Our Voice Matters! Doug Wead Asks: What Should Ron Paul Do Now?

Photo by Gage Skidmore

Ron Paul is a man of the people. He is glad to be part of the liberty movement and proud of what we all have achieved so far. But this is only the beginning. With Santorum out of the race, Ron Paul campaign advisor Doug Wead is now asking the liberty movement for its opinion on what Ron Paul should do now:

You can help us decide. Here are some options. And you don’t have to chose just one. […]

Without revealing too much, and keeping in mind that this changes weekly, you would be wise to calculate that Mitt Romney has about 106 delegates less than what the national media is now showing. Santorum, even before dropping out, had about 16 less. This includes adding delegates that the media incorrectly withheld from Santorum and then subtracting its false calculations. Now add 98 delegates to Ron Paul. And you have the real picture of where it stands today. […]

We are in the process of taking over the GOP at many precinct and country levels. And that is translating into power at the state conventions where the delegations are chosen. The GOP establishment is trying to block this by telling their people not to vote for anyone under thirty years of age or anyone who is Hispanic. But our people are filling those delegate slots. Even we can’t keep up with the numbers.

This means that the convention floor in Tampa will be loaded with Ron Paul supporters. And it means if Santorum releases his delegates many of them will vote for us because they were never Rick Santorum supporters in the first place.

Don’t underestimate the power of money to influence this process. And don’t underestimate the power of money to corrupt this process. […]

Texas is important. We will get no breaks from the mainstream media. So Texas will require television advertising of our own. And that will require money. Watch the next moneybomb closely.

Read Doug’s full post, then vote below.

What Should Ron Paul Do Now?

  • Make an all out effort to win the GOP nomination. (41%, 7,593 Votes)
  • Prepare for a Third Party/Independent run. (27%, 4,886 Votes)
  • Become the anti-Romney candidate and launch an all-out attack on Romney. (17%, 3,110 Votes)
  • Stay in the race but don't antagonize the GOP leadership. Make no deals either. (9%, 1,699 Votes)
  • Make a deal with Gingrich to block Romney. (3%, 640 Votes)
  • Seek a deal with Romney while it still matters. (2%, 456 Votes)

Total Voters: 12,236

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(Note: We took the liberty to slightly modify some of the options for clarity purposes.)

Photo by Gage Skidmore.

  • Ben

    I think he should form a ticket with Dennis Kucinich and run as a bipartisan ticket.

    • Francis Gonzalez

      I think his ticket should probably contain Rand to appeal to the tea party. Personally, i would rather Judge Napolitano bit he needs to be a supreme court justice. Schiff as treasury.

      • AdamGmoney

        Napolitano = Attorney General

  • John Oines

    Put egos out of the way. Sit down with Gary Johnson and plan a 3rd Party run with the backing of the Libertarian Party.

  • Jonathan

    I say he stay in it to win it. If he doesn’t get the nomination he should then run as third party. I think he will win the GOP nomination if given a fair fight. But those dirty politicians are trying so hard to steal this win from him. You can do it! Just keep spreading the word and pretty soon our cries for liberty will be too loud for the media to drown out with their garbage. I will be voting for Dr. Paul and only Dr. Paul. People tell me to vote for the lesser of two evils and I say NO!! The lesser of two evils is still evil and I will not be responsible for evil in government. RON PAUL OR NONE AT ALL!!!!!!!!!!!


    • Holly

      It’s not that easy. There is a process his campaign has to go through to be able to run as a 3rd party and get on as many state ballots as possible. They would have to withdraw from the GOP race long before the National Convention in Tampa to begin the process. He can’t hold out until the GOP nomination is made and then decide to run 3rd party. There would be so many states in which his name wouldn’t even appear on the ballot. He has to make the decision very soon.

  • jim

    don’t quit Ron… even if he doesnt win the nomination, he should run as a third party canidate and throw off the absolute majority system.. even if he doesnt run as third party.. im not gonna vote for crooks.. im writing his name in

  • Francis Gonzalez

    Call for another debate. Expose Newt & Romney for being two sides of the same mirror. Let John Stewart moderate said debate. Define “conservative” for those who don’t really know. Explain that we will Not vote for either potential candidate & will simply write in Ron Paul, ensuring the established GOP a loss, their only option is to jump on the wagon to “defeat Obama” because the pseudo- conservative agenda is a losing one,& without our support, which they won’t and don’t have, they are doomed to fail. They call for unity. I say Unite! Unite under the common cause of Liberty and Freedom! Ron Paul or Die!!!

    • Francis Gonzalez

      Yesterday Obama called for someone to explain and offer solutions to the economy. Ron Paul needs a Public rebuttal to Obamas Public challenge at FAU

    • AdamGmoney

      Excellent idea. John Stewart hosting a GOP debate, love it.
      He may be a liberal but he’s fair to Ron Paul.

  • If Ron is going to win this thing he needs to be running third party. He needs to get the media to at least recognize him as a viable candidate at any coast and HE HAS GOT TO BLOCK ROMNEY. Ron Paul has made some punches but he just isn’t hitting hard enough. He is the smartest man in the race but unless Romney leaves the next debate with a black eye then I don’t know if he will win as third party.

    • tj

      If you think MSM is blacking him out now, they’ll never give him any time as 3rd party. He’s already done it in the past, why do it again?

  • Stephanie L.

    Stay in, collect delegates, and get the word out, if that fails and Romney is for sure going to make it to the finish, run third party. Lets see how many of us there really are, and this time, let’s take a stand against these dirty, cheating, scum. Don’t give up! I don’t get paid til the 22nd, but will be donating as many times as it takes, or as I get paid.=)

  • Robert

    I was there when the r s g unity sleep locked out ron paul completely. therefore I believe working a deal with gingrich to block out romney would be the best thing strategically.

    at the same time we should use this opportunity to educate people about ron paul’s view points and go positive as opposed to ripping apart romney on the negative.

  • Nicklas Houston

    I believe you should make an all out effort to win the GOP. Your supporters are here to stay, you dont have to worry about us switching sides. What you really need to do is convince all the other people that you CAN and WILL win against Obama. Ron Paul is a good human being, and I dont believe that name calling (even if its true) will win him any support.

    What I think you really need to do, is reach out to the Santorum supporters and show them that you are an even better choice than he could ever be. Reach out to the Romney supports, let them know they dont have to give HIM their vote just because they want Obama out. Reach out to the Obama supports, ask what he has really done for them in the last 4 years and try to educate them.

    Fight for every moment of air time you can get on TV shows and News channels. Everytime you can, ask Obama / Romney to have a televised debate with you about the issues and then destroy them intelligently without resorting to petty name calling.

    I love that you have alot of support at your rallies, but you already have the young vote, and the people that go to your rallies are already supporters. What you need to do is focus on the OTHERS.

    God speed, Dr. Paul! I will write your name in even if your arent the GOP nominee, and all your other supporters plan to do the same! Go after the people that dont yet know your message!

  • trinda

    I agree mostly with the first commentor. If mainstream republicans are so against Ron Paul, Liberty, Freedom, the Constitution, and all of us who support such, than why force ourselves into the party where we are obviously not wanted? RP has been a “republican” for years, and has is running as such, so I think he should stay in full force with what he’s been doing right up until tampa. If he is still shut out by the establishment, I think he should go independant. I think it’s time for a strong third option. The two party system leaves us with very similar choices, therefore leaving us with little choice but to take what we’re handed. I, and I know there are many more like me, am tired of this. I’ll sleep better at night if I know I’m voting for an individual I believe in, rather than a party puppet.

  • Brian

    Please help us understand why the townhall and caucuss voting fraud is not being addressed (with exception to Ben Swan’s reports: https://www.facebook.com/BenSwannRealityCheck).

    If the activity is illegal, investigations should be held and charges should be brought up. Otherwise, myself, the media and the rest of the country have no basis to believe there is voter fraud.

    Where is the justice we so deserve?

  • Tony Ehrler

    Stick it out to the end and then split the part and make a third party/independent run. Why was this not an otion?

  • Jason M. Rogoski

    I would like to see Congressman Paul, when speaking about the wars focus more on the lives lost and not just the cost of the wars. There should be someone in his campaign that hands him the updated numbers from the DOD at the start of everyday.

    I would also like to see more of an effort to communicate directly with the grassroots movement instead of letting them just do as they please. Some type of unified plan. And a unified message. Too often, individuals in the grassroots are using the Paul campaign to push there own message and agenda. Examples: 9/11 is an inside job, new world order, FEMA camps, and Obama not being a citizen. Though entitled to these opinions and the added fact that some of these may be true. It unfortunately gives the impression that these are the views of Dr. Paul himself and can turn people off to him like it did when he kept appearing on the Alex Jones show and he was constantly talking about 9/11 being an inside job.

  • CH

    I am a state delegate and plan on attending National Convention in which I will vote RP. Don’t quit now.

  • David

    I am going to write in Ron Paul for President on the Ballot. I don’t want to live my life wondering what if I voted for Ron Paul? I am tired of being told who I have to vote for. Either way… Obama or “anyone but Ron Paul” would be just the same for me.

    So I am going to give it a try. I am voting for Ron Paul!

  • Brandon

    I believe from what people are saying that he should not attack or become anti anyone, he should run on principles as he always have and run on LEADERSHIP as well, he is a very versed leader, he has had a successful business, he knows how to fix our current economic issues etc… don’t stoop to the other candidates level.

  • Raleigh k.

    He needs more facebook updates to keep facebookers returning to his page. We have lost many many visitors due to timeline and lack of facebook posts.

  • Tina Fite

    I’ve been saying since I first heard about Mr. Paul that I’d wish he’d run as an Independent candidate. I would definitely vote for him then because to me, he’s not really Republican and that’s one thing I really like about him. Please, I beg you Mr. Paul, go Independent and you’ll have at least one vote right here to count on!

    • Brandon

      I registered republican from independent back in 2008 just so i could vote for Ron Paul.

  • Carden

    I say stay in the race, collect as many delegates as you can. If that means making a deal with Gingrich to block Romney? Fine. If the GOP decides they are going to cheat you out of your delegates, then start talking about 3rd party. But make sure the GOP knows that if they intend to keep up with their shenanigans, you are going to go 3rd party. They have to be put on notice that the crap they are pulling in North Dakota won’t fly. Stay in the race. We need you AND your message in the White House.

  • tony rosano

    get santorums endorsment at all costs…..

    • tony rosano

      without compromising principles of course. i meant fiscal costs…