Ron Paul Is the Best Choice for Texas

  • Paul is not last in anything he has the people and the support

  • Let’s help him out he really needs us.. these months texas and california!! April 15 grassroots moneybomb!!!

  • anyone with half a clue does

  • Money bomb April 15!!!

  • 0:09
    What is that shithead on Santorum’s right smiling about?

  • Did they just say Ron Paul on tv? i almost had to rewind that

  • There may be other libertarians after him…
    But there will ever be only one… RON PAUL

  • tell me about it i live in new zealand and we get the same shit

  • all 7 billion are for Ron Paul.

  • Yea, unfortunately, until they wake up or just die off (and i dont mean that in the way the Rockefeller Foundation and Bill Gates would), not much is going to change. They are still stuck living back in 1953 and still think we are fighting communists (most of which the US Banks funded anyway). They all bought into the Santorum hype of Iranians hiding under our beds and are insanely selfish with their entitlements crap (which is all looted and stolen already). Rand Paul 2016 is where its at.

  • We have a better shot of the media supporting Stephen Colbert and Vermin Supreme before we see a Ron Paul media. The worst part is this is Pauls last run, as he resigns from politics.

  • Ron Paul should be doing his speeches on STADIUMS from now on..

  • You mean after all those fiery Talibanic speeches, you just fall by the wayside? Come on Rick, stick around. Your quirky comments make GW look like a brain surgeon.

  • I’m quite sure even if Gingrich, Romney and Obama would also drop, the ESTABLISHMENT would still dismiss Ron Paul..

  • Ron Paul should run third party once the Republican race is over. That way there is no way they could cover it up. If they tried it would be incredibly obvious it’s rigged.

  • Ron Paul a great man that tells how he sees things, but not the Great Hope everyone in the world waiting for, for that man will be shown soon to all that are waiting for the Great Hope that will change the world for the better for all Life that walk and live upon this earth.

  • i bet down under DR Paul is loved

  • It mainly brainwashed OLD people that are fucking up this nomination for Ron Paul.

  • Ron Paul, a man of principles.