Ron Paul: I’m Trying to Save the Republican Party

  • That’s right Ron! Keep at it! I live in Iceland but the message of liberty has changed the way I think and behave. I kid you not. I even stopped smoking yesterday. Free at last 😉

  • they always ask the same questions over and over it is ridiculous. Ron has to bring up REAL issues on his own because the people controlling the media refuse to bring it up themselves.

  • it’s called “news”. yet they ask the exact same questions for 2 months now. I can pretty much predict what will be covered in every interview these days: 1. Are you going to drop out? 2. Will you team up with Romney? 3. Are you going third party?

  • I’m voting via absentee ballot from Saudi Arabia! California, do the right thing!

  • Ron Paul is trying to destroy the republican party.


    • BosTheGreat

      Ron Paul is the only candidate running in a major party with any common sense. I have always used the write in option because I could not support either candidate and because the media says nothing about other candidates I don’t know enough about them. 4 years ago I voted for Ron Paul. This year if he is not on the ballot I will either write him in or vote for Gary Johnson.

  • 10-15% isn’t very popular I’m sorry.

    • BosTheGreat

      10-15% is what the media wants you to believe…

  • No One But Ron Paul!!!!


  • Paul speaks to more than just one generation he speaks to many of us I am 50 and pray for more people like him to run this land. He is a man of honor.

  • 5:06 Bob Schieffer pulled that straight out of his ass. Paul has never said anything of the sort. “I think [emphasis on “think”] I heard somebody say you, you have publicly said that you’d like to be on the ticket with Mitt Romney if he gets it.” Shut the fuck up Schieffer! That’s total garbage and you know it. The Republicans are going down like the Titanic come November. Jump ship Paul and for the love of God go third party!

  • The GOP intends to thank Obama for the $14 TRILLION Bail-out,
    so the GOP is committing Voter Fraud & Manipulating the Media
    against Ron Paul, as the GOP is positioning itself to secure Obama’s
    2nd terms by backing Losers (Romney, Santorum, or anyone other than Ron Paul).

  • Paul knows if Romney begins to speak Paul’s language, the moment Romney steps in office he will instantly turn into Obama. Goldman Sachs is backing Romney for pete sake. And Paul Ryan is a jackass.

    Ron Paul or no one.

  • Paul’s personal beliefs and hands are tied down by the US Constitution. If the US Constitution states we should be helping Israel, then we should be helping Israel. If the US Constitution breeds racism then we should amend the Constitution. Freedom brings us together, it doesn’t divide us.

  • They are afraid that RP will run as a third party after the nomination. If they choose another person RP can put his name down as a third party and get his name on the ballet, thus winning the vote from all his supporters and being our next president.

  • “Would you support Romney if you don’t get the nomination?”

    That’s like not being able to find my cell phone and using a banana instead.

  • if you can find the Christmas special edition of the magazine the Economist it states the reason that Christians as a whole do not favor running banks. so that rules out many of the Americans and leaves a specific group running the, Christians are theologically opposed to making money over time

  • SCrew that old POS neocon. I bet AIPAC and PINAC gives him a second paycheck.

  • Well, Ron Paul has a shady racial past plus I do suspect that he is a hidden anti-semite.
    I read his stuff and between the lines He say’s that the banks are own by Jews. Besides he will give up on Israel our best friend.

    • AdamGmoney

      I am a Jewish Zionist, a natural born American citizen, & hardcore Ron Paul supporter.

      He simply wants to cut foreign aid to ALL nations. Israel can take care of herself. That is what Zionism is all about.

      I cannot stand the Globalists in the UN, USA, & around the world using Israeli-Islamic tensions as their excuse to further implement a global government.

  • Ron Paul hit the nail on the head, he’s got the crowds and Romney Inc. is faking it. Crazy media asks “would you support Mitt Romeny?” What the hell is good about Mitt Romney? He doesn’t represent conservative and constitutional values! Ron Paul is trying to save the GOP and the establishment is so stupid and blind they don’t realize the GOP has no future if not for Ron Paul. Rest in pieces establishment GOP!!!!

  • what an ass.