Ron Paul Is the Best Choice for Texas

  • rigged thats why

  • rigged thats why

  • Fucking A.

  • Congrats to Rick Santorum for running a hard a good campaign. Now lets get his supporters to join the revolution

  • Ron Paul is the last hope for humanity. He’s our last chance for true liberty. He’s our last chance period. I pray to God, or any other supreme that might be up there, to let this man win. If anybody else but him wins, we are all fucked. God help us all.


  • Ron Paul doesn’t get votes because the only people that vote for him are the people that show up at his rallies.

  • Romania supports Ron Paul !!!

  • Youtube Search: Impeach Obama 2012! Join The National Campaign!

    We can only win by launching Impeach Obama 2012. Whether or not we fully impeach him, we are committed to rebuking these unconstitutional and criminal power grabs and are determined to take the case to the court of public opinion.

    Vote up and spread the word if your joining, thank you for your effort

  • lol

  • I’m not even from US,but i know how much is important to vote for this man….
    Europe for RON PAUL!!

  • It’s not about who wins the election, it’s abouth the message that Ron Paul represents.As a President, he can reach more people arround the world, and eventually things will change for the better.

  • Why doesn’t Ron Paul run for governor here. He should run and win it then lower the debt and just make Texas boom in the economy then say, “see freedom fucking works “

  • MITT ROMNEY 2012! Fuck YEAH!

  • it doesn’t matter who gets into office – it will be the same outcome. its not rocket science.

  • The whole world is in support of Ron Paul. This man needs to win for betterment of US n world

  • ron paul 2012, from britan. the federal reserve shouldnt be bailing us out

  • Ron Paul 2012, you can do it, americans!!
    Best wishes from Latvia.

  • I’m from Lithuania and I’m PUMPED UP following Ron Paul’s campaign. Smiling every time I see the guy. Love his ideas it’s for the better of all human kind ! GO RON PAUL 2012!

  • What is the only way to get away with election fraud. Convince people thats how the vote really went. Statistically impossible to pull huge crowds and get 7-10% when the ratio of other candidate crowds are 95% smaller. I highly doubt there are 9/10 candidate supporters who just show up and go home just to vote for the other candidates. Once again. Statically impossible.

  • Texas for RON PAUL! RON PAUL 2012!!!!