New Ron Paul Ad: Big Bold Texan

“Let’s get this straight. We’re debating between a big-spending, debt-ceiling-raising fiscal liberal, the moon-colony guy, a moderate from Massachusetts, or a Texan with a real plan to balance the budget. Get with it, people. Only one candidate will stand up for Texas. Ron Paul isn’t playing games. Five federal bureaucracies gone. A trillion dollars cut year one. Get Washington off your back. Ron Paul. Big, bold Texan.”

  • Better get Santorum out of there. He dropped out yesterday.

  • Who does these ads? They’re great!

    The Ron Paul Map =


  • It sounds kooky but does it work? that is the question.

  • He is not from texas

  • You claim to not know what Romeny’s plan is to fix the economy, but claim someone else’s plan is “kooky’? Why not find out what Romney’s plan is all about . It could be way more far fetched then Ron Paul’s plan.

  • Hahaha! Keep dreaming, loser.

  • Are you saying that Ron Paul isn’t honest? He sounds like another politician to me.

  • Sadly the older demographic is holding us back and there are more older voters than us. :/

  • You’re damn skippy he’s winning. That doesn’t mean he will still get anything though. The main stream media and the old fogey ass GOP will do anything to insure Ron Paul loses whether he actually wins or not. We have to go all the way to the convention and demand he be nominated. I can’t wait to be a part of this. I firmly believe we are about to participate in something that will be in every history text book.

  • RON PAUL is a Hero.

  • Byebye Santorum….and Byebye Newt later on~

  • Vote Paul or lose it all. Ron Paul 2012

  • A lot of people where I live, near Dallas, Texas are very patriotic towards Texas in a way that no one from any other state is towards their own state. Ensuring they know that Ron Paul is a fellow Texan as opposed to someone from the Northeast or California, which many Texans see very dimly, will encourage them to vote for him.

  • Santorum has gone

  • I agree but, in his defense I think it’s just an ad of him playing a sheep in wolves clothing he’s only doing this ad to get for sure the support of Texas. Ron Paul can manipulate the system like the rest he just does it for the cause of Liberty not greed.

  • Romney or Obama-we all lose.

    • I agree, one worse than the other on how to increase the debt, bring you more wars aboard and less freedom home.

      God bless Dr. Paul.


  • Cool video !

  • Cool video !

  • robin

    Someone suggested going to the Santorum sites and welcome these folks aboard. I know that because they are social conservatives that Ron Paul will be much more appealing than Romney. A Santorum supporter I just talked to said he likes Ron Paul, but was voting for Santorum because of his faith. I think he will be voting for Ron Paul now after we talked to him. Need to appeal to their Christian values, and that Ron Paul leads by example. Romney is not consistent on these issues.