Ron Paul: I Want to Live in a Free Country

  • They already have them and they are not actively supporting terrorist groups like Iran is doing right NOW at the moment. If you are really a marine, i’d just like to thank you personally for your service as much as I disagree with your politics

  • I think the us constitution is all the defense I need. Anyway, you sound like a neo-con disciple with a liberal identity crisis. All logic and reason escaping your brain housing group. Honestly, what kind of tools troll videos they don’t support, all the while getting their buffalo bill panties in a bundle?

  • I’m not interested in your politician dickriding contest. If I tell you who I support, it’ll only challenge your attacks on my candidate. This is because you paultards know that you cannot legitimately defend your candidates bizarre thinking. Sorry to burst your bubble but people dont “love” Ron Paul. If that was the case, he’d be winning the primaries or atleast have won atleast one state….lol………….he’s such a loser….You paulbots need to see reality


  • Subsidymustgo, you are either an idiot or ignorant, or both. China and russia have some of the largest nuke stockpiles and icbm capability. But, guess they are too big to bully and plunder.

  • I like how you are confidently carrying the water for the mullahs of Iran. “its only natural that they would want to acquire one for themselves to complete the stalemate.” Nuclear weapons aren’t toys my friend. These are WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION. Iran supports terror groups all over the Middle East and giving them the shield of a nuclear weapon and allowing them to do this is just plain irresponsible and once again you Paulites show you have no understanding of world geopolitics…

    • AdamGmoney

      Look, I am Jewish, & I am a Zionist. Iran having nuclear power is not an existential threat to Isreal, Ehud Barak even said so.

      All the leaders of Islamic Nations say ‘death to Israel” & death to America” to pander to their crowds. They cannot make a legitimate military move against either nation without commiting economic & political suicide. Iran needs Nuclear Power to prevent winding up like Libya or Iraq. I can care less how they treat their people or what kind of regime they have, I don’t care. I am worried about America! We conservatives strongly support the right to bear arms, Iran has every right to be equally armed as the nations it competes with economically.
      Russia has thousands of Nukes & so does China (as does Pakistan). Both have opposed US & NATO sanctions on Iran. Corruption in these countries & others can more readily lead to Nuclear Weapons falling into terrorist hands, but we are not going to invade them (though surely they would be drawn into WW3). Radical terrorist threats are all around. It seems this push for war with Iran is about more than security. After Libya fell, there are only 3 nations left on earth without Rothchild backed central banks ; Iran, North Korea, & Somalia.
      Nobody wants Somalia, or it is purposely kept Anarchical. North Korea has Nukes, & are isolationist & militarized so they are not an easy target. Libya agreed to not persue nukes & look what happened to them. Iran is their target to own the entire middle-east. As bad as these Regimes are, they cannot touch us, but what can & is, is a New World Government, run by the Secret Society Elite.

  • You are drawing a huge blanket statement. Wtf does “because we are over there” mean? THe Middle East is made up of different countries you know? They are killing US Soldiers in Afghanistan and not long ago in Iraq. We are not in Iranian territory. We are in Afghanistan. So dont give me that paulbot “its our fault, we deserve it” crap.

    • AdamGmoney

      “They are killing US soldiers in Afghanistan.” –

      response – “because we are over there”.

      Think ya can figure it out this time?

    • AdamGmoney

      What would you do if Afghan soldiers came to America to kill infadels?

  • They chant Death to America and Death to Israel daily. Israel does not do anything to Iran yet Iran continues to call for its destructions. This is barbaric and the US must stand up with a firm hand to this reckless behaviour which will only get much worse when they have the security of a nuclear weapon

    • AdamGmoney

      Muzzy sabre rattling. They’re just making up for what is lacking, nothing to worry about. They ALLL do it, but the best they can manage is attack our Embassies. Maybe we just shouldn’t spend millions of American’s dollars to build Embassies for Government people in the shitties places on earth. Seriously it the US who is putting troops on foreign soil not vice versa.

  • This is international law my friend. I suggest you read up about it and get educated. Iran’s case is especially dangerous considering how rogue their government is and how many reckless statements they make occasionally.

  • Prostitution is not your everyday one-to-one transaction. It has externalities which affect everyone. I have witnessed first hand the ills and effects of these vices in my community and i dont want that shit legalized and then expand. No fucking way. No Ron Paul. Just NO!

  • Because prostitution leads to sex trafficking. I understand you paulbots are usually unemployed socially awkward crazies and consequently are unable to get laid, therefore that’s why you would potentially want to legalize prostitution, but it has unintended consequences which affect people everywhere.

  • Not the man but what we says. I wouldn’t expect you to understand words like free country and revolution. Keep living blind and the rest of us “Paultards” will save your ass.

  • And you know this, how? You self-righteous arrogant fool. I’ve forgotten more than you will ever know fucking paultard. You dont know shit. All you know is from your Alex Jones nonsense, and from your fellow Paultards.

    • AdamGmoney

      You’re the only one here who sounds “self-rightous”. It is called ‘projection’.

      Then again many of us “paultards” are right & rightous, so…

  • Are you serious? A politican gave you a hardon. Not only are you Paultards weird and crazy, you’re also extremely gay

  • I feel exactly the same way! I was really stuck in the state socialist mindset, but because of Ron Paul’s campaign my mind has opened to other choices. I’m grateful that he chose to run for president.

  • why must they be “put in check”? If we leave Iran alone they will be much less likely to cause us in america any problems. Why do you think Iran’s government is antiwestern? maby it has something to do with how we keep pushing our ideals on them along with economic sanctions

    israel can take care of it self, they have tens if not hundreds of nuclear weapons and so do all of the countries around Iran. its only natural that they would want to acquire one for themselves to complete the stalemate.

    • AdamGmoney

      Exactly. I am Jewish & a Zionist (meaning Israel has the right to exist & is the biblical given homeland to the Jewish People), & agree 100% with your statement.

      I care about America first, & our rights & freedoms here, way before I consider foreign policy. THAT is why I began supporting Ron Paul & it just so happens the man is right about next to everything.

  • Are you on obama’s dick? You really havent said who you support. I bet it’s obama because you are too embarrassed to say. You know hes a joke…a bad joke. No matter where you go on youtube, people love Ron Paul. Youre only the second person I ran into who doesn’t like him. What dont you like about Ron Paul. I’ll tell you what I dont like about obama but it would take me a lot of time. There’s a million reasons to hate obama.

  • Ron please run 3rd party .

  • 5:51 – 6:37 gave me a hard on! Is this not an honest man?

  • And the US is as much of a terrorist to the middle east as Iran is a terrorist state to Israel. And Obama recently made our nukes more efficient with our tax dollars. Again, such a bullshit double standard. No one can have nukes except the US? Such self-righteous nonsense. Going by your logic, we should occupy the whole world, since it has the ability to acquire Nuclear weapons.

    • AdamGmoney

      Yes. And the US & globalist intervention is BAD for Israel as well. Had we stayed out of their biz, the Suez Canal, the Sinai, Gaza, etc. would all be under Israeli control right now & so much of the tension over there would be long since settled.

  • Got this little blurb from a 2010 news article:

    The Pentagon said it had a total of 5,113 warheads in its nuclear stockpile at the end of September, down 84 percent from a peak of 31,225 in 1967. The arsenal stood at 22,217 warheads when the Berlin Wall fell in 1989.