Ron Paul: Third Party Run Would Draw Votes from Republicans AND Democrats

  • I actually think Gary Johnson is pretty good too.

  • HIS message ALONE “Would Draw Votes from Republicans AND Democrats” no need for the Third Party…I read this today “Ron Paul Supporters Beware of the Third Party Trap. ” So maybe just maybe, you Dems and Independents should sign up as a Repub (ick, I know. 🙂 and put your full SUPPORT behind RON PAUL!!! Let’s do this TOGETHER.

  • Ron Paul or Gary Johnson, fuck all who oppose libertarianism


  • Dr Paul belongs on mount rushmore

  • Romney had the republican vote rigged for him. Ron Paul is the only choice, Rep, Dem, or Independent. Ron Paul, Ron Paul, Ron Paul!!!

  • we should NEVER vote for who we think CAN win, but vote for who SHOULD win. That’s Ron Paul. Don’t vote with the trends of our time, or who the puppet show (AKA the TV) says we should vote for. Don’t nit-pick the issues with Ron Paul, he’s good for us all.

  • What does writing someone in mean?

  • No don’t do that stupid crap. Now that that other douche is out the media can’t ignore Ron Paul as easily. If he doesn’t switch parties it makes this thing harder to rig in the long run. Now that people hear Rom Paul talk up against like mitt romney he makes everyone else look like a dumbass.

  • IDK how to write in on our electronic ballots but I am going to vote for Ron Paul even if he drops out.

  • I wont vote for any habitual liars, so it’s Ron or no one for me. I’m tired of the system “oh they lie, it’s just politics” bah! since when has this become an accepted truth?

  • Gingrich is broke and will drop out soon

  • Ron Paul or no damn future for the US. Ron Paul 2012

  • Santorum dropped out thank god. Guy is a retard. RON PAUL 2012.

    We need to cut Gingrich next.

  • Love this guy. And his supporters.

  • I dont know why people still talk about beating Obama, Obama isnt even in the race because he doesnt have a birth certificate, remember, oh L suppose you all think its just a little issue that will go away

  • Ron Paul or bust!

  • Ron Paul will be our next president in spite of our media.

  • Our major TRAITORSTREAM Press and Media have flushed America down the toilet.

  • Precisely! Ron Paul 2012

  • Paul has close to 300 delegates and to attack the 200 non binding delegates of Santorum will put him right back in it. Paul still has Obamney sweating.