New Ron Paul Ad: Big Bold Texan

“Let’s get this straight. We’re debating between a big-spending, debt-ceiling-raising fiscal liberal, the moon-colony guy, a moderate from Massachusetts, or a Texan with a real plan to balance the budget. Get with it, people. Only one candidate will stand up for Texas. Ron Paul isn’t playing games. Five federal bureaucracies gone. A trillion dollars cut year one. Get Washington off your back. Ron Paul. Big, bold Texan.”

  • I think it’s pretty kooky that one can apply such a word to an idea of not spending more money than we have.

  • It would be nice in Ron Paul got elected so we can finally be a free nation .


  • Im from Poland and support Ron Paul !!!!!!

  • Santorum saw this ad and had to call it quits.
    This was going to be Paul’s biggest punch to the establishment, so he just quit right then and there after these 30 seconds!

  • Is this an ad for Barbecue sauce? I don’t know if I’d vote for Ron Paul, but I’d buy Ron Paul Barbecue Sauce.

  • I honestly didn’t get that impression. From what I can gather, he just doesn’t want the government supporting that kind of lifestyle.

  • Yeah!

  • This is fucking awesome

  • lmao no answers you have no clue what your talking about like i said troll, have a nice night.

  • Oh too bad Santorum made it in this commercial.

  • This is what is commonly referred to as an ad hominem attack, where the troll (that is you) attacks the character of the person being responded to, rather than their actual argument. Were the questions too difficult for you to understand? Or are you simply incapable of a rational response, perhaps because one doesn’t exist?

  • So you think people will show up at the convention not knowing who they want to run as the nominee? Sadly, you’re probably right.

  • Wow, that’s a lot of stupid questions for one moron to ask. Does your doctor know that you got loose again?

  • Yeah, because people with televisions today aren’t clueless to who the candidates are? Nice try, troll… one doesn’t need a television to be informed on politics.

  • so if in your eyes if ron paul had done better, even though lots of caucus aren’t done just straw polls are, then you wouldn’t be a troll???? there is no we in you. and just curious how do you know if the group is large or not? and just curious who should everyone be supporting for president?

  • Oh, the 1920’s, when no one had a television and they were clueless to who the candidates were? I don’t think we’ll have anyone who’s undecided in this day and age.

  • … don’t *think* that …

  • Yes, you’re deluding yourself when you don’t thinking that he has a chance of winning his party’s nomination and going on to become the President.

  • Let me direct your attention to the 1920’s, where one Warren G. Harding went into a brokered convention with only 6% of the delegates and emerged as his party’s nominee… he went on to become the President of the United States.

  • Hey, I’m not the one who thinks that Ron Paul had a chance of being president. That’s delusional.