Ron Paul: Third Party Run Would Draw Votes from Republicans AND Democrats

  • How many states has Ron Paul won, vs. Romney?
    Serious question.


  • Ok, I see I’m talking to a wall.

  • That is a lie

  • Romney will lose no matter who runs. He won’t beat Obama either way. Not that I want Obama to win either, don’t feel there is much difference between Obama or Romney both are establishment pawns and will do exactly the same thing.

  • But, he proposes first steps to start taking control, He wants to cut big government. A lot easier to keep track of a few than hundreds of thousands and get these asshats under control. Also he is not a lobbyist, never has been. His campaign money comes from us and active duty military.

  • Part 2
    Basically I agree with you on what would be ideal and I also agree that lobbyist is another issue that makes it on the top of my list, but unfortunetly the chance of us getting the ideal is very slim. We have to be willing to make improvements to the main parties platform where we can.

  • I see you can’t answer, so reply with stories that go nowhere.

    The correct answer is that each state is a sovereign nation, supremely ruled by its sovereign people.
    The fact that you didn’t know that, just some vague anecdotes, shows how well it’s been repressed by the post-Lincoln regime which established an empire via mass-invasion and killing over over 1/4 million state citizens without a SINGLE CITATION of legitimate authority to do so– just a handful of FALSE ones.

  • I still believe in choosing the lesser of two evils as long as one of those evils represents at least some of my core beliefs. I can’t expect a perfect candidate and even a real good candidate like Ron Paul has some issues I disagree with him on.

    There is no such thing as a perfect reality. We need to strive towards our goals while being realistic about them and that means pushing for the parties to adopt some of our ideas.

  • Outside Independence Hall when, the Constitutional Convention of 1787 ended, Mrs. Powel of Philadelphia asked Benjamin Franklin:
    “Well, Doctor, what have we got, a republic or a monarchy?”
    With no hesitation whatsoever, Franklin responded,
    “A republic, if you can keep it.”

    Everything you got, its a fight that has to be constantly fought. People have not spoken for decades in this county. Its why things have gotten this bad.

  • It was suppose to be upheld by our elected officials and they were suppose to get in trouble for breaking there oaths but our system has become corrupted so as long as the donors don’t mind them breaking their oaths they are willing to break them.

    Just look at all the congressmen which were in support of the NDAA.

    When even the foxes are complaining because the people suppose to be guarding the hen house are doing a shitty job you know that they are doing an extremely shitty job.

  • True. For me if RP doesn’t win, it doesn’t matter which one wins. The douche and turd are like police playing good cop bad cop, really they’re on the same team and working for the same people.

  • (cont)
    Because I contributed the $2 mil(you lobbied), you owe me the favor of passing that law. The little guy that is just starting out gets ignored. This is how politics work. You keep putting lobbyists in and the government no longer works for the people. So why would you put another lobbyist in? You keep using the same bath water over and over, that shit eventually starts getting rancid.

  • yeah and Obama’s a douche with ears.
    And you know the story: when candidates are elected by majority, they end up kissing so much ass that you end up with a choice between a giant douche and a turd-sandwich.

  • He can say all he wants, Romney, and Obama are still lobbyists. Say I’m a huge cooperation and I gave you $2 million for your campaign. Another person, also in the business just starting out in a mom & pop shop, just voted for you. When you’re in office, and I call you up and want you to pass a law that says noone can sell my product except for me, the other guy from the mom & pop shop that is selling the same product cheaper and much better also calls and asks you not to pass that law.

  • Ok, do you REALLY think that the Constitution was meant to be upheld by the voters, i.e. mob rule?
    That’s like saying the henhouse is to be guarded by the foxes.
    I’d really like to know just how the hell you think the Constitution was REALLY supposed to be upheld?

  • “This will set the field for his son winning later on even if Ron Paul looses here”

    As long as we have to depend on elected officials to deliver our rights, we don’t HAVE any; we’re just slaves who are allowed to choose their masters.

  • Yeah first someone has to say that the emperor’s naked, and Ron Paul won’t even do that… he just says that “the Civil War should have been compensated emancipation,” not that the federal government had no national authority over the states.

  • It IS till the People change it, Deal.

  • > Ron Paul or NO ONE

    Perfectionist much?.
    Life isn’t about what you want or should be, it’s about what IS.

  • Well I might vote for one of them if they decide to oppose the NDAA or say something along the lines of “Due Process” in the constitution requiring the president to go to the judicial branch before executing U.S citizens.

    But yeah unless they do one of the two above I will not vote for either of them.