Ron Paul: I’m Trying to Save the Republican Party

  • robin

    Also, we are watching to see how far Ben Swann is allowed to go on a Fox affiliate(not FOX NEWS, but FOX ENTERTAINMENT) because he is treading on dangerous territory=the military industrial complex, election and voter fraud and taking on issues that no one else will. Of course, if he was syndicated and nationwide, they never would have let him do what he’s already done. He would have been gone. I saw a report by a journalist who said she was told she could not report on certain stories because of the NDAA provisions-under the guise of national security. The journalist who reported about the Fast and Furious story was silenced=national security issues. I am trying to wake up my friends who are asleep on social network sites, spending their time being entertained, or too busy to pay attention to what is going on. These are intelligent and well=educated people who have totally been indoctrinated. Some are hoping that God will rescue them, or that when Jesus returns, they will be saved. Some believe all they can do is live a life of integrity and that they can’t stop what is happening around them. Many know about the NWO, 9/11, but feel helpless. Again, all you can do is wake people up one person at a time. Our family is awake now, which took a very long time to do. They thought we were crazy for a very long time. They are family, so imagine when you share with a stranger.

  • robin

    Bev Harris also told me a man was an observer in his precinct(don’t recall which state) and was taking notes about what he saw going on. Someone accused him of being a terrorist and seized his paper and writing implement. He documented this and she is addressing other things he saw. As long as we remain uninvolved and give up without a fight, nothing will change. One person at a time…Then they will share with others in their social circles. This is the year to wake people up one person at a time. Just keep in mind that if you use certain tactics you will defeat your purpose by scaring them away. I’ve learned this lesson. How you approach people can make all the difference whether someone looks into something or not. Many simply will stay in a comfortable state of denial. I went through that when I first started looking into 9/11, so keep this in mind if you want to WAKE people up or turn them away.

  • robin

    People who have not voted yet, don’t let the media sway you from voting. I saw one of Ron Paul’s supporters interviewed recently after reporters asked people at his rally in Maryland if they were going to vote for him, and some said no because the election is rigged-it doesn’t matter. The media loves to use this as the reason why he gets huge crowds and then few votes. Please VOTE if you have not had your primaries yet and get involved as counters in your precinct, or as observers and document what is going on. Bev Harris told me yesterday she will help anyone who documents what they see, and she will get it to the right people to address. She will go out of her way to help anyone who shows initiative. Only fair because she is only one woman working around the clock and is a champion of the American people. I appreciate when people are working to change the corruption in constructive ways. She needs everyone of us in the trenches. If we want to take this country back, it’s up to us to get involved and it has to start LOCALLY and then branch out….We have to expose this election and voter fraud that has been going on for a very long time.


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  • nevadasmith

    Not winning any States was tough to swallow,but as they say: “When the going gets tough,the tough get going”.I committed myself to DR RON PAUL on Oct. 2012 and I will not stop until I get him on The Presidential Ballot,or Vice-President or a Cabinet position with The damn Incompetent Incumbents Administration.I “REFUSE TO LOSE”.Mitt Romney is quoted as saying:”It would be an act of God”to lose now,I am so glad Mr. Romney knows exactly what God is thinking.Since RON PAUL 2012 doesn’t have the privilege of knowing exactly what God is thinking ,its best that we continue and get RON PAUL elected President.
    Two concurrent strategies are called for:
    One: Americans Elect DOT Org. will be drafting an Internet Candidate for President for the November 6, 2012 Ballot. RON PAUL is the Leading Candidate so we should assist in acquiring all the necessary registered voters so RON PAUL is on all fifty states.We must make sure he gets there at least as a “wild card”.In a Texas Hold-Em Poker Tournament,It can always be won as long as you have “a chip and a chair”.Americans Elect Dot Org. is RON PAUL’S place at the “final table”.
    Two: It is now time to use all RON PAUL 2012’s powder and ammo. Speech wise,lay it all on the line,shoot! Hit hard and don’t hold back.RON PAUL should double down on what got him here:The Debt;Foreign Policy;and Ending The Drug War.
    And it is time to fire away at these three issues,full throttle.
    The Debt & Economics: Now that Rush Limbaugh is in trouble,use Mark Steyn’s well written and hilarious foreword from his book “After America”–use the whole damn book for all RON PAUL positions.
    I understand that DR PAUL will be a L.A. fundraiser dinner on March 20,with the extraordinary Nissem Nickolas Taleb,RON PAUL supporter and author of “THE BLACK SWAN”–Psychological Economic theory–with DR RON PAUL’S well respected knowledge of Economics,this could be the last piece that makes PAUL one of the foremost experts.
    Foreign Policy: Current moment to moment World events dictate here. Did not The Chairman of The Joint Chiefs of Staff,Admiral Mullen write a paper implicitly advocating RON PAUL policy?
    The Drug War: There is much to be said here–It is where I came in,my not proof read “Pragmatic Ideology”,– RON PAUL gets most of his Print and kudos here,and deservedly so.I won’t be redundant and rehash the issues but it was curious to me that Today’s NEW YORK TIMES did a story about a bestseller Michelle Alexander “The New Jim Crow”:about the decimation of the black community by the drug laws–I might also suggest the white communities decimation and the whole hypocritical slippery slope of the drug laws to financial moral hazards like derivatives default swaps etc.–DR PAUL has spoken out about this many times,I know,the big inner city states are coming up,maybe a “One Issue” campaign is called for.
    In The Movie “COOL HAND LUKE”,it is expressed that “sometimes nothing is the best hand you can have”,meaning when your back is to the wall,you have to act.If your enemy misses they hit wall.A short stack in a poker Tourney has to act.
    And get RON PAUL some theme music: 1958’s “THE BIG COUNTRY” with Gregory Peck, LIBERTY AND FREEDOM ARE BIG IDEAS.
    Yours Truly “TRUE BELIEVER”,nevadasmith,
    “REFUSE TO LOSE” damn it
    P.S I kind of like “DANCES WITH WOLVES” by John Barry,as a Music Theme for Ron Paul, now.

  • nevadasmith

    The Internal Ron Paul Revolution The Positive Thinking of DR RON PAUL
    Little is said of RON PAUL 2012 and DR RON PAUL’S most beneficial aspect to The American Body Politic ,His Positive outlook,Optimism and Positive thinking.
    DR RON PAUL is the epitome of the American,”CAN DO”, “NEVER SAY DIE”,”WILL TO WIN” winners attitude.
    BEN FRANKLIN in nature,DR RON PAUL exemplifies The best of whats in the American Character.Nothing can stop good all PAUL on his mission to fight all that’s wrong.RON PAUL IS ALL ABOUT WINNING IN THE FALL,and God help anyone who stands in his way.This dedicated Positiveness is Soul Inspiring.I myself,when I get down or lose my way,I look to RON PAUL for inspiration;Still “JUST DOING IT” at 76 years old.He’ll save the GOP’s soul
    then come back and save US of A.
    Other motivational speakers do it for self-enrichment,”RON PAUL DOES IT ALL TO WIN IN THE FALL”
    So it’s just clear to me: If “RON PAUL
    WILL WIN IT ALL” why can’t I try to “WIN IT ALL LIKE RON PAUL”
    Just thinking out loud,What have I received since supporting RON PAUL 2012:Ambition;higher power;serenity;acceptance of The God;purpose;a state of grace;courage of sorts–in time,more–dedication;optimism;see it through-ness;kinda all the qualities DR RON PAUL already has.
    .RON PAUL is “YES WE WILL”to bad some Incompetent played that phrase out.

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  • nevadasmith

    To: “[email protected]
    Sent: Saturday, November 5, 2011 8:37 PM
    I admit that I was born in the: “City,You like to hate,Fly Over Country”–I don’t reside there now..I know all of You are real fine Americans.
    I sincerely ask all of You to Vote: RON PAUL 2012. He is acting in All of Your Best Interests. RON PAUL 2012 :
    is a real fine Quality Gentleman .of the First (“The BEST) Class order.He is: TOTALLY HONEST; A TRUE STATESMAN
    (Remember,way back,when there were STATESMAN,not politicians); A Scientist; A DOCTOR; A REAL FINE HUMAN
    BEING. Please, “REFUSE TO LOSE”, Dig in and Fight;I have. I became Involved in the RON PAUL 2012 campagn,on or about
    Oct. 2, 2012. Since then:My Life has completely changed,for the better.Suddenly: I am Ambitious;Every day I wake up, I have
    HOPE and Happiness. At age 57 years of age,I began life anew.since I took that “LEAP OF FAITH” for RON PAUL 2012.
    My life has made a complete turnaround. I JUST KNOW, that:all You people are better Citizen,then I.could ever hope to be.
    So what could RON PAUL 2012 Do for You?
    TO ME,RON PAUL 2012 is the: “AIRBORNE DROP ON ROME” that could have spared over 100,000 lives;
    On “D-DAY”, All the TROOPS landing on UTAH BEACH,instead of “Bloody Omaha;RON PAUL 2012 is the
    George Bush jr’s “CRUISE MISSILE” first strike that,Gets SADDAM HUSSEIN; And Robert E. Lee,Joining the Union Army.
    No General No war; It’s any and everything THAT: Shoulda, coulda been, So That Americans live in piece and prosperity AMERICAN’S EXPECT to live in. Help RON PAUL 2012 RESTORE AMERICA e.g.RON PAUL 2012 RESTORED ME.
    Draw that line in the sand. “JOIN THE CAUSE” YOU may also,like Myself,RESTORE YOURSELF..LIVE INSPIRED!

  • Ron Paul for President…period!

  • French Canadian

    I recommend to read Max Weber’s. “Protestant Ethic and Spirit of Capitalism”.

    Without a deep understanding why the jews were so successful last 300 years and humans were unable to deal with the problem, no amount of propaganda (though very important) can solve the problem.

    The elimination of Federal Reserve system would be a good start. But who will do this?

    In National SOCIALIST Germany it was done by a dictatorship. In the USSR (even if some don’t like to hear this – it’s truth) it was done by the totalitarian dictatorship.

    After WW2 the USSR a destroyed country rejected American Marshall Plan and quickly became the world’s second superpower.

    How? What did your jewish school books tell you?

    The reason is – the monetary system. When money is printed by the government exactly as much as there are goods available. Inflation becomes something unthinkable.

    Example: there is need to build a factory or an autobahn (highway). State issues necessary amount of money. Factory or a highway construction is finished. Issued money is removed from circulation by the government. Now only profit of the factory remains or in case of a highway – highway and happy workers remain. No debt, no unemployment. And miraculous growth.

    Who will eliminate the Fed? Is there such party in the US?

    Why isn’t RON PAUL aggressively educating people on the key issues concerning the Fed? Sure, he says “End The Fed”. But what is his replacement scheme?


    There needs to be an entire Political Party devoted to this issue.


    Why doesn’t Ron Paul create a party to “End The Fed”?

    I see him as a member of the “Circle Jerk”.

    For any movement to have a chance to achieve any goal there should be an organization with a positive program. Otherwise any movement is hijacked by the ruling elites.

    But anyway, say “no” to jew world order” Everywhere.

    • robin

      I do agree with you that the economy is very confusing for most people including myself. My husband is working with an economics professor who is explaining the Gold Standard and Austrian economics. Unfortunately, that is a weak link in Ron Paul’s campaign because he is not given the kind of media time to explain this and needs someone to help him to put it out so the average person can understand(in sound bites). The man my husband is working with knows how to do this, so we are getting him on a neighbors radio show and educating ourselves. In every field, the experts are used to confuse people so they keep their positions/power/control whether it’s in law, education, economics, etc. Change has to come at the grassroots level=local and then move out. I have recommended to my friends and family to read The Creature from Jekyll Island about the history of the Federal Reserve. It’s a good place to start. Knowledge is power, but it has to be done in a way that people will hear, otherwise it is a waste of time and energy and then you will turn people who might have listened, away. Ron Paul has to work within the system otherwise they will throw him out as they did with Cynthia McKinney a very outspoken black congresswoman who was called a lunatic for voting against the Patriot Act, and was very outspoken about 9/11. They taught her a lesson when they reapportioned her congressional district where she had many more white voters who voted her out of office. She was attacked for not only being black, but for being a single black mother. When you think outside of the group mind, they crucify you whether you are political activist, average citizen speaking out, or a politician who steps outside of the group mind. It takes great courage to do this and there are many doing this in this country. Many who have lost their lives standing up for what they believe it. We are where we are because of this complacency, so if we go to a one world government it will be because we left it up to the “experts” to think and act for us.

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  • Artem Kulakov

    I really hope to see Ron Paul win presidential elections, if not this one then may be next one. Wish him good health and strong will to continue on with his work.

  • If Ron Paul does not become the POTUS, there really is no reason for me to stay in this country. I used to have a great sense of nationalism. I used to be proud to be an American. Now I’m embarrassed to be a citizen of this land. And even though I can live with the embarrassment because I know my happiness and well being comes above my country’s well being, the actions of the U.S. are promoting a great sense of hatred and disgust towards me from other parts of the world. I am now threatened.

  • quick question- now that paul is dead on the repub ticket- as he has been since the beginning does he bite the bullet and stab his followers in the back by endorsing mittens the billionaire. or does he endorse gary johnson on the lib ticket- as he SHOULD?

  • thats right, besides that idea is a good secondary plan becasue RP is more than likely not to be in office.

  • a tough question to libertarians.
    1. if there’s no government regulation of corporations then who’s going to stop them from amalgamating and turning into a monopoly. ie: how do you prevent corporate mergers to a point that it creates a super corporation etc..
    2. if we do move to a gold/silver standard, how do we prevent the global banks from buying us out straight since they actually Own most of the gold silver and diamonds in the country and even on this planet?? 🙁

  • a tough question to libertarians.
    1. if there’s no government regulation of corporations then who’s going to stop them from amalgamating and turning into a monopoly. ie: how do you prevent corporate mergers to a point that it creates a super corporation etc..
    2. if we do move to a gold/silver standard, how do we prevent the global banks from buying us out straight since they actually Own most of the gold silver and diamonds in the country and even on this planet?? 🙁

  • I can’t believe this, at the end when the reporter was saying so would you vote for Mitt Romney? I was thinking…what kind of question is that…I think Ron Paul should win and hope enough people visit YouTube to see his platform because the media sure doesn’t cover him

  • Stop investigating this SHIT. NSA is part of the Dajjal system. These are just profesies waitng to be fullfilled. STOP CONSPIRACY THEORIES.

  • Glad to see someone is asking these questions. Consider that Ron Paul is not meant to win because this thing is rigged far deeper than the elections. Consider that all are scripted players in this reality show of politics. Google ‘controlled opposition’ to get an idea of what I’m talking about. The more this insanity goes on, the more I question everyone involved, even Ron Paul. Lenin said ‘The best way to control the opposition is to lead it ourselves.’