Our Voice Matters! Doug Wead Asks: What Should Ron Paul Do Now?

Photo by Gage Skidmore

Ron Paul is a man of the people. He is glad to be part of the liberty movement and proud of what we all have achieved so far. But this is only the beginning. With Santorum out of the race, Ron Paul campaign advisor Doug Wead is now asking the liberty movement for its opinion on what Ron Paul should do now:

You can help us decide. Here are some options. And you don’t have to chose just one. […]

Without revealing too much, and keeping in mind that this changes weekly, you would be wise to calculate that Mitt Romney has about 106 delegates less than what the national media is now showing. Santorum, even before dropping out, had about 16 less. This includes adding delegates that the media incorrectly withheld from Santorum and then subtracting its false calculations. Now add 98 delegates to Ron Paul. And you have the real picture of where it stands today. […]

We are in the process of taking over the GOP at many precinct and country levels. And that is translating into power at the state conventions where the delegations are chosen. The GOP establishment is trying to block this by telling their people not to vote for anyone under thirty years of age or anyone who is Hispanic. But our people are filling those delegate slots. Even we can’t keep up with the numbers.

This means that the convention floor in Tampa will be loaded with Ron Paul supporters. And it means if Santorum releases his delegates many of them will vote for us because they were never Rick Santorum supporters in the first place.

Don’t underestimate the power of money to influence this process. And don’t underestimate the power of money to corrupt this process. […]

Texas is important. We will get no breaks from the mainstream media. So Texas will require television advertising of our own. And that will require money. Watch the next moneybomb closely.

Read Doug’s full post, then vote below.

What Should Ron Paul Do Now?

  • Make an all out effort to win the GOP nomination. (41%, 7,593 Votes)
  • Prepare for a Third Party/Independent run. (27%, 4,886 Votes)
  • Become the anti-Romney candidate and launch an all-out attack on Romney. (17%, 3,110 Votes)
  • Stay in the race but don't antagonize the GOP leadership. Make no deals either. (9%, 1,699 Votes)
  • Make a deal with Gingrich to block Romney. (3%, 640 Votes)
  • Seek a deal with Romney while it still matters. (2%, 456 Votes)

Total Voters: 12,236

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(Note: We took the liberty to slightly modify some of the options for clarity purposes.)

Photo by Gage Skidmore.

  • Michael Hoyer

    The campaign commercials don’t convey the message of Peace, Prosperity and Liberty. Americans are looking for a leader, and not a critic. Turn Ron Paul into a leader, and give a clear message about how he will change America for the better.


  • Adam Puckett

    I think the states who have already voted this year should start focusing on the impeachment of Obama for unconstitutional powers, war crimes and perjury. The more people to get up and get him out,,,the more people will see Ron Paul’s methods will change the country for the better and also revealing the corruption of Goldman Sachs who represent Mitt Romney also. It can only do good! Good luck in Texas Dr. Paul for the rest of us…IMPEACH OBAMA!!

  • Chris Gilbert

    To MudBoggingHillBilly, I’d ‘like’ your post to the homo twice if it would let me.

  • Brad Walters

    Keep the campaign going, bust butt to win Texas, get a speaking gig at the convention and announce an independent run instead of the canned speach. Take your delegates and all others who will join and go outside and hold a press conference to launch the independent campaign. People will talk about it for weeks.

  • I can’t support anyone except Ron Paul in good conscience. Therefore, I will continue to support Dr. Ron Paul until the end.

    Trevor Sullivan

    • I really can’t either. I chose the leading two choices for sure but was also tempted on the deal with Romney. It took me 5 minutes to decide whether or not to check that last box, but I couldn’t do it. The message, the timing, the huge audiences in recent weeks have me set. Ron Paul or bust.

      Doug and Dr Paul,
      Thank you sincerely for involving us in this vote to steer the campaign in the direction we think is best. (only) Ron Paul 2012.


  • MudBoggingHillBilly

    For the classy guy or girl (that starts with F#ck). Its obvious that the media has done its job with you too. What are you even doing on this website? Also, what does being a faggot have to do with wanting a country that stays within the confines of a constitution. You come on here with some bullshit screen name and insult people who truly care. Most of us at one point in our life had the belief things like……everyone in the worlds out to get us, our government needs to do this and do that…….ect. Thank god we are now smart enough to realize that things are headed in a downward spiral. See, people like you can be presented all the facts in front of your nasty little face and still believe that the establishment will take care of you.

    Oh I put you under Homo suspicion for even being in a room of so called faggots!


  • Chris I

    I don’t really give a shit what you plan to do Dr. Paul. The media and corporate business interests have had it out for you from day 1. They ignore you, belittle you, and ask you stupid questions if you do get the time of day. Romney’s a puppet, Obama’s a puppet. I’ll be writing you in even if you don’t get the nomination.

    What if you announced a POTUS/VPOTUS bid right now with Kucinich, Nader, or Roemer? I’d be all over it, and quit my job to volunteer for the campaign. I’m 27, and that’s how much this means to me.

  • JJ Johnson

    Most polls show Romney losing to Obama in key swing States. Either the Republicans have lost their minds and become so controlled by the rich it’s hopeless or they want Obama to win for some sick reason. America needs a third party so maybe this is the time to get it started. The rich blue blood big business sycophants want no part of Dr. Ron Paul. He will never get a nomination from the rich blue bloods or support from their purchased media propaganda outlets like Fox News. The “GOP” is really the wine and cheese party driving America into oblivion. I say ramp up a 3rd party revolution and shut the whole Washington machine down. Sometimes things have got to be broken before you can fix it. Our Political system is broken. Revolution is the only answer now.

  • Duane Vick

    Win or die trying!

  • Even if it just a quick 39 second scan on all of the HUGE crowds Dr. Paul is drawing…….MAKE IT KNOWN ! Make the MSM look like the LAME Stream Media that they are !!
    Dr. Paul does NOT make “Deals” with anyone !!! Come in for a pt stop, gas up, and let’s GO !!!! I would like for someone to stress the danger that this country is actually in !! Behind you Ron Paul 2012….ALL THE WAY!!!!!!
    May God Bless and Keep You !!!

  • Chris Gilbert

    If I knew what to do, I’d be his campaign adviser. Other than that, I will write RP’s name in if he’s not the nominee. I also would like him to go for the jugular. And hey, just by being a candidate, Dr. Paul has already antagonized the GOP. Nothing he does is going to make them like him. He’s had to fight them the whole time he’s been in Washington. I’d say an all-out attack on Romney would be quite fitting. Lots to attack with, too. But like I said, if I knew the answers….
    I just don’t want Dr. Paul to drop out! Now, ONWARD!!!!

  • Lisa Farkass

    pssst…..the estalishment doesn’t really want to win. They want BO to get another 4 yrs so he can continure the collapse of the $. If the GOP was really serious about winning they would embrace Ron Paul. The fact that they are cheating at the polls and ignoring him and us, praying we will go away. I am not sure why people get off on controlling others so much. Maybe they didn’t get enough attention as babies, who knows. The world would be a much better place if we could just all get along. same dna…

    • AdamGmoney

      You are perceptive.

  • V as in…

    I like #1 and #4

    Make an all out effort to win the GOP nomination AND don’t antagonize the GOP leadership. Make no deals either. (Antagonize the heck out of once you get to Tampa)

    Man we have been hit hard by this economic disaster but we will dig real deep here for another moneybomb so I’m in and my bottom dollar is in.

  • Jessie James

    I think it would be productive to run come campaign TV ads showing the large crowds Ron Paul attracts. Loud, enthusiastic crowds with some corrections on the false assumptions (perpetrated by the MSM) that he is unelectable. Simply not true.

  • Carlos R. Corral

    Make an all out effort to win. Keep Third Party an option.

  • Pete Norris

    Heavenly Father…

    I pray that your hand be upon your son Ron Paul, To keep him safe and well…protect him lord from the tentacles of evil which surrond him….guide his steps thru the maze of darkness, that He may bring us into the light of salvation… hear his call Lord, to free his people…for the sake of all your children grant us Liberty, that we may priase Your Name as Free Men and Woman unincumbered by the chains of tyrannical despots….


  • Lets take it to the top. Everyone can do their part by word of mouth. Let them know that we are going to take this country back!

  • Karen Gill

    Double our effort. Go on the offensive. The third party black hole is only a last resort. Our chances are better fighting the GOP delegate war; and this very well could be our last chance.

  • Terry Farrell

    Go for the juggler, Ron.

  • Dave Higgins


    I would also like someone to approach the GOP elites and remind them that their treatment of Dr Paul is not only losing them the support of many formerly loyal, lifelong Republicans, like myself, but they are also poisoning the well for all the ‘new’ people that Dr Paul is attracting. If they embrace Dr Paul, they embrace a huge number of ‘new Republicans’. If they continue their treatment of Dr Paul, they are going to cause a huge number of people to NEVER again ever consider becoming Republicans for the rest of their lives. Not to mention driving off a large number of devout Republicans, never to return again.

    They (GOP) have a huge oppurtunity here to make huge gains in people power, or they have a chance to marginalize themselves for an entire generation.