Ron Paul: Third Party Run Would Draw Votes from Republicans AND Democrats

  • Look up ‘social democracy’ – you can pop back with an apology… And the rest is a MASSIVE misunderstanding by you – PLEASE read some books and stay the fuck away from the idiocy that is ‘libertarianism’. Free markers DONT EXISTS and NEVER HAVE …


  • According to you there should be no Free Markets, no mom & pop shops employing people, so the corporations can continue to have the only jobs, that are all over seas? Free Markets are also where things like alternative energy sources come from, so we can quit this dependency on fossil fuels, stifled by corporations and shoved down your throat with no say in it. Free Markets are nothing but good for people, not the monopolies the corporations have now.

  • I base my statement on Romney’s own words. He isn’t consistent, and will tell you want you want to hear just to get your vote just as Obama did. His campaign financing is coming from the same places that Obama’s did. I don’t see a choice between Obama and Romney because a vote either way will take this nation in the same direction. I’m not willing to pick the lesser of two evils, and be complaisant in doing so.

  • REALLY?????!!! Please show me where I can see I want him to win with all of my being Ron Paul can save and change this country!

  • That`s why your able to have a cell phone bill of $40 with long distance included , Because of free market`s , Not like 20 yrs ago when there was a monopoly and it cost you 2 dollars a minute …. Free Market create competition, Witch create `s innovation…..

  • That show`s just how stupid and insane american`s are . Voting the same type of people in office but expecting something different, You are INSANE . Ron is something Different…

  • If we would have listened to Ross Perot , We may not of been in this mess …. You must think Ron is just some Old Guy, Well do some research , That old guy bikes 20 miles a day , How many miles can you bike? He predicted the financial and over sea`s mess where in 10 yrs ago, Ron is one of the most Relevant , And remember he Fight`s for You……

  • That was Lincoln’s plan from the beginning: i.e. as Washington said, “If the freedom of speech is taken away then dumb and silent we may be led, like sheep to the slaughter.” And that’s why the first thing Lincoln did, was suspend habeas corpus so that he could DO JUST THAT.
    Ron Paul would be a new hope beyond hope; but like the saying goes, there’s NO hope for a slave who thinks he’s free.
    And the parties have all the power, along with the media; but the sheeple think THEY THEMSELVES have it.

  • Hard to believe it myself. EVERYBODY I talk to in real life wants Ron Paul to win but majority think he won’t. That’s the media’s propaganda for ya. Don’t believe their bullshit. Stick through this and he’ll win.

  • OK, answer me this, do you agree that if Paul is elected, at least it’s a step in the right direction? Beacuse the points your making, although valid, are way over most peoples heads. Most don’t want to think, they just wanna vote and go back to watching American Idol. Unless you take that from them, then there will be a revolution (sarcasm intended).

  • “I understand the whole sovereignty deal ”

    “The whole sovereignty deal”?
    “the Bill here in Illnois”?

    Ok, I’m talking about the Declaration of Independence and the Treaty of Paris, not some meaningless state STATUTE which simply repeats the right of PETITION that’s already observed under the First Amendment.

    I’m talking about the fact that each state is a SOVEREIGN NATION just like the UK or France– as they are, and as they have ALWAYS BEEN, by law.

  • So, your whole point all this time is that your against Paul, and your trying to somehow ether sway my vote, or tell me to just give up and let things run its course? I understand the whole sovereignty deal and that alone isn’t the solution to our problems. Frankly the Bill here in Illnois only passed one house since 2009, its still not a done deal that were 100% sovereign here.

  • Well only a fool would vote for Romney in the primary just because they think he’s ahead, since it won’t matter once they register Republican… but anyone who would choose Romney over Ron Paul already IS a fool.

  • You’re proposing playing mind-games rather than exposing the truth that the states are sovereign nations under hostile occupation by a ruthless foreign empire.
    By failing to address this, Ron Paul tacitly concurs that the federal government is legitimate national authority over the individual states– even though he says secession is a right, which is a blatant contradiction.

  • So, i don’t go by the Media and neither does any one who is voting for Paul.

  • But that’s how the media operate, i.e. they slant the news to DECIDE who wins, rather than reporting it accurately so WE THE PEOPLE can decide; the media know that no one will vote for someone who they THINK is way behind.
    It’s how they wag the dog through organized politics.

  • What the hell are you talking about? It feels like i’m talking to a wall. What point is it that I’m not answering for you?

  • Paul is just behind Romney with delegate counts currently, the Media reports aren’t even close to accurate.

  • On the basis of what evidence do you make that statement?
    Romney has nowhere near Obama’s record of intense corruption or idiocy.
    He may be status quo, but better business as usual than anti-American communism.

  • Well this time around we have that chance.