Doug Wead: Ron Paul Is Untouchable and Pure, He Would Never Sell Out to Mitt Romney

  • As stated earlier in a post I didn’t even watch your link until after I made that post. That video had nothing against Doug Wead and mainly a rant against Jesse Benton and his stupid ass remarks about Ron Paul working a deal with Romney for Rand Paul being VP.


  • Well first I do my research and hardly cut and paste youtube videos people provide. The link that he provided had nothing to do with Doug Wead and mainly had to do with Adam Kokesh and him disliking Jesse Benton. It was because of Jesse Benton’s absent minded remark that made him furious about how Ron Paul is seeking a VP position for Rand Paul. Generally people who make those types of remarks only follow MSM.

  • I will watch and document Ron Paul until the end. It keeps me aware of how much really the media tries to shape ones thoughts/beliefs. You can even see them manipulating Ron himself, forcing him to repetitively speak about issues the media makes up. RP is not firm enough with the media establishment about all the things they are making up. I also don’t think he is direct enough about the issues he is really talking about, but perhaps he is just trying not to get assassinated.

  • S/O to canyonville, OR…. yeah boi.. OREGON wants RON PAUL 2012

  • Ahhh…. There’s the problem. To be elected, Ron Paul needs to “do as the Romans do.” Accept bribes from all sides, have a few sexual affairs, denounce liberty, embrace and espouse deep tyranny, endorse the FED, promise more and more wars, and surrender our sovereignty to the UN and foreign banksters. He’s doing EVERYTHING wrong!

  • There is no “race” for the Republican nomination. We are, as usual, being treated to a manufactured media blitz to present the illusion of a “contest.” Mitt Romney was selected loooong ago. The GOP “selection” process is as phony, rigged and corrupt as the rest of the system including our entire illegitimate and treasonous gubmint at all levels, from your alderman, mayor, county exec, governor, state senators, congressmen and president. The criminals have infiltrated 100% to the core.

  • It’s Paul or none!

  • So “selling out” is becoming VP when all other options are exhausted?

    I’m getting a bit worried about my fellow PaulBots….

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  • If you vote for anyone besides Ron Paul you might as well get on your knees and open your mouth. I dont understand why people are against the man who is trying to give us our rights back that the current and previous Presidents have illegally taken. Keep voting the guys who want more war and more taxes, they’ll keep us safe by taking all our freedoms.

  • why is this on some arab channel?

  • Ron Paul for U.S. President 2012!

  • Doug Wead looks so bored.

  • That would have made no strategic sense.


  • Funny how when your candidate is winning, people are “waking up” and when he’s losing “the system is rigged”.


  • What religion are you? I just want to know so I can be a bigot just like you.

  • They are no more of a cult than Jews, Catholics or Muslims.

  • RON PAUL ALL THE WAY !!!!!!!!