Ron Paul Is the Best Choice for Texas



  • Ron Paul should have said blatant vote rigging is why he is losing

  • The whole awakened world supports Ron Paul

  • Ron Paul is going the distance!

  • Liberty, and the ideas and principles that it embodies,are timeless and evergreen.Fear not,for Liberty is rising,evident in the hearts and minds of the young people who pack the halls to listen to this man.The monopoly men are quietly trembling,for they see the future writ large in these young peoples faces.

  • LOL i NEVER said that the other guy did! Stop talking crap to me when i’m not even the one who said that. =P BTW 22 years old isn’t a kid.

  • If Ron Paul doesn’t win, I say us Texans secede and have our own damn President Paul!

  • Loose, relaxed californians

  • this video wasn’t about catering to your political insecurities. coherence. LEARN IT. ya lost before you could find the registration booth to sign up for the fight kid. Move on. Nothing on this video’s page was about your childish fantasies of another idiot in office. Notice the TITLE of the video. dumbass. Go to a gingrich fanboy site where you apparently belong. While you’re at it. See if you can build another towel of

  • Damn lol you’re stupid. This isn’t another of your redneck bar hopping arguments you can win, stupid child. I’m much older and much wiser. You’re OBVIOUSLY too retarded to READ what you typed. “but I’m voting for Gingrich because he’s the best candidate for the Moon.” You should run for a political office or a manager of Cheddars Casual Cafe restaurants..your level of stupidity, stubbornness, and comprehension is about a sharp as a bowling and as useful as a tick on a dog. Good luck kid.

  • Love you Ron Paul!!!!!!

  • Haha you’re clearly too retarded to see what i was saying. Yes please don’t reply to me i really shouldn’t be spending my time talking to children anyways.

  • ” but to say it’s not possible to have a moon base is also pretty dumb.” you might as well have said you wanted one. lol. Don’t bother replying. I’m ignoring you now.

  • If you reread what i said then you’ll see i never said anything about *wanting* a moon base. I only said that having one was in fact possible lol…

  • money makes the world go round… Damn shame!!!

  • money makes the world go round… Damn shame!!!


  • so if you want to kill your life savings to go live on the moon with gingrich. Go right ahead, the rest of us SANE, INTELLIGENT, human beings have more sensible things to spend our money on. Food, shelter, clothing, work required transportation, electric and other utitilies and for some who’s career depends on it…internet. When you grow up one day, you’ll realize how silly the last part of your sentence was. This isn’t starcraft II . it’s real life.

  • ah..NO it is not dumb. It’s being REALISTIC economically, scientifically, and priority-wise. Get real.
    1. This planet is not so overpopulated that we must now start sending people to live on other planets. 2. usa’s,let alone the world’s currencies, currencies AREN’T WORTH CRAP. You gotta stop the bleeding to heal the wound TO be able to consider luxury type ideas of living…let alone pointless dumbass bullying-wars that do no good. 3. It makes no sense b/c THERE IS NO OXYGEN ON THE MOON.