Ron Paul: The People Should Spend the Money, Not the Government

  • They won’t hurt paul. There are to many people supporting him at this point. If they kill him. Expect blood in D.C

  • You better be a teenager.

  • Ron Paul does not need any security. He is not a serious candidate, nobody cares about him. He is last in delegates, last in votes, has not won a primary. Even Newt has won a primary. Ron Paul is a joke and you’re a fool.

  • The govt spends the money providing food, housing and health care to children living in poverty. The people spend the money on video games and junk food. The govt makes better use of the money.


  • French Canadian

    I hope the trolls on this blog are not from Arizona… lol

    25 Years for Politically Incorrect Speech in Arizona


    Arizona House Bill 2549 “A bill approved by the Arizona House last week will make “telecommunications harassment” – speech others find offensive or threatening – a Class 1 misdemeanor punishable by up to 25 years in prison. Trolling and nasty comments on blogs will become punishable offenses. “

  • Ron Paul is a motherfucking hero. I get goosebumps when I watch his videos. It’s just awesome, in every sense of the word.

  • Surfisher


    This may be one of the most important election fraud videos ever!

    PASS IT ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Thanks for reposting! Getting the truth out!!

  • lol wow that was hilarious hahahha

  • at the same time there was a shooting at an Oakland school. We r gunna have to have a revolution in a different way, there is no way the people running hings will allow Ron to win. Its not about who is voting it is about who is counting the votes

  • Feds raided Oaksterdam university in Oakland yesterday. Also raiding Richard Lee’s house and clubs..For god sake Ron Paul get Obama out of office, this is getting out of control.

  • I would still like to see Mr. Paul have more security with him. He needs to be protected well and we all know from who.

  • 39:40 “I touched him!! I touched him!!”


  • I Was there! Awesome speech!
    Voted for the good Dr in Wisco today!
    Got complements on my Ron Paul shirt and freedom shoes.

  • We need a Ron paul clone in Canada also.

  • Fucking Globalists! They’re cramming Romney down the throat of America, while Ron Paul gets put in the back seat. Who else addresses these issues? Who else puts America first? Who else makes this kind of sense? NO ONE! Yet we’re being force fed Dumb and Dumber for President and they want to ensure we get four more years of Obama or a clone who will continue to lick their boots. Shouldn’t even be a contest and the American People know they have no say in who will be President.

  • There’s gonna be a contest, 1,000,000 dollar for the one who is able to find first either a Mass Destruction Weapon or a real Romney supporter.

  • Of course if you are gullible enough to believe the main stream media, Congressman Paul’s campaign is over. It does not look or sound like his campaign is over to me. The status quo republicans are scared to death of Ron Paul, his desire to audit the Federal Reserve, ending the wars over oil in the Middle East, not being the policeman of the world, AND his loyal followers.

  • Behold, the entirety of Ron Paul’s supporters in Wisconsin.

  • What you have said holds no truth and only promulgates your dependency on a system.