Ron Paul: The People Should Spend the Money, Not the Government

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  • Wish Dr. Paul was my Grandpa. 🙂 ( I also wish he was my president.)

  • I read it wrong. I first thought we needed to spend the government.

  • What a great man! Ron Paul 2012 !

  • If you believe that, then you need to educate yourself. The FED is directly tied in with the Central Bank of Europe, all run by the same people. The FED runs your life on a daily basis, from deciding how much to tax you, to deciding how much your fiat dollar is worth.

  • Hey strawman I never said his beliefs were similar to Hitler. What I inferred was that the level of fanaticism was similar. Later my little typically semi-literate cult member.

    L Ron Paul 2012

  • RON PAUL 2012 !!!!!!!!!

  • Its funny how you Americans say your government is tyrannical.bla bla bla..

    you guys don’t know what tyranny is!!!

    try living in Latin America in anytime before the 1990s and you’ll see what real tyranny is. Oh and those tyrannical dictators were also supported and bankrolled by your government.

  • you’re a new zealander and wanting revolution ?? really??

    well last time I checked you are still ruled by the British monarch.

    we are not

  • It’s about time we realize our election process is an illusion. The winner is preselected and the media is responsible for convincing the majority of us to support their choice

  • Surfisher

    Unless Ron Paul wins — our Free Republic will END!

    Aside from the original US Constitution….

    Wonder how many have read (the ORIGINAL work, not the Google synthesis…LOL) Gibbon’s ‘The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire’?

    Also, how many have read (at least four times, since Plato’s conclusions need to be reread many times to understand the totality of his (Socrates) genius, by mere mortals such as us) ‘The Republic’?

    Also, J.S Mill’s treatise ‘On Liberty” (about three times at least, to comprehend the impact of his inescapable conclusions).

    The works of Cicero (one time reading — since his views are apodictic) — among the many, here is a condensed sample: “The more Laws a Nation has, the less Justice (freedoms) the People will have”, “Freedom is a possession of inestimable value”, “Laws are silent in times of war”….

    Ayn Rand’s sharpness of Logic in ‘Atlas Shrugged’; Aristotle’s ‘Organon’ (not his other writings, since they are flights of fancy); the complete works of the benign Marcus Aurelius; Hume, Berkley and Locke (the three empiricists!); Petronius’ ‘Satyricon’ (incomplete — since only a partial manuscript was saved (missing the ending), ridiculing “alternative life styles”); and a whole lot more….

    If you are one of the 7 Americans that have read all these Original Works (and comprehended their meaning) — then you know why our Nation is about to END as a FREE REPUBLIC.

    If not, no worries — soon these original works will be burned (banned) — so you won’t have to worry about reading all this stuff….LOL!

    • Surfisher

      FYI —

      All ‘anti-establishment’ posters — LOL — Beware!

      Yesterday met up with a college friend, by chance, who 30 years later turned out to be Lawyer (not much of a recommendation, but he also happens to be involved in Constitutional Law). Showing him these posts here he commented:

      Under current laws/ regulations/codes most postings against BO (the Government and it’s Lawfully approved parameters) can be deemed as “Seditious” (“hate speech”) thus punishable if someone in the Government decides to single anyone out, and thus prosecute them (he stated that ALL posts (on ALL sites) are read and filed on RECORD by the CIA (and many of the new Alphabet Orgs) — for ‘possible action’…whatever “nasty” that means…LOL).

      He also stated that if one tries to turn them into “harmless” jokes — most likely one cannot be prosecuted (the chances of Winning Your Case would be proportional to the “mildness of the joke”… you can only be cited for lack of Political Correctness (poor choice in wording your joke)…a minor fee and a possible no jail sentence more that 30 days)! LOL

      His recommendation to avoid our current Government’s Freedom of Speech persecution, and a possible following prosecution, is:

      Whatever you post that disagrees with current Dogma, make it an OBVIOUS joke (emoticons such as a smiley face 🙂 are least desirable — may mean your are “bearing” your teeth, thus displaying a “threat”). Your best bet is stating: LOL in each paragraph, and ending with a LOL (‘Laughing Out Loud’ denotes you are attempting to joke only….).


      p.s. and just to make sure — LOL on all my posts (past, current and future), and another LOL (just in case)….

  • So called Jews, get your money out of the stock markets while you still can. Wage slavery is over and it will crash very soon. Do like Ron Paul says and invest in gold and reap all of the rewards.

  • How do you know? Please excuse my ignorance, but explain the “6 people that own the media around the entire world”. I would also like to know which news source you use or that I can trust.

  • “Reuters and Huffington”

    You do realize that they are owned by the same 6 people that own the media around the entire world dont you?

  • Ron Paul, you talk about “converting Obama’s young people” – you have !!

    They see him for the piece of crap he is now.

  • Ron Paul is like the American Gandalf!

  • 32 people love tyranny. SHAME!

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  • Phony 2012 = Africa 2030 the new Nam, Iraq, Afghan, Iran add whatever country that has been attacked to save itself in the last 100 years.