Ron Paul: Third Party Run Would Draw Votes from Republicans AND Democrats

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  • like 1001!

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  • Please ron dont give your support for romney,please,that will hurt so badly.Retire and go on shows telling the public how things run,you would be so wanted by all the major chat shows and i think you would do far better educating the masses;)I hope you win but in reality do the rounds of tv and radio. Tell us,educate us,show us what to do,give us hope and direction forget the senate,it’s poisoned beyond morale repair,only the people can save themselves now and you are our beacon.Godspeed 😉

  • If you are the independent that you claim to be, then run as an independent. Paul could pull 15-20% of the votes, and if that;s true then a lot of people might come aboard in the final weeks. Run Ron!!! You have a slim chance.

  • Ron Paul is such an idiot. To reiterate how retarded he is, he’s still running for president.

  • Please do a sign wave for Dr. Ron Paul showing support for him is worldwide. Especially stating the difference in his policies from you governments. Thank you in advance.