Ron Paul: The People Should Spend the Money, Not the Government

  • gtfo, hes an anti-imperialist.

  • How the fuck did this shit get ‘top comment’?

  • “Just 400 Americans — 400 — have more wealth than half of all Americans combined.”
    Talk about “Voting with your Dollar”…..

  • There is alot of misinformation going around but Ron Paul stands for:
    1. A cutback of military spending, US military spending is 59% of budget and its irresponsible to not spend it on society.Better to focus those resources on education and healthcare instead.
    2. Investigate the private central bank.
    No more state loans while our debt is at 15 trillion.
    This means no more money printing and thus no more devaluation of OUR currency.

    Can anyone honestly say this is a bad thing?


  • Troll elller?

    Ron Paul wants to end the private central bank and he stands for a national currency based on gold.
    This doesnt really go hand in hand with being a promoter of those who want a world fiat currency.
    Do you understand the concept of nationality?
    As for military and martial law…Your comments are preposterous, Ron Paul wants to cut military spending to focus those resources on education and healthcare.
    Please stop trolling…how this comment can have 25 positives is beyond me.

  • I wish that Ron Paul was my grandpa!!!!

  • 20 people have no soul and/or common sense.

  • its to sad to see people’s comments ,
    people that support Ron paul support him because they are against evil policy from the government, not because they dont want any government , goverment should protect peoples rights, not destroy them,

  • Everyone who is favor of absolutely no government and oversight should fuck off to an uninhabited island and haul their water if their hut catches fire. Guess what, everyone’s tax money goes to something they don’t support or they don’t benefit from. It’s called living in modern society. They stick up for corporations who are screwing them over and laughing their ass off while they jerk off to superbowl commercials.

  • Do you really believe that?martial law? what an idiot. The closest thing to martial law u have ever seen is that godamn partriot act wich allows, among other things for us citizens to be arrested without warrant and keep them locked in without triall indefinitely. The one world currency you are talking about is the current monetary system in wich the world reserve currency is the dollar. This started when the federal reserve started to print money en masse.

  • I like how the Paul drones go off on you, the only tactic conspiracy kooks have is spamming, assuming, exaggerating and ad hominems.

    And not of them has ever verified Alex Jones’ fabricated “government documents” for themselves.

  • People ACTUALLY up voted this idiot? Ya…cause they’ve had this WHOLE thing planned for years, ohh yeah they completely fake the integrity and character of a person.. you might wanna learn Human behavior, you might wanna learn LOGICAL THINKING. Uh oh he’s against what we don’t want, that secretly means he’s against the media and the people, and is still winning? I’m sure you could spin a story to make it look like you could live of eating bullshit. Go cry cause ‘your world’ is hopeless.

  • Paul had no problem voting for the oil subsidies but refuses it for colleges to lower student loans. He along with all his republican butt buddies serve the 1%.

    Not to mention he said in the rep with Wolf Blitzer that Doctors don’t require licenses and that the working uninsured “should be taken care of by the churches” lol. He is another homophobic racist, John Birch lapdog conspiracy kook who’s only a libertarian if it doesn’t conflict with his whacky creationist beliefs.

  • what a guy. America come to ur senses and kiss this man feets

  • Fuck you, troll. You know nothing about Ron Paul or his policies. Ron Paul supports COMPETING currencies, and is explicitly against one world currency.

  • I really feel like people aren’t reading it properly and agreeing with him…

  • all you have to do is do some research lol! you dumb

  • the problem is not “ONLY in wall street” I grow tired of explaining things to people that are in plain sight… why must people be so narrow minded

  • I’m not the US.

  • I think ur photoID scared everyone away…