Ron Paul: The People Should Spend the Money, Not the Government

  • I want a world that my kids can grow up in. Not a world that has liars and bullshiters. I want to be able to say that my kids will have a world that they can grow up in without fear. Not one that is going down the drain. I want to be able to trust the government and not have to worry about what happens to the future.

  • Ron Paul’s audience is bigger than Obama’s WTF?


  • Ron Paul’s foreign policy is Crazy?

    Of course it is, why should we have any of our troops at home, here, protecting our borders, when we can continue to make more enimies across the globe. Spending tons more money on the military, making our corrupt politicians more money, and directly causing another 9/11 (or as the CIA and FBI themselves have termed BLOWBACK).

    Ron Paul’s foreign policy is Crazy?

    Of course it is.

    Ron Paul R[̲̅ə̲̅٨̲̅٥̲̅٦̲̅]UTION 2012

  • Since 1953, we’ve continued to piss in everyones cherio’s across the planet all on the battle cry of ending communism and spreading democracy. When in reality all we have done is directly cause millions to suffer and die.

  • I remember very well when i was a kid, during the Jimmy Carter Hostage crisis in Iran. It was never talked about on the mainstream media about why that revolution was taking place, and the hostages that were taken (a good number of which were CIA agents) was a direct retaliation to us overthrowing their government in 1953. The people of Iran never forgot.

    The average person in America doesn’t even know why were were attacked on 9/11!!

  • Ron Paul’s foreign policy is Crazy?

    Of course it is, we as Americans don’t know or care about history at all, its not even taught in schools anymore.

    Since 1953, starting with the CIA’s black ops overthrow of Iran’s first democratically elected leader, Mohammad Mosaddegh, our foreign policy (or should i say meddling in others affairs) has directly caused suffering in every country we’ve stepped foot in.

  • Be a good slave and support dictator Obama.

  • me too, sister. 🙂

  • fuck mitt romney

  • Sure, if you like more war and spending more money.

  • if you think that all a president needs is to be black, handsome, a cool name and good speaker, you need to get the fuck out and stay out.

  • If I ever get to see Ron speak, I think I’ll cry. I love him! <3

  • Same here man! And I’m in Canada! Ron Paul is the best!

  • go to and put in obamacare

  • Be good citizens and support your President Obama. It’s obvious Ron Paul will never be President, so stop wasting your time supporting that clown. Obama 2012!!!

  • Obama is black, handsome, cool name, great speaker, good policies, and isn’t crazy like Ron Paul. The right and honorable President we need for the best country in the world. Obama 2012!!! America!!!

    • robin

      OK. You’re on here all the time and as a former Democrat my entire voting life, just exactly what are these great policies because I think you are living in an imaginary world or hypnotized? As for being a great speaker young man, he uses a teleprompter, or someone is telling him what to say with a head device. The only person I trust with my check book is Ron Paul because he knows how to balance it. Stop getting your news from the MSM=mercenaries now in Iraq, troops in Afghanistan, continuing to send more troops to the Middle East, on the forefront of war with Syria and Iran and another puppet for Israel. Don’t be fooled that he is not pro=war, or by the way, all those liberties we once had are disappearing one by one. Haven’t you figured out why active troops, military personnel and defense workers support him more than any other candidate. Ask yourself why? Wake up son, you have been deceived. What are these great policies? I’m listening….

  • More people should actually do research before they talk shit about the only man i trust as president of the U.S

  • why? are you not aware that he continued the Patriot Act, ordered military action against Libya, allowed China and Japan to give up U.S. securities and recently signed the NDAA ’12. Are you some kind of robot!

  • Soooo… say if all these people are college students…. wouldn’t you think all their parent would be reflective of the same beliefs?… Im 25 and I know my father and step-father both agree on ron paul