Ron Paul: I’m Trying to Save the Republican Party

  • I don’t know how Paul; puts up with these idiot talking heads. A true gentleman.

  • I don’t know how Paul; puts up with these idiot talking heads. A true gentleman.

  • wow this is the first interview where someone from the media isn’t trying to pitch pit-fall questions.or isn’t trying to snare the man and getting OWNED in the process, but not accepting that they’re getting owned. what a great interview.

  • wow this is the first interview where someone from the media isn’t trying to pitch pit-fall questions.or isn’t trying to snare the man and getting OWNED in the process, but not accepting that they’re getting owned. what a great interview.

  • you forgot silver

  • The man is this age’s Jefferson. America the world is watching you. If you fall we all do.

  • I think Mr Paul spoke rather well in that interview

  • French Canadian






    This video is a provides a clear window into the mind of a White soldier who is a Ron Paul supporter.

    He falsely believes that 9/11 was done by Osama Bin Sumthin and that WW2 was a just war because they defeated “Nazi Germany”. So, as we all know he’s got a ways to go yet until his eyes are fully open.

    However, his experiences have shown him that “something” is very, very wrong.

    9/11 was done by the folks who benefited from 9/11.

    And WW2 was about stopping Germany and Japan from printing their own debt and interest free currencies. This was a direct threat to the people that are ruining your own country now.

    Answer this question: “To whom is the National Debt owed – and what’s it for?”

    That should pretty much open your eyes…unless you’re an idiot.

    You’re not an idiot – right? Just a bit brainwashed due to an overdoes of lies and distortions propagated by jewish media.

    Time to man up.

    Or just continue to be a whore and slave to the jews.

  • Why is everyone so goddamn shocked that he won’ another republican who gets the nomination. Supporting anyone other than Paul is the same as supporting Obama. More status quo

  • STFU Bob “dinosour” Schiffer!!!

  • Ron Paul 2012!!! No other will do!!!


  • America is already gone…my hope for a solution with peace will be ghost …. the moment Rob Paul steps back all hell will become clear to the blind, deaf and ignorant !!!

  • Ron Paul can’t exit the race for one simple reason. He is the only voter choice for peace. All the other republican candidates will start an unjustified war with Iran as soon as they take office. The claim that Iran is about to get a nuclear weapon is a lie to get the American public to go along with it. The real reason is to gain control of Iran’s oil. Iraq was about oil, Libya was about oil, and Iran is about oil. The U.S. already over threw Iran’s government once before in 1953 for oil.

  • robin

    What can you tell someone who says that they would never switch parties-a life=long democrat to vote for such a far=fetched venture and vote for Ron Paul? Only if he gets the GOP or runs third party. What would you say to someone who believes there is lesser of two evils based on who is morally less evil? I suspect he thinks Obama is less pro=war than Romney and he is anti=war. Tells me there is always a lesser of two evils in politics. Doesn’t care about the economic issue or constitutional issue? Now, can you tell me between Romney and Obama, who is morally less evil? He gets all his information from the MSM news, but says he’s always known that the military industrial complex, and banksters are behind everything . This is what we are up against. He is one of those Americans who is still is in denial even when presented with the evidence. He would rather “enlighten” people through music and says he is a political. We’ve given him what we think is the best information we have researched since 9/11, but he says it’s like an Agatha Christie who dun it novel. Doesn’t take it seriously. This is why we are in trouble in this country because he represents most Americans who think they have everything figured out(especially those that believe they are well=educated)
    . That’s why people like this will only wake up when the rug gets pulled from under them.

    • Scott R

      Hey Robin,

      I think the way to get thru to people in general is to start the discussion with something that you have in common… Lately, the price of gas has been going up so I’d try that. Discuss how it’s impacting your budget and freedoms such as how often you drive, what you drive, and where you drive. From there bring up Ron Paul’s solutions that he shares with nobody such as:

      -FED’s easy money policy and how it’s a failure… housing bubble is a good example
      -Lack of a balanced budget from either party
      -ongoing wars that historically have ALWAYS raised the price of gas

      I find the above arguements work better then using the other ones like no gun control, breaking up unions, the TSA, dept of education ect. Focus on the areas that are easier to explain to people and once interested, explain how Paul wants to move many powers like the dept of education back to the states. A one size fits all policy in general is LESS efficient for all. Rather then using “eliminate” use “move back to the states”. Using the above, Ron Paul’s message can successfully be sold to someone OTHER then a conservative. The important message is under Ron Paul you can have a conservative FEDERAL GOVERNMENT, but still run a state how you wish. This keeps the federal government accountable, and our currency sound.

      • robin

        Hi Scott.
        I appreciate your sound advice, but I finally found out that my neighbor friend will vote for the Republican nominee because of social issues because he says there is no difference in the parties aside from this, but is unwilling to change his party status from Democratic to vote in the primaries. Don’t understand his logic, but we just have gone round and round. I did get him thinking, so maybe there is still some hope yet. I thought if I could wake him up, there would be hope for others like him. What he can’t seem to tell me is why he won’t switch to the Republican party now to vote for Ron Paul, who he likes. I have other friends who simply won’t vote for Ron Paul because of his stand on abortion, gay rights and entitlement issues. The state’s rights does not work for them. They believe the federal government protects these people and the states will not. You just can’t get past that, so we are focusing on the independents right now before they have to re-register and then the Republicans. Sounds like you’ve had better luck than I have. Most people just don’t see the economic issues the same way as I do because they are teachers, government workers and still gainfully employed. Somehow the personal liberty issues haven’t affected them so that is not a pressing issue. The threat of war is not enough either(even my very liberal friends). It’s very frustrating, but I’m coming to understand that the media has done an excellent job shaping public opinion on these hot button social issues. All our family is on board, including our older son. So, we will do whatever we can this month until our primary. We put signs up and only one disappeared so far, and hope to put some literature around town going door=to=door(don’t want to be intrusive, so we will leave it for those who are interested). Those people I know who are fed up with Obama are voting for a progressive candidate because of the social and economic issues.

    • Surfisher

      Robin — have you seen this perfidy?!


      This may be one of the most important election fraud videos ever!

      PASS IT ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • robin

        Yes, I have. I know that Ben Swann is working very hard to expose this and people are sending him videos of the state meetings and caucus sessions, etc. Then, it’s a matter of getting the attention of people who are still asleep. When I talk about election fraud, it seems to go to deaf ears. Oh well, that’s politics people say…Most people just don’t understand that it’s up to us to make our elected officials accountable and our election process transparent and honest. We need to be in the drivers seat. If you have a Facebook Account, you can go to his site and he has gotten back to me with some of my concerns, which I very much appreciate. He cares and is really sticking his neck out there. I’m asking myself how far they will let him go.

  • Ronald “Earnest” Paul 2012 <3

  • Maybe people will wake up within the next 20 years. I fully expect us to either have a revolution of some sort, or a disintegration into utter poverty, if the markets crash, the bubbles burst, the money is worthless, no one has a job and no one is prepared for anything.

  • Time for Bob Schieffer to retire, his mind is already completely gone.


  • a G wouldn’t waste time to think about voting for someone else while he is thinking about winning himself
    Plan A-ron paul president 2012
    Plan B-revolution

  • It must get tiresome having to wade through the same bullshit questions every interview. At least this reporter let Ron Paul speak.