot in hell with osama bin laden

  • We had been in the Middle East for quite some time. They wanted us out, so they sent us a message on our own soil. It was still an act of violence, but it wasn’t an act of terror.

    Who said they wanted Democracy in the first place? And the word “Democracy” is not mentioned ONCE in the U.S. constitution but the word Republic is mentioned a few times. Democracy is majority rule, Republic is rule by law; what our founding fathers wanted.

    I never said I hated Israel. I just don’t care about them.


  • whyd 9/11 happen then if they are so nice. We give them money training food water and democracy and you call us evil. you have no idea whats happening. Why do you hate Israel

  • First off, your grammar is a testament to your intelligence.

    Second, the men we are killing are indeed innocent. If our country was invaded, and the invaders refused to leave, and they abused us, wouldn’t you take up arms to drive them out? Those men are not evil, they are men like you and me, who are merely defending what is theirs.

    You’ve been brainwashed, my friend. Wake up.

  • we arent killing innocent men we’re killing evil men who try to kill innocent men. why do love afghanistan but not israel hypocrit

  • Religion, eh?

    I guess it’d be nice to find bliss in total ignorance. But also dangerous.

  • And, you’re one to talk about Murder, son. So sending thousands upon thousands of innocent men 6,000 miles away to kill other innocent men isn’t murder? Hypocrite.

    We are a professed “free” society, and in order for that to remain true, things like abortion should be a freedom. You have no right to say it’s wrong or right, that’s up to the woman carrying the fucking thing.

  • Oh so you were in the Army in the 50’s? No? Then you’re an idiot. It’s common knowledge that we have been in the Middle East, and harassing the Middle East since the 50’s. American History 101 would tell you that.

    The only thing we have proof of is that Iran has an Uranium Enrichment Program for the purpose of Nuclear Energy. And honestly, I don’t give a shit about Israel. They’ve handled themselves in the past, and they’ll handle themselves now. Even If they all die, it’s not our problem.

  • we werent in the 50s im in the army. Abortions is MURDER we have proof iran is TRYING to make nuclear weapons and theyve publicaly said once they do they’ll wipe our BFF Israel off the map

  • Hell doesn’t exist, it’s a fairy tale your parents told you so you wouldn’t say curse words.

    Santourm wants to prohibit abortions, and gay marriage. Those are religious perspectives.

    War with Iran is not inevitable, because there is NO proof they have nuclear weapons.

    Those radical muslims are actually citizens of Afghanistan who want us out. They have since the 50’s. They’re not radicals, they’re human fucking beings who want their country back.

  • i dont want a country based on religion santorum doesnt either if he did he would be flat out saying he wanted all non christians out of america. I doubt santorum would “want” a war with iran but its very likely one is coming no matter who is president. so we may as well be strong to kill some radical muslims. Fuck you for putting air quotes around holy you might rot in hell

  • I plan on recording myself voting for ron paul…I want my vote to be counted!

  • I’m not being rude, I am stating a fact. Religion is all about fear and hope. Fear of Hell, hope of Heaven. With those two things you can make a man do whatever you want simply by putting it inside some “Holy” book.

    Santorum has stated time and time again that he wants war with Iran. He’s voted to raise taxes several times. These are common facts.

    If Muslims and Christians want to believe nonsense, fine.

    If they want to run a Country based on it, they lost my vote.

  • no he wants the separation of church and state hes not anti gay he just doesnt want laws catering to them.and who brainwashed us into santorum and romney they brainwashed us into voting obama not santorum. Also he wants strong military which ronnie hates

  • santorum doesnt want to spend also he wont start wars but he will end them. Yer right religion doesnt have a place in gov tell that to muslims who get offended that we chritians sing carrols in public to other chritians. You athiests are so rude when you say us religios people are stupid mind your manners

  • Those terms were not adopted until the 1950s. “In God We Trust” was not the original motto of our country. The original motto was “one from many.” “In God we Trust” has been used since the 1800s, but that’s because God was something everyone can relate to during those times.

  • Surfisher

    Unless Ron Paul wins — our Free Republic will END!

    Aside from the original US Constitution….

    Wonder how many have read (the ORIGINAL work, not the Google synthesis…LOL) Gibbon’s ‘The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire’?

    Also, how many have read (at least four times, since Plato’s conclusions need to be reread many times to understand the totality of his (Socrates) genius, by mere mortals such as us) ‘The Republic’?

    Also, J.S Mill’s treatise ‘On Liberty” (about three times at least, to comprehend the impact of his inescapable conclusions).

    The works of Cicero (one time reading — since his views are apodictic) — among the many, here is a condensed sample: “The more Laws a Nation has, the less Justice (freedoms) the People will have”, “Freedom is a possession of inestimable value”, “Laws are silent in times of war”….

    Ayn Rand’s sharpness of Logic in ‘Atlas Shrugged’; Aristotle’s ‘Organon’ (not his other writings, since they are flights of fancy); the complete works of the benign Marcus Aurelius; Hume, Berkley and Locke (the three empiricists!); Petronius’ ‘Satyricon’ (incomplete — since only a partial manuscript was saved (missing the ending), ridiculing “alternative life styles”); and a whole lot more….

    If you are one of the 7 Americans that have read all these Original Works (and comprehended their meaning) — then you know why our Nation is about to END as a FREE REPUBLIC.

    If not, no worries — soon these original works will be burned (banned) — so you won’t have to worry about reading all this stuff….LOL!

  • Ok well practice your religion. Does “In God we trust” Mean anything to you? Or “One nation under God” ring a bell? Funny how this country is changing, and the more we change it, it gets worst.