Ron Paul Is the Best Choice for Texas

  • its all about faith…. RON PAUL 2012!!


  • I’m starting to think people should let go of the idea God will come down and Fix this all,God is useless against money because a second to him is a thousand years to us,I don’t think God is that swift, if he/she/it/they even exist.Maybe they are swift but maybe they don’t care enough about the constant suffering in the world.If God can create the physical God can change things about the physical.Some dismiss God because of this and a growing number are starting to believe Gods a waste of time

  • The corporate families don’t like Ron Paul, the business world that has been highly brainwashed by the Royal British Monarchy, the Fed and The Treasuries Monetary system, cannot see any other method that can sustain an economy other than imbalanced and abused currency. The leading organizations would like to keep the general thinking that way. If you have trouble understanding how someone like Ron Paul, being so smart and so low in the polls: Money talks, bullshit walks, it’s a corporate world.

  • He said there’s several theories. You need to understand Ron Paul is usually very careful with his words. A lot of it has to do with money, it’s not hard to see, money talks, bullshit walks. Who always had the most money in this campaign? Who always struck highest in mainstream polls? The problem with mainstream media is it follows the money more than it’s for the people. Otherwise, those reporters would give Ron Paul all the air time, and they know it.

  • Watch “Reality Check: What Happens To Santorum’s Delegates?” by BenSwannRealityCheck. He explains it very well.

  • He never wavers. always consistent. Always wise to in his answers. I believe everybody knows he is our choice!

  • Ron Paul will get the most votes, but who is going to make sure they are counted?

  • what happens to all the delegates and states santorum won?

  • ron paul is the best choice for the world

  • if only voting is “kool”…those people would vote

  • “we don’t get enough people on the polls”

    Paul, stop looking behind and start looking in front of YOU. The polls are wrong, the election is a fraud. Please someone enlighten Ron when you see him

  • robin

    People….Many older people like us still read the newspaper and don’t do social network sites. Write letters to your local papers and around your state if you have not had a primary yet…We wrote letters and sent it to newspapers around our state. Do an editorial? Get to the people that still read the newspaper. I did one to appeal to democratic voters in our state and why Ron Paul is the ONLY choice and highlighting what Obama has done during his administration to take away our liberties. Many democrats are still hypnotized and deceived. It took us several months to wake up a close relative that seems to have an infatuation with our president like many others. She gets her information from the MSM. We woke her up. My husband did one as a former Democrat that covers the economy, foreign policy and liberty issues. Please make sure to remind people what the deadline is in your state to reregister. We can’t believe how many people we’ve talked to that support Ron Paul, or those considering him, don’t know they have to reregister. Put that out anywhere you can-in your local newspapers. Wherever you think people will see it…We have to get those independents, democrats and libertarians on board.

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  • you support slavery if you dont support the 14th amendment its our constitution known as the civil war amendments. hypocrisy, Ron is upset with FED over spending yet its ok for him to personally submit & collect over 4 BILLION FED TAX $ for his wealthy district, the much needed ghettos of USA have never even seen 1% from paul. a 1world currency = 1 world order he who controls the $ controls the world paul is a puppet. golden standard my ass take a good look at libya and their golden dinar.

    • Saeteurn

      are you fucking stupid? Paul doesn’t take congressional pay and all those benefits that the government officials get. and have you read section 4 of the 14th amendment? It pretty much gives the president the power to raise the debt ceiling! a brain goes a long way.

  • im in england, and i watch FOX news to see what they say about Paul. They and other news corps, keep saying Obama v Romney…… huh? Romney has more support then Ron Paul in the US? if its because of delegate numbers etc, the election has already proved to be rigged, there are plenty of videos, so Ron Paul IS winning but is still being shunned?

  • Gar

    and win in California would be good too for Ron Paul. He must ( it means these people from his campaign ) must do everything to win.

  • It’s not who casts the votes, it’s who counts the votes. OBVIOUS fraud throughout the system. What good would an election system be that let the people’s voice be heard?

  • Fuck the senate Ron, please take the white house! The people are yearning to give you it!

  • I like how they picked a line of Ron Paul saying, “… thinking about it, there’s not a whole lot I’ll change.” They then cut away quickly, with no chance to elaborate.

    If someone wasn’t paying attention, they might be able to hear that quote (perhaps used out of context, without the preceding sentences to clarify the meanings), and think that he’s admitting that he wouldn’t change much, if he were elected president.

    That’s some tricky-dickey subliminal implanting of messages you’ve got there.