Ron Paul: The People Should Spend the Money, Not the Government

  • Where is he here ?


  • i wish i’d live in the US so i could vote for this man

  • America Wake the Fuck up, Open your hears and listen!!!!

  • just seen this comment about how Americans fail and are fat, told him thank us or he would be under Nazi rule. then he tells me America didnt beat the Nazi’s, it was the British… people dont fuckin know what they are talkin about anymore

  • This is an amazing video !!! So much covered and a GREAT crowd. Our country really needs some serious changes !!!

  • Yes because we all know you a one shallow son of bitch, beauty is skin deep, ugly runs clear to the bone.

    Basing your vote on appearance pretty well sums up why your country is so screwed up, but hey Ken & Barbie would make a great team to run the country.

    Go back to watching American Idol, & Stars can Dance you freaking moron….

  • Sorry if he doesn’t win this time, he is not running in 4 yrs the man’s calling it quits…


  • You are always better off dealing with an honest man than liars.

  • LoL well if he becomes the prez maybe i can learn to spell LoL but i make no promises

  • Whoever doesn’t like this video, doesn’t understand freedom…or doesn’t want it.

  • So tell us why Obama for the following categories:

  • I agree sounds like there were some bigmouths who just wanted to hear themselves

  • Ignore him, he is paid by the Romney campaign to troll Ron Paul videos. It’s pathetic, he pays people to make “grass roots” signs, pays for “grass roots” internet supporter, and he has to pay people to come to his speeches, yet we are expected to believe he has the most votes. Ron Paul 2012. He is the future.

  • I see that you know many secrets, traveller

  • Ron Paul the only candidate worth spelling their name correctly 😛

  • Shows how educated you are.

  • Shut up you crazy asses, fuck you! Obama 2012!!! YEAH!!