Ron Paul: Third Party Run Would Draw Votes from Republicans AND Democrats

  • hahahaha Ok whatever makes you feel more comfortable with your opinion I guess. Saying he only has a maximum of 50k fans is ridiculous. He get’s a substantial amount of votes in one caucus compared to that number. You’re oblivious to any ideas that are outside of your own head. I’m done arguing with someone as bias as you. Now go ahead and call me a “pussy” or whatever you kids say nowadays.

  • I sleep fine little fella, waking up knowing the racist has lost gives me a good feeling. And everyone knows that the only way to comment on a Facebook site is to “like” it. So 1 million means nothing. The YouTube RP site shows 50K which is a lot closer to what he polls at. Also, mind your own business Cultist.

  • Well his facebook page is pushing 1 million likes, so that renders your statement invalid. Quit being so angry. It’s a website, kid. Nobody is going to go to bed tonight and think twice about your youtube comments. Find another hobby.

  • I think its time to prove to the Parties that we the people run this country not the political parties.

  • lol You are obviously delusional to many realities.. Ron Paul is about to retire, and Rand will carry the torch for his fathers Legacy.


  • Who are you kidding Paulbot? That site is nothing but BS propaganda for RP. Independant? Hardly.

  • As long as it fits your narrative right? No matter how insignificant the source. No conspiracy. RP has lost again. Get used to it cultist.

  • The delegate count from Lemon Global an Independent news media (not the beauty contest that the MSM talk about) from 4-10-12 Romney 661 / Paul 518 Gingrich 87. The MSM writes stories and the Independent news agencies report news.

  • look up constitution republic vs democracy. they are playing us like idiots

  • so every now and then they give us a puppet that will give us a hand out. those are just tactics to keep us from revolting. is like this. every day we eat a bologna sandwhich. the quality degrades as time passes, we start getting pissed. so now they replace the sandwhich with pizza u happy again. nothing has change except u got pizza. eventually ull get tired of pizza and theyll change again. only so u wont revolt. get. dish changes arent cutting it. change the whole system

  • APRIL 15th , TODAY, Money Bomb!

  • Wow that’s annoying. Shut up dude

  • Is this what you do with your life? It’s a shame you can’t get a job being a youtube troll. Where is all of this aggression coming from? Does it have anything to do with the fact that you haven’t been layed in several years?

  • Ron Paul supports the exact opposite of a 1 world currency…he supports a Gold Standard to par the US Dollar value…

    He wants to end the FED which supports a world currency and has been printing countless trillions of dollars based not on gains but deficits, devaluing and destroying the US dollar value. For example they printed 16 trillion dollars in one fiscal quarter of 2008 ALONE. That’s the entire US deficit printed in one q, temporarily shoved down the line, while devaluing the dollar.

  • Well guess what you cant vote for the guy. it dont matter anyway. go play some ice hockey.

  • Amen, brother. This guy needs all those donations to pay for his depends for the last 3 years of his life.

  • Has he won a state yet? Crickets from the Ronulans,lol. He has no delegates and people do not want a racist creatard loony anywhere near the controls. Why can’t you cultists get that through your thick skulls? Why does he get his ass handed to him EVERY time? He is a LOSER. Fuck off Paulbot…you tiny insignificant ignorant fuck up.

  • Go back into your cave you troll. 2 hundred? He has been drawing crowds of 3-7 thousand people everywhere he has gone. The numbers are just going to increase. Now shew, scat, back in your cave.

  • We? What all 2 hundred of you? You small insignificant Paulbots will be shut up yet again in 2 months. Your arms are probably real strong from constantly picking up that rock you put yourself under every 4 years.

  • Ron Paul is an amazing man, A true man for the people. True respect for this man and I’m not even American, I’m Canadian