Ron Paul: Third Party Run Would Draw Votes from Republicans AND Democrats

  • That was a refreshing video to watch!! All the people chanting end the fed made me happy. Its good to know their are people awake! Its wonderful to know im not alone in this world who sees the real problems! Thank You Ron Paul and Ron Paul supporters!! Cant wait to vote this month in PA!

  • Now that Romney is the GOP candidate Ron Paul should make public the Liberatarian demands from Romney in exchange for Ron Paul’s support:

    — Abolish the NDAA
    — Shut down Gitmo and close all secret prisons run by the CIA
    — No more undeclared wars and/or wars without congressional approval
    — No QE3, no more pushing upo the debt ceiling
    — Get rid of Obamacare and bring back competition to medicine so prices are lowered

  • Make a last minute switch to 3rd party keep running in GOP for exposure then make a viral video and BOOM!

  • Ron Paul is the only candidate that can save America and free the people. The other candidates are lost and Obama is a puppet. Ron Paul 2012! End the Fed! Stop the wars! The world needs Ron Paul for peace and prosperity!

  • Makes sense to me to run Third Party due to the election fraud from the GOP. Even Romney gives away sandwiches for votes.

  • All the RP supporters I know are going to vote Dr.Paul no matter what!

  • Legalize drugs 2012, lol Ron Paul said ‘if it was legal how many people would smoke heroin’ is that even possible? Ron Paul is 100% correct about big pharma not wanting people to grow their own medicine, all those pain pills could be grown as lovely looking poppies without all the filler lol

    RON PAUL R[̲̅ə̲̅٨̲̅٥̲̅٦̲̅]LUTION 2012!!


  • He is a good man and a DR for goodness sakes,best example of what our country needs..

  • Ron Paul 2012, you know it makes sense!

  • Mississippi & Tennessee for Ron Paul 2012

  • we dont have 10 or 20 years people need to get a clue this shit is coming down now as we speak.

  • I’d love to see that, but let’s face it, that’s just a pipe dream. It’s gonna have to get a lot worse, before any real change occurs. Personally, as scary as this scenario is, I bet Obama is re elected. The US public is that dumb. Not to mention I believe that the elections are fixed anyway.

  • Seattle for Ron Paul 2012

  • Paul > Obama = Romney

  • I do believe In Ron Paul, I believe he is the manthat he clams to be and I do not say that lightly. He will have to step out of line for me to turn away but untll then I have to trust…so yes…my vote Is for Ron Paul no matter the ticket!


  • Paul>Johnson>LED ZEPPELIN ROOLZ!!!>Obama>Romney