Ron Paul: In Praise of Private Charity

by Ron Paul

One of the great fallacies of our time is that if government doesn’t do something, no one will. Its corollary is that if you are opposed to the government doing something, that you are opposed to anyone performing that function at all. These disastrous fallacies color much of our national debate concerning heath care, education, poverty, housing, and disaster relief, and other issues.

This Easter season, I would like to applaud an organization that proves just how much private charity can accomplish without government mandates or intrusion. Convoy of Hope, based in Springfield, Missouri is equal parts grocer, clothier, heath care provider, first responder, educator, and logistics expert. It works with communities across America and around the world, bringing together other local charities, businesses, churches, and government agencies to alleviate poverty and help people in the wake of disasters. The tremendous scope of its activities serves as a reminder that government is neither the sole, nor the best, provider of goods and services to people in need.

I recently had the privilege of touring Convoy of Hope’s headquarters and distribution center. It was a humbling but encouraging experience. Frankly, I’ve never seen an organization so focused, efficient, and poised to do so much good for so many people.

Convoy of Hope was founded by Hal and David Donaldson in 1994, who, as young boys suffered the death of their father and subsequent poverty. Both men were struck by the outpouring of support their family received during that time from local churches and the community. As a result, the two brothers developed a deep sense of responsibility to helping others in need. Convoy of Hope has since helped more than 50 million individuals in more than 100 countries– giving away nearly $300 million worth of food and supplies in the process.

They typically spend only about 10% of their budget on overhead while employing a small staff of approximately 85 people. Watchdog group Charity Navigator consistently gives Convoy of Hope high marks for both its financial acumen and transparency.

Convoy of Hope also stretches its resources by developing strategic partnerships with private sector corporations, including Coca Cola, Nestle, Procter & Gamble, Georgia Pacific, Cargill, Del Monte, and FedEx. These corporate donors donate everything from building supplies to bottled water to toiletries. Its massive distribution center and headquarters are centrally located in Missouri, where its fleet of trucks can dispatch quickly to any location in America. It also operates six international distribution centers for logistical efficiency.

The next step for Convoy of Hope is an audacious one: a 50 state tour beginning in May designed to address poverty across the United States. The “Convoy of Hope Tour” will provide an average of $1 million in goods and services to a community in a single day. Convoy of Hope’s fleet of 18 wheel trucks will roll through every state, providing a wide variety of goods and practical services to those in need, including groceries, job counseling, clothing, dental care, breast cancer screenings, haircuts, family portraits, children’s activities, as well as prayer and connections with local churches.

Convoy of Hope is doing tremendous work on behalf of mankind. I wish everyone at Convoy of Hope great success with their upcoming tour. It’s hard to imagine a government agency operating as efficiently, as nimbly, or as cheerfully as Convoy of Hope. I truly believe it should serve as a model for private, voluntary, nongovernmental solutions to poverty and disaster relief in our communities.



  • With one million homeless kids in the USA projects like Convey of Hope need all the support they can get.

  • Oh the irony of Ron Paul using the word Fallacy. LOL.

  • this could be a bad thing. we want as many representatives in the race as possible. so we can spread out the delegates and hope to stop romney from getting nominated on the 1st ballot.

  • No need for that kind of talk.

    Go Ron Paul

  • i sometimes ask myself ‘if i didn’t pay several thousand dollars a year on social services, would i pay it to charities?

    still haven’t answered. :S

  • Ron Paul! woot!

  • Paul will win anyway the American public will not accept anyone else

  • David Cameron is doing this in England.People hate Cameron but he is ok he is anti state

  • I thought it was a bad thing. Won’t it be much harder for them to force a brokered convention now that there are only 3 candidates instead of 4? It seems to me like Romney will now be able to easily get the 1144 delegates he needs for the nomination. If I’m wrong please correct me, I’d love to see RP win this thing.

  • now with rick gone how can there be a brokered convention

  • Convoy of Hope…I applaud you.
    Ron Paul 2012!

  • Thank you…. I understand the urge to talk crap, but what you said needed to be said. Talking crap about him isn’t going to gain a single supporter..

  • Guys stop talking crap about Santorum. We need his supporters, not to alienate them.

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  • So the media just refuses to talk about any candidate besides romny now that santorums dumb lying ass dropped out? Wtf? Helllllllo!!!!!! Ron Pauls still running pieces of shits!!

  • Who cares if Gaytorum dropped out. Ron Paul is running as an independent anyway

  • Santorum dropped out because his campaign has massive debt, not because of his daughter. The announcement just coincided with the goings-on of his daughter. (Source: Infowars)

  • i dont like Santorum but come on don’t be mean he dropped out cuz his daughter is dying have some sympathy . . .

  • I really like the content of what you say, but could you perhaps consider investing in a better microphone? the sound quality is so bad it is distracting. Or perhaps you (or your helpers) could get a copy of audacity (free editing software) or something like it and use some sound filters to clean it up a bit before you upload.
    Praying for ya, hope you win. love to see ya in the white house.