Ron Paul: Third Party Run Would Draw Votes from Republicans AND Democrats

  • And another thing – and the number of fucking times I’ve heard this – I comment on a Ron Paul video TEARING the INSANE libertarians to pieces – they eventually give up and use ad hominem – but often call me a troll – which yes I am – but heres the fucking insane part – up until Paul LOST – just about EVERY fucking political video on youtube has a ‘vote Ron Paul 2012’ on it and SURPRISE NONE of the libertarians chastised THEM for being trolls – now I wonder why that could be?


  • WTF? Look INFANT without GOVERNMENT and DEMOCRACY you WOULD HAVE THAT – UNDERSTAND? Look put down your star wars and go read some fucking books

  • Government means ‘MOB’ fucking rule – see just below the fucking surface of ALL libertarians is that fucking FASCIST STEAK – like their racism – they wont admit it but keep pushing and sure its there – BTW – you are also likely a fundy… And taking inspiration for fucking STAR WARS? Please fuck off child…

  • Yea, yea, and Satan will appear raining fire and brimstone. I Repeat your a moron and a troll.

  • AGAIN so fucking what – you want to be fucking stupid about GOVERNMENT funded the creating of COMPUTERS and THE INTERNET – now take away that from those companies that followed at&T and they’d be NO WHERE – BTW the US has the freest telecommunications and among THE SLOWEST AND MOST EXPENSIVE IN THE DEVELPED WORLD! Go figure…

  • name it! The US has been under libertarian rule for 30 FUCKING YEARS – and EVERYTHING you see is THEIR FAULT – but the fucking pig ignorant ‘libertarians’ are asking for a ‘revolution’ of EVEN MORE of the fucking same by voting for Ron Paul – you are DEEPLY sick people…

  • global economy AGAIN. Wagers would stagnate FOR ANTHER 30 FUCKING YEARS – wehile the greedy scum steal even more. And CHILD the reason that ‘crony capitalism’ exists is because it ALWAYS does when markets are freed up – you crazy bastard – the whole reason the progressive era came in was because of the appalling corruption free markets created! And its not just the US – China has freed up and is CRAWLING in corruption, Argentina, Russia, Chile, Iceland, Ireland, Greece, Portugal – you fucking

  • if you buy something by mail order they need not send you anything, doctors would need not be certified, drugs would have to have no safety checks, the boarders would be thrown open – meaning you would have PROPER COMPENSATION from a Chinese worker doing EXACTLY the same job as you but prepared to work for 1/6th you wages – an 85% drop in wages or an Indian prepared to work for 1/50th yolur wages – a 98% drop in wages. Wall street an benefit from insider trading, crash the whole

  • Yea insane, cause we all know we have none of that now. You are a moron and a troll.

  • You are ALL bat shit fucking INSANE. A free market ( laissez-faire) means water companies can sell contaminated water, rat shit in you breakfast cereal, salmonella in your fish, botulism in you tinned food, cancer ridden beef in you burgers, dangerous pesticides on you apples, they can poison your air giving your children asthma, sell dangerous electrical equipment, use child labor, have dangerous working conditions, no minimal wage, destroy the ozone layer, have cartels, monopolies,

  • Democracy means government by consent of the governed, not mob-rule.
    The terms have been confused by the empire taking over under Emperor Palpatine… oopsI mean Abraham under his Grand Army of the Republic to stop the separatist rebels after he drove them away.

  • You don’t remember when AT&T had a monopoly on telephone, and phone-bills could easily be $300/month?
    As for electronics, it’s simply the only market that the government couldn’t OLIGOPOLIZE (google it).

  • “NOT free – as in laissez-faire – which the INSANE Libertarians and Randians are pushing”

    You think it’s “insane” to respect the right to property, but want a “freeer” market… that’s quite an oxymoron.
    It’s CRONY CAPITALISM that is hurting employees by stopping competition among employers and potential employers, while taxes create deadweight losses… but if you understood basic economics you’d know that already.
    A a free market would have employees making at least TRIPLE what they do now.

  • Yes third party votes are protest votes. Its the equivalent of saying that both candidates are so bad that I would rather vote third party then for one of the candidates.
    To me it might as well be Obama vs Obama bot 2.0. There just isn’t enough differences in-between the candidates to make my vote for one or another worth my while.

  • By failing to choose one or the other, you are choosing by act of OMISSION.
    Libertarian ideas are becoming more popular because the internet bypasses the mainstream media and gives voice to the people, but the mainstream media will catch up soon and it’ll be worse than when it started.
    Look at The Young Turks, Alex Jones, Bill Whittle, Andrew Klavin and all the other shit-headed retards with podcasts, they’re getting more hits than ever and they’re even worse than the mainstream media.

  • I’m not choosing either evil, I won’t for Obama or Romney and pick a worthy 3rd party candidate if Ron Paul steps aside which I hope he doesn’t Until others stop voting for the lesser evil nothing will change.

  • 2012 election 3rd party Ron Paul will never get enough votes. 4 reasons not to vote Ron Paul. 1. Sonia Sotomayor. 2.Elena Kagen. 3.Ruth Bader Ginsburg. 4.Stephen Breyer.

  • Then you choose the GREATER of two evils by default.

    Romney is NOWHERE NEAR as bad as Obama.

  • And the ‘free market’ (freeer – but NOT free – as in laissez-faire – which the INSANE Libertarians and Randians are pushing) that has existed over the last 30 year has KICKED THE SHIT OUT OF WORKING PEOPLE – and TRASHED social indicators…

  • WTF? So your ONLY concern is long distance phone calls – go on CLAIM that is your ONLY concern in life – the level of fucking idiocy blows my fucking mind… For example there is MORE competition in the American health industry and WAY worse results than the rest of the developed world – now compare $40 phone bill with THOUSANDS of dollars cost MORE for health. Electronics is THE ONLY industry that has exponential lines for performance and reduced costs – Cherry picking is CHEATING MORON…