Our Voice Matters! Doug Wead Asks: What Should Ron Paul Do Now?

Photo by Gage Skidmore

Ron Paul is a man of the people. He is glad to be part of the liberty movement and proud of what we all have achieved so far. But this is only the beginning. With Santorum out of the race, Ron Paul campaign advisor Doug Wead is now asking the liberty movement for its opinion on what Ron Paul should do now:

You can help us decide. Here are some options. And you don’t have to chose just one. […]

Without revealing too much, and keeping in mind that this changes weekly, you would be wise to calculate that Mitt Romney has about 106 delegates less than what the national media is now showing. Santorum, even before dropping out, had about 16 less. This includes adding delegates that the media incorrectly withheld from Santorum and then subtracting its false calculations. Now add 98 delegates to Ron Paul. And you have the real picture of where it stands today. […]

We are in the process of taking over the GOP at many precinct and country levels. And that is translating into power at the state conventions where the delegations are chosen. The GOP establishment is trying to block this by telling their people not to vote for anyone under thirty years of age or anyone who is Hispanic. But our people are filling those delegate slots. Even we can’t keep up with the numbers.

This means that the convention floor in Tampa will be loaded with Ron Paul supporters. And it means if Santorum releases his delegates many of them will vote for us because they were never Rick Santorum supporters in the first place.

Don’t underestimate the power of money to influence this process. And don’t underestimate the power of money to corrupt this process. […]

Texas is important. We will get no breaks from the mainstream media. So Texas will require television advertising of our own. And that will require money. Watch the next moneybomb closely.

Read Doug’s full post, then vote below.

What Should Ron Paul Do Now?

  • Make an all out effort to win the GOP nomination. (41%, 7,593 Votes)
  • Prepare for a Third Party/Independent run. (27%, 4,886 Votes)
  • Become the anti-Romney candidate and launch an all-out attack on Romney. (17%, 3,110 Votes)
  • Stay in the race but don't antagonize the GOP leadership. Make no deals either. (9%, 1,699 Votes)
  • Make a deal with Gingrich to block Romney. (3%, 640 Votes)
  • Seek a deal with Romney while it still matters. (2%, 456 Votes)

Total Voters: 12,236

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(Note: We took the liberty to slightly modify some of the options for clarity purposes.)

Photo by Gage Skidmore.

  • Brian Paulhamus

    Why is no one discussing americans elect? This is probably the cheapest/easiestway to get Dr. Paul on the ballot. Sign up for yourself and see what I mean on their website. Dr. Paul already has more supporters on there than antoine else.

  • Lara

    The only chance for the United States of America to become the land of the free and all that our forefathers created is to have Dr. Paul as President. We live in such a corrupt system that gets worse and worse, lies upon lies. While those “in charge” prosper, the American people suffer. Dr. Paul has the support and he should continue to push forward and take the whole thing by storm. Mitt Romney will not beat Obama for many reasons, but the main reason is that Romney supporters have shown such hatred towards Ron Paul supporters they will never win any of them over should RP drop from the race (heaven forbid). If I can’t vote for Ron Paul, I will not vote. Romney nor Obama deserve the Presidency – to me they are one and the same.

  • Eric

    Dr. Paul needs to stay in the Republican race as long as possible even if it is to get his name out there more. I hope to start seeing “Who is Dr. Ron Paul” stories because let’s it, it is far to early for MSM to start exclusive coverage of Romney and Obama swiping at each other. Ron Paul needs to take advantage of that lack of variety. If he doesn’t get the GOP nod then he should run as an Independent. He stands a better chance at winning than Romney against Obama. Ron Paul’s base is strong and getting stronger. He will need strong donations to buy enough air time in advertisemets because MSM will eventually just block him out.

  • Jason Gibbs

    Ron Paul could not ask for a better position to be in for us to breakthrough!! Listening to Hannity, Limbaugh, or even O’Reily, they all give the same message: “Romney is nothing exciting, but he is not Obama”. Ron Paul draws thousands, people support him but think he can’t be viable. When you have so many large and important states left, and a message that is now growing stronger than the absurd monotone response from the media of “Romney is the nominee”, he is in a fantastic spot!!

    Keep battling, stand strong, donate and volunteer when you can, keep hunting for the delegate spots, and don’t let anyone or any group make you think he can not win!

  • Eric McElveen

    Not sure what the cut off is on making a 3rd party run but it certainly would include many of the Ron Paul supporters now being shut out because they can’t vote in Republican primaries for one reason or another. A big bold move against Romney and Obama seems like it might be the way to go this summer.


  • Jared A. Gasper

    Although Dr. Paul is trying to save the GOP, it doesn’t seem this party has been dedicated to liberty in a century. Perhaps now is the time to join forces with others like Gary Johnson and show the United States population that their frustration with this bipartisan system can seek and elect an alternative?

  • Eric B

    Ron Paul,

    My thoughts are… Run you campaign as long and as hard as you possibly can. If you get the delegates needed to win the GOP, great! If not, take your delegates with you in to third party candidacy. You would then allow all the fed up democrats to join your cause as well, effectively merging both parties together and ending the false duality that is the two party system. I believe people are waking up to this shadow puppet master government, and will see through the blatant inconsistencies and non convictions of your opposition.

    Anyone that votes for a candidate that endorses preemptive war simply hasn’t done there homework. Preemptive war is code for aggressor, basically we are the bad guys trying to enforce our will on others in illegal wars for the purpose of control. Iran’s only crime is that it doesn’t want to trade it’s oil for worthless treasury bills, and would rather trade it for commodities like gold and silver. Frankly I don’t blame them. The last supposed dictator that didn’t want to play our useless money game was Iraq and the powers that be, tried to say they had WMD’s also. It’s ludicrous to think that we can police the world on WMD’s when we we’re the only country to drop not one but two on civilian populations!

    This Problem, Reaction, Solution scheme has run its coarse, and I think we are all tired of it. Not to mention the fear mongering coming from puppet candidates. So keep going, despite what main stream media says, because we know your scare the crap out of the establishment, and the people stand behind you. Viva La Constitution!

    Thanks for standing up for us,

    Eric Brandley

  • Barbara MacArthur

    Keep getting delegates and keep going all the way to the convention!
    The RNC and republicrats want him to quit.
    Even when all looked hopeless for George Washington and his troops, they just never quit!
    What shall it be? Liberty or servitude?

  • Between Unemployment

    GET BACK ON @MADDOW! Now that the Judge has bowed out, there is NO ONE in the MSM even acknowledging Ron Paul’s existence. At least Maddow had you on discussing the delegate math. Show her that it’s working!

  • Adam

    I think the time is now to launch the independent bid. In terms of the Liberty movement (which is what this is about, right?) the absolute best result is to get Dr. Paul on that debate stage with Romney and Obama, so America and the rest of the world can see that “Republican” and “Democrat” are both shorthand for “Authoritarian.”

    Dr. Paul owes us nothing, he’s put in far more than his share of the work, but I worry that if he presses on to the GOP nomination and loses, he’ll foreclose any possibility of getting on the ballot in enough states as an Independent to be allowed into the debates.

    I’ll continue working for him regardless of what decision he makes, I just think the Independent route is the best chance he has of having a global platform from which to speak in September and October.

    • AdamGmoney

      Ron Paul Campaign,

      We need to push extremely hard to WIN Texas.
      With Santorum gone there is a very good chance to win TX, if we can minimalize or eliminate the vote fraud.
      If we do well in Texas it is time to focus strongly on California. We will surely hold a “True Texan Money Bomb” or something like that, & as said if we do well in TX, more donations along with renewed enthuesiasm could be expected for CA push & Money Bomb. If we can win or compete very strongly in CA things will have officially turned around.

      Texas is key.

      However, the KEY to possibly WINNING the NOMINATION or demonstrating a potentially Successful 3rd Party Run, will be to have EVERY POSSIBLE RON PAUL SUPPORTER show up to TAMPA for the CONVENTION!!!

      Drown them Out!! Make sure they cannot ignore US! If Thousands are willing to come to support him in every state he goes, imagine if Half those People showed up in Tampa!!!

      WE must make a Historical, Revolutionary, Show of Support for OUR Candidate, AMERICA’S Candidate Ron Paul, at the Convention!!!

  • Audie C Gates

    The only way to get an accurate count of the people that really support Ron Paul is to go the 3rd party. It would untie our hands & demand the Coverage from the media that is so sorely needed. All the voters who don’t have the convenience of the internet (and that’s a large chunk) don’t even know who Ron Paul is!I could be wrong ,but that’s my take on the situation.

    • tj

      The media will never relinquish any air time for Ron Paul. The only way to get any coverage at all is to stay in the race. Although he’s been blacked out, they still mention him here and there, but not at all if he goes 3rd party. Why would he?

  • Karen Lee

    You need a marketing manager BIGTIME. I became a Paul supporter just 3 months ago. Nobody has ever called me. I have tried to find out the marketing plan for California and nobody can tell me anything. Two campaign people actually HUNG UP on me for asking because I told them Matt Heath has not called me back and Vaughn is in Southern California.

    I have told everyone we should have marketing plans with accountability (voluntary of course) but specific time deadlines with GOALS for each person who wants to market.

    Finally, I am sick of being hung up on and ignored (I have sent 8-10 emails) trying to find out who is the marketing manager for California. I myself have 40 YEARS IN MARKETING. I can tell you from experience your marketing plan SUCKS.

    The fact that there is NO COMMUNICATION is why nothing is translating into VOTES.

    Do you people even REALIZE that Central California has it’s own culture and THAT IS WHERE THE RED VOTES HISTORICALLY ARE FOUND??????

    I have reached out in every way I can think of and I am amazed at how much HUMAN CAPITAL you people are IGNORING who could be WINNING California.

    Talk about inept. I support Ron Paul, but your campaign management is completely LOST. I could be of help if I wasn’t hung up on and not communicated with. Now I am just resigned.

    • tj

      Karen, please please don’t give up hope and continue to try to reach out to help. This is more than just about inept campaign workers and employees. It’s about raising massive awareness for what’s to come if Ron Paul is not president 2012. It’s a crucial message and we all have to ignite the fire.

    • Between Unemployment

      Karen, I hear you. I really do. I’d say contact the folks in LA (http://www.facebook.com/groups/lalibertyhq/), but it sounds like you’re in Central California. Post a comment on http://www.dailypaul.com, I’m SURE SOMEONE in Central California will respond either with details or can find the person in charge closest to your location.

      California is HUGE…just like Florida. Ron Paul is really a grassroots organization and doesn’t have the money to spend all in one market.

      I suggest that you simply take the lead on this. Form a Meetup.com group in your area and get the ball rolling. EVERYONE needs to pitch in…not just post comments on Facebook, twitter, go to rallies, etc. We need point persons, we need to make calls, we need to donate.

      It sounds like you’re a bit pissed at this point. Pissed is good. Channel that into something constructive. Be Ron Paul’s Central California go-to person!

  • Em

    First, go after the Santorum delegates. Contact them, let them know we will welcome them into RP’s camp.
    Second. Have Dr. Paul finish his campus visits with an encore. Bring him back out, answer 10-15 minutes worth of questions. This demonstrates he will listen to the younger voters, and that it matters what they think.
    Third, hammer out how RP’s foreign policy is the only choice. I have seen Doug do a wonderful job, but we need more of it.
    Fourth, we need some star supporters. The campaign or PACs need to get RP some quality time out there, like the first Leno appearance with Joe Rogan. We need some creative ideas, places, and/or events for RP or his message to have contact with the average person.
    Thank you for your hard work. We are in it until the end. Let’s do this.

  • French Canadian

    I was thinking about when people ask Ron Paul what they should do and he answers: “Do what you want to do”.

    Well maybe this should also be our answer to Doug Wead’s question.
    Let Ron Paul do what he wants to do.

    He knows best, he proved it so many times.

  • Vince S

    I think it’s time to throw in the towel for Ron Paul. He should use his influence in Tampa and try to convert/bring in more people but that’s about it. This strategy of trying to infiltrate opponents’ delegates and make something happen sounds gimmicky and one-dimensional. It doesn’t sound like anyone has accurate numbers on this and it definitely sounds like a lot of ‘counting the chickens before they hatch.’

    Even if Ron Paul grabbed the nomination via delegates, I don’t think the GOP establishment is going to allow it. They’ll find a way to keep it from ever getting that far is my guess, and if not you can bet it will end up in court while Obama laughs his way to a second term.

    Ron Paul will always be the brand of the Tea Party and the Libertarian movement but he’s not going to be president. We need someone a bit more likable and better at communicating. Personally, I’m not a fan of the extreme lengths of his foreign policy; sacrificing world presence sounds like a great way to cede power to other countries but I am a fan of ideas like asking Congress before invading people.

  • zep

    I’ve been trying to get ANY input OR feedback from the staff at 2012 & other R P sites, even Judge Nap’s site on exposing and rectifying voter fraud AND the media blackout and all I get are people making excuses. I angry having sent $ while struggling myself to help the Doctor, and NOW his campaign manager is begging for consensus??? FIRE him and get somebody COMPETENT! This is our country and our LIVES your pissing away here!!!!

  • matthew gunderson

    i say stay in it to win it. but us people need to start putting pressure on our states in regards to election/voting fraud, that is the only way we will ever see Dr. Paul get the presidency. NO VOTING MACHINES paper countable ballots only and we need to require photo ID to vote. and that is the only way to bring the machine down. im from ND and you see the crap that has taken place here with the Romney rigged convention. and as far as an independent run, i believe that would be just plain old giving in and giving up. Restore the republican party and restore america its the only choice. Ron Paul 2012.

  • Joe

    Throw a Woodstock like Party in Tampa the week of the convention. No Drugs or illegal activity, except the drug of Ron Paul’s message.

    Also a throne for a us to pedestal Ron Paul on and parade him around the White House chanting, “We found our president!”

  • Sean Hartsel

    I adamantly believe this is Dr. Paul’s time to shine, his time to pull all the punches and go for it 150%. As his supporters, we need to match that effort and surpass it ten-fold. Every Monday and Wednesday, I personally take advantage of each opportunity to share with my American History and Ethics classmates in thoroughly civil but animated discourse about the necessity of restoring America to first principles… about the beautiful tradition of individual liberty and freedom of choice that is the exclusively distinguishing trait of the American way of life.

    I’m even starting to get my Am. Hist. professor, a self-admitted Socialist, to acknowledge the merits of Dr. Paul’s principles, values, and ideals. We talk about the whole spectrum of what liberty means, requires of us, and how it reflects within our nation’s history, both when followed and abandoned. We discuss free markets, sound money backed by some form of specie reserve, the merits of abolishing the FED, the IRS, the Dept. of Education, the Dept. of Energy, and even the EPA. We discuss the necessity and Constitutional arguments for repealing the Patriot Act, No Child Left Behind, and why the Supreme Court needs to and must rightfully declare ObamaCare as unconstitutional.

    As a veteran, what I emphasis most from my own firsthand, real world experiences is why it’s absolutely vital we succeed in ending the Government’s Imperial endeavors abroad. And above all else, I stress the vital importance of the return to the restraints and limitations the Constitution places on the government to ensure people enjoy the maximum amount of liberty.

    As Dr. Paul’s supporters, I believe that we need to and implore you, my fellow “Paulites” to stress the ideals and writings of men like John Locke, Frederic Bastiat, Ludwig von Mises, Murray Rothbard, Barry Goldwater, Peter Schiff, Judge Napolitano, Thomas Jefferson, Thomas Woods, Lew Rockwell Jr., and Hans Sennholz. We also need to make sound, reasoned statements of these points of view. I know we all have the passion, but passion must be tempered to enough of a degree so what we believe can have resonance and weight with those we engage in conversation about life, liberty, property, and the core values held so dear by our Founding Fathers.

  • songman727

    i think dr. paul needs to start bringing up our corrupt government that we now have, with all the slick deals, the graft, the money and power-grabbing that goes on in washington. talk about our elected criminals, who are getting rich off of our present system of government. he can talk more about what HIS administration will be like. give us common citizens a reason for REAL hope and change, not the bs crap that ahlbombya used to get what HE wanted.talk about solyndra, fast and furious, drug money laundering, lots of corruption issues to choose from……

    go get ’em, dr paul!