Ron Paul’s “Wild Ideas”: Follow the Constitution, Stop Printing Money, Don’t Fight Undeclared Wars

  • And who is stupid enough to come online and try to fight Ron Paul supporters???? this where we started you think you can come on here and disgrace Ron Paul when you dont even know whats going on? Your out numbered as much on here as Ron Paul is in Washington.

  • Do you even have a clue what the Constitution is? Do you have any idea what Ron Paul stands for? And no the reason he wasnt able to change anything in Washington after all this time is because is the only one of his kind everybody else is an idiot. Republicans and Democrates can say all they want but at the end of the day their actinos have proved time and time again their excatly the same, Ron Paul is the only one who stands above.

  • You ignorant bastard where in the constitution does it give power to a federal reserve to print money? Where does it say the President can detain American citizens, give them no trail, and kill them if he feels the need? (NDAA) Where does it say that the Government can force a Citizen into buying a product? (Obamacare) Please for the love of God tell me where in the Constitution does it say to seek international approval for war before asking Congress?


  • You know why he doesn’t make a lot of progress? Because he’s fighting against a system that makes powerful people a lot of money. The media barons don’t like him, so his coverage in the news is mostly negative or non-existent. You clearly hate Ron Paul but seem to know little about him. What I’m guessing is that certain people you don’t like like Ron Paul, so you hate him because of them. Hate to break to news to you, but they are right.

  • Ron Paul is the only candidate who speaks english.

  • They have been asking if his campiagn is over since it began lol. God I hate the media. The fact that so many people believe what they see on tv “news” is alarming.

  • Why is it okay for Israel to have nukes but it’s not okay for anyone else in the region? What about Pakistan? They have nuclear weapons and that’s where we got Bin Laden. There are tons of al-Qaida there. Should we declare war on them too? What happened to the good old “mutually assured destruction” that supposedly kept us safe during the cold war?

  • I’d be surprised if he’s never read it considering his platform is to protect it. You’re just a butthurt troll who deep down knows Ron Paul is right. Bombing more people around the world isn’t going to solve anything, that’s for sure. We’ve been doing it for more than a decade and we’re still in the shit.

  • He complains about things for a good reason- look at the state of America right now. If you aren’t complaining about the government then you are uninformed or ignorant. The republican party is (was?) for laissez-faire economics and fiscal conservatism. Nit pick over petty nomenclature if you want, but maybe you can learn about the actual issues that matter, like endless illegal wars, the federal reserve system, and the raping of our civil liberties? It’s RP, or the corporate cock, your choice.

  • Remember if you can’t understand people call them names.. lol.. But seriously just get out of the repbulcian party.. We are sick of you RonTards talking about the constitution when you have clearly never read it. You can’t debate anything you just complain about everyone and everything.. You have no solution to any problem.. Your solution to world pieces it let Iran and Hamas have a nuclear weapon

  • yes how bout showing Ron Paul The constitution.. He’s never read it. The president isn’t a dictator.. The things he wants to change have to come from congress.. He would have to be a congressman or senator to make those changes…..OH WAIT.. huh….. why hasn’t he changed anything in all the years he has been in Washington? Amazing the guy is just an all around failure.

  • He’s a bitter, angry old man.. who has no ideas only complains about everything.. He can’t lead or follow, listen or talk.. Tell him to leave the republican party we are sick of him. He’s a libertarian, why hide it..

  • That is the only way a crazy old man will win.. by having people lie and cheat…

  • How long has he been going to washington, what if anything has he accomplised?? Anything name one bill he sponsored that got passed, name one idea he pushed though? Just list a SINGLE accomplishment specifically..

  • Ok that was an april fools joke, but seriously us repbulcians have had enough of this cry baby.. all he does is cry about things he doesn’t like.. Yet every year he goes to Washington and every year he does nothing. He has no ideas, he doesn’t support the republican platform or message.. If he goes 3rd party this election it would be great because a lot of the occupy wall street bone heads like Mr Paul. I save “Dr” for people I have respect for sorry..

  • Are you stupid? We’ve never been over there for 9/11 do your damn research.never did anyone say they’re over there for that thats just a dumb thing they use as an excuse when someone disagrees with the war… “Oh look what they did on 9/11” Yet they say we were there because “Suspicion of having weapons of mass destruction” which they didn’t have and we stayed there anyway.. Osama was never on the most wanted list for the “terrorist” attacks. All lies so recheck your reality.

  • TheDude

    I think you should find bliss cause ur so deeply ignorant. Is this how you want to spread ron pauls message of peace ? By attacking religion ? Seems like the shit that got us in trouble in the first place . Lay off the lame shit dude . Lets talk about what really matters.

  • I’m a BLACK woman… Voting for RON PAUL

  • I’m a very conservative, Christian, registered Republican, born and raised in the South….voting for Ron Paul. Stereotype much?

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