Ron Paul: I’m Trying to Save the Republican Party

  • French Canadian

    WOW Robin!

    You spoke with Bev Harris. Fantastic! I wish Iwould be an American right now to be able to fight these corrupted elections. I would really get deeply involved in that fraud. I hope others Ron paul supporters do the same efforts that you are doing right now.

    Keep the good work! I have a feeling that in the end, justice will be done to Ron Paul concerning the fraud. I cross my fingers…lol

  • This is true. Even if it is unlikely he will win at this point, and it truthfully is (still a small chance, but it’s small) he is the only candidate really offering an alternative to that foreign policy, among his many other alternatives. Once he removes himself, that message is effectively silenced in Washington again, to some degree. That is a good reason to stay in the race.

  • I think Dr. Paul should not be the next President; he should be the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court for it seems, he is the only one to know what the American constitution stands for!

  • This is very strange. When I posted this comment speculating on possible false flags,
    I got a YouTube validation code come up – where you’re required to copy letters from
    a code into a box to be able to continue – usually the letters are just gibberish,
    but this one was the letters “badevent.” Eerie…

  • Another question is…will Team Soetoro try to suspend the election? He certainly now has
    the legal ability to do so. If Romney gets any degree of real popular momentum will Obama
    go forward with false flag events + “civil unrest” provocateuring toward a declaration of
    martial law?

  • I truly hope that if and when Ron Paul doesn’t get the Republican nomination that he will run as an Independent. Otherwise it seems I won’t be voting this year.


  • Maybe RP hopes there is some margin there where he can inject reason and
    common sense trying to be an influence toward returning the party to traditional
    con and not neo con ways, but Romney is clearly bought and paid for and simply
    not intelligent enough to grasp the bigger picture. If they’re talking to the RP
    camp it’s because they are trying to maneuver a way to use them.

  • My biggest confusion at this point is…why is there no investigation of the very likely
    voting fraud? There are allegations from many sources of vote rigging. If this is true, why
    wouldn’t the RP campaign go after it? It’s beyond absurd to put so much work and manpower
    and capital behind this campaign then just accept a rigged electorial process if it’s true.
    Why is it not being challenged?

    • robin

      Ben Swann and Bev Harris are working on it, but they have to document it and find hard evidence. That takes time.

  • Very true – he’s got a shameful record of corporate fraud + more than dirty hands
    in situations like Libya + investments like Monsanto. He’s nothing more than another
    smiling front man puppet for corporate imperialism who is going to serve the ends of
    the military industrial complex if elected.

  • French Canadian


    Who is the National Debt owed to?

    What is the National Debt?

    What is it for?

    Why are all of the key figures in the Federal Reserve System jewish?

    Why is the US fighting jewWars in the middle east?

    Why did SatanYahoo get so many standing ovations from our bought and paid for Congress Whores to Israhell?

    What’s going on?

    How long did JFK live after printing 4 Billion dollars worth of debt and interest free currency?

    How fast was all of that currency taken out of circulation after JFKs murder?

  • French Canadian


    Alex Jones is a jewShill.

    Look into who Alex Jones is. Search Alex Jones Exposed.

    Read up.

    Don’t listen to any more jewish lies especially from anyone north of the border. 🙂

  • French Canadian

    I am of the opinion that I assume that the various countries that we are supposed to think are at ideological odds with each other – such as the jewSA and Russia….are in reality controlled by the same entity.

    And that the various “conflicts” are merely staged to do two things. One, to increased defense spending on the various sides – which in turn comes in the form of increased “borrowing” from the jewBanks. And Two, to further a desired overall agenda.

    I really think that much of this bullshit is just that. We are being played.

    What to do?

    First, assume we are being played.

    Then, figure a way to dismantle the debt based money system in your country. What ever it takes. It must be replaced with a debt and interest free money system backed by public works projects.

    Otherwise, we are completely ***ked.

    Right now, we are on the Titanic just after it hit the iceberg. And we are all trying to move higher up on deck – to delay the inevitable.

    We MUST fix the leak.

    The leak is all of our money flowing out into jewish hands.

    This must be stopped. Or, it’s already over for us.

  • Spewing such venom on his opponent won’t make him a better man. He calls people out based on their record not his personal view of that person

  • Spewing such venom on his opponent won’t make him a better man. He calls people out based on their record not his personal view of that person

  • I love Ron Paul, but he should denounce Romney as a tyrant. It surprises me that he considers him a good person, the man is a scumbag.

  • WANT CHANCE? vote Ron Paul.

  • WANT CHANCE? vote Ron Paul.

  • WANT CHANCE? vote Ron Paul.

  • French Canadian


    Or better that that. Send your longtime democrat friend to this particular interview, done on March 22, 2012 by Alex jones with Lyndon Larouche. He will understand and will never vote for obama:

    Obama’s Imminent Threat of Global Thermonuclear War with Lyndon LaRouche

    • robin

      French Canadian,
      He won’t be voting for Obama, but Romney or whoever the GOP nominee is because of social issues(he’s a social conservative) even though he voted for Obama four years ago, but won’t change his party just for the primary, unless maybe I changed his mind. I am so excited as I just got off the phone with Bev Harris of Hacking Democracy and the leader of the national watchdog black box voting. She spent a long time telling me what I can do to monitor our local election. A champion of the people and a wealth of knowledge. I learned our Secretary of State was trying to get internet voting in our state using I phones, etc. She said she no longer respects her. So, she told me to bring a good zoom camera(don’t have a cell phone) and document everything that goes on=especially if they tell me I can’t video the counting, or take notes about what is going on and send it to her. What an amazing lady! So, if you take the initiative where you live she will help you. She also said they are getting closer to finding out the algorithm that was used in Maine, SC, and New Hampshire that showed flip flop voting for Romney and Ron Paul. She said election fraud is coming to the attention of the American people because more people are documenting it. She told me stories that made my hair stand on end, but I feel really empowered to finally do something to make sure these elections are fair and transparent. I still can’t believe I got a hold of her. Still hoping that there may be a vacancy to count the vote, although the same ladies do it every year and have been for a very long time. We’ve written our letters to the editor, and hope to write a few more before the voting is over. Divine intervention….

  • French Canadian


    Just send this long time democrat to the Alex Jones Show. He will change his mind, believe me. And real fast too.