New Ron Paul Ad: Big Bold Texan

“Let’s get this straight. We’re debating between a big-spending, debt-ceiling-raising fiscal liberal, the moon-colony guy, a moderate from Massachusetts, or a Texan with a real plan to balance the budget. Get with it, people. Only one candidate will stand up for Texas. Ron Paul isn’t playing games. Five federal bureaucracies gone. A trillion dollars cut year one. Get Washington off your back. Ron Paul. Big, bold Texan.”

  • the rawhide whip at the end was a nice touch 🙂

  • thanking God after using profanity? nice. Also, I don’t really know any Ron Paul supporters that were calling Santorum’s cultists, generally, we agree that they are simply ignorant of what is going on and how to actually fix the problems.


  • What is Romney’s plan to “fix” the economy and curb spending?

  • How do you have so little support that you run your campaign into debt? wow Santorum

  • why not!? D: explain?

  • Hahaha! It’s funny to see such a desperate plea for support when the end is near. You cult members were calling Santorum a warmonger, now you want his supporters to vote for a wrinkled old bastard? Give me a break. Romney should be able to cruise to 1144 without Santorum in the way. It’s over for you assholes. Thank God.

  • If Santorum supporters votes santorum because he believes in Jesus, guess what? Ron Paul believes!


  • So much for “wanting a fight on the convention floor”. Stand with Ron Paul and his supporters. You can’t fight the truth.

    Santorum supporters where NEVER our enemies.

  • Maybe don’t write spam in your comment because it’s been flagged as spam 😀

  • I live in Texas and I’m voting for RON PAUL 2012! But honestly I don’t think he’s going to win Texas.

  • here’s hoping My and Pauls home state can turn the tide. because one thing texans don’t like is being told what to do.

  • Biggest piece of texas trailer park trash called Racist Paul

  • If we balance the Budget? What happens to all that Interest that wasn’t put into the system as money. lol Balancing the Budget would collapse the world economy for their isn’t enough money in the system to balance it. For 100 dollars where put into the system but the 110 dollars you owe where not. Get a Clue ppl.

  • He should challenge romney now to a debate not waiste any timetime and if romney dosnt want to then ron pauls supports should get on news networks newpapers youtube wutever they can n say if romney can’t even debate paul how can he expected to go up against obama

  • Ron Paul is the only man that knows what’s truly wrong with the United States. In a time where people strive too much to be “politically correct” and make-believe that problems are not as big as they are, Ron Paul has always been there to say the truth. I am sick and tired of hearing politicians who constantly contradict themselves and cannot face reality. I hope that Ron Paul gets the recognition he rightfully deserves. Ron Paul 2012.

  • I could only wish Santorum supporters have learned to use the Internet.

  • Ron paul should challenge romney to a debate now

  • Anyone who chooses to vote for Santorum wouldn’t be a logical thinker anyways so, lol… We’ll just have to hope for the best.

  • Ron Paul 2012 is a reality. America come back to reality and be prepared for the power of free market, more freedom, and a smaller budget:))))))))

  • Guys! SPAM Rick Santorum videos with something like this:

    “Hey guys, sorry on Rick Santorum stopping his candidacy, and I wish good health for his daughter. You supporters really showed great resolve in standing with Santorum. One of the things I respect about Santorum is the courage of his convictions. But the fight isn’t over, not by a long shot.
    Stand with Ron Paul now, also a man with the courage of his convictions, and stop Romney and Obama from ruining this country”