New Ron Paul Ad: Big Bold Texan

“Let’s get this straight. We’re debating between a big-spending, debt-ceiling-raising fiscal liberal, the moon-colony guy, a moderate from Massachusetts, or a Texan with a real plan to balance the budget. Get with it, people. Only one candidate will stand up for Texas. Ron Paul isn’t playing games. Five federal bureaucracies gone. A trillion dollars cut year one. Get Washington off your back. Ron Paul. Big, bold Texan.”

  • He’s going to visit the Dark Side…where all them alien bases supposably are.

  • Newt wants to live on the moon.

  • Excuse the spelling. done from my phone and didn’t notice until I posted.

  • Nice ad. I always love his. For those who says Ron is a flop because he hasn’t win any states you’re naive or blind at best to the way he has been treated by the MSM and their puppet pundits. they’ve given him zero credit for anything and done everything they can to block hum from the spotlight. Go do your homework before you speak. They stand to lose billions in government money if he win. Money is power. power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.

  • I’m literally going to write his name in on the ballot. That would be some crazy shit if the popular vote was taken by someone who wasn’t even listed, haha

  • George Bush was called a Texan despite being born in Conneticut and Raised in Massachusettes.
    Hell he didnt even have a Texas accent till he was 30
    Yet Im sure you consider him a Texan.
    Hes a Texan, he considers himself a Texan and we in Texas are cool with it.
    Unlike New Englands “gift” in the shape of Bush we are proud of Dr Paul.

  • he won all the states, the election is rigged

  • true true very wise words

  • Hes trying to win over the ultra patriots.
    Hes knows he has the intellectuals and the moderates in Texas now hes got to focus on the Texas patriots and Republicans.
    Its standard practice in a race like this.

  • Niether was Bush but still people seem to remember him as a Texan

  • Ron Paul is a Texan…
    Im a Texan and a Ron Paul supporter so is all my family except one of my cousins.
    Ive been a supporter of pauls sine 07 so Id probably watch my insults, Texas will figtht hard for Paul, though I didnt see any other states vote majority for Paul so Id maybe not talk down on Texas.
    You know that state that gave you Ron Paul
    Have a good one

  • The campaign is over for Ron Paul and he lost again. He is a loser. He is the only one who has not won a single primary. Game over Ron Paul. You LOSE!

  • Hahaha this was the ad that put Santorum in RIP.

  • come on Texas!!

  • I wish texans were smart.

  • Then Hank Hill isnt a Texan… PEGGY: Hank, informed sources tell me that you were dead in the water, and then you came back to life. So you were reborn in Texas. Meaning you are a native Texan.
    HANK: No, I’m not a native Texan. I’m just a Texan.
    PEGGY: And I am a Texan too.
    HANK: I don’t remember seeing any Montana flag at the Alamo.
    PEGGY: Well, it wasn’t a state then.
    HANK: Fine, everybody’s a Texan. Change planes in Dallas, you’re a Texan.


    As you all know Rick Santorum has dropped out,we all need to take a break from posting articles and conspiracy videos and go to ALL Santorum groups and sites and extend a warm welcome to the Ron Paul campaign,we did this when Cain dropped out and doubled our numbers!…Be nice don’t argue with them,show them love and facts and let’s WIN THEM OVER before Mitt’s little worms do it!….re-post this in all groups…….RON PAUL FOR THE WIN!!

  • Face it people, the world is not ready for libertarianism. There are too many dependent people out there. Even if Ron Paul wins, and he tries to do anything, the dependents will head out to the streets and start massive strikes and riots, demanding to be taken care of. And you know what? They will blame libertarianism for all the inevitable problems.

    I’d rather want some non-libertarian in power when things completely collapse. Then, at least, someone other than RP will get the blame.


  • I hope Ron Paul will win but the Media is owned by the elite group of 1%’s, and they’re really good at manipulating wordplay and omitting things the ignorant majority doesn’t understand, so people will believe Romney is the go to guy, showing that the US is no longer a real democracy and is just run by the rulers of the us who want the ruler they choose. I wouldn’t be surprised if Obama’s on their team also, it’s the only way to become president, to do nothing to help or change is the goal. Lame

  • why what?