New Ron Paul Ad: Big Bold Texan

“Let’s get this straight. We’re debating between a big-spending, debt-ceiling-raising fiscal liberal, the moon-colony guy, a moderate from Massachusetts, or a Texan with a real plan to balance the budget. Get with it, people. Only one candidate will stand up for Texas. Ron Paul isn’t playing games. Five federal bureaucracies gone. A trillion dollars cut year one. Get Washington off your back. Ron Paul. Big, bold Texan.”

  • I love this ad!!! Especially the whip at the end: wha-TISHHHHHH! πŸ™‚

  • I am from Texas. I will vote for Ron Paul. I HATE this ad: Stupid voice-over accent. Stupid slogans. Stupid conclusion. I’ve always liked that Ron Paul was about issues, not branding or personality. This makes him seem like any other “big bold” politician.

  • What exactly do you think your going to win? You just said YOU DON’T EVEN KNOW. Only a “kooky” person argues about something they have no idea about.

  • I’m on the edge. I don’t understand people who like being spoon fed by the Television, so it’s hard for me to speculate on how effective these types of adds are, but I do know that all of my TV loving friends don’t know jack shit about Ron Paul, which leads me to believe these may be nothing more than a waste of money.


  • Great ad LOVE IT!

  • Jack
  • “Moon colony guy” I loled so loud , when i heard that … πŸ™‚

  • …^^^ what Romney will be saying to you when he flip flops again. (He like to do that a lot).

  • lol, you got fvcked up lil kid!

  • I’m not from Texas and I like this commercial…but, then, Ron Paul is the only sensible candidates on the ballot…what’s to not like?

  • Hey, get outta here kid

  • Too bad because if any of the other jokers are President BBQ sauce will be about all you’ll be able to afford 4 years from now.

  • i hate these types of ads

  • Not surprising in the least: if you were a soldier, you’d be on the front lines when the warmongers turned the military against its own citizens.

  • i’m hoping

  • Even Santorum will vote for Ron Paul!!

  • i rofl’d

  • i rofl’d

  • Dr Paul just finished speaking to wildly cheering overflow crowds of THOUSANDS of young Americans on college campuses in California. When you’ve won over the educated elite of a nation your idea’s time is about to arrive…


    As you all know Rick Santorum has dropped out,we all need to take a break from posting articles and conspiracy videos and go to ALL Santorum groups and sites and extend a warm welcome to the Ron Paul campaign,we did this when Cain dropped out and doubled our numbers!…Be nice don’t argue with them,show them love and facts and let’s WIN THEM OVER before Mitt’s little worms do it!….re-post this in all groups…….RON PAUL FOR THE WIN!