Ron Paul: Preserving the Rule of Law Is More Important than Bombing People

  • Fuck yeah.

  • well said. we need to protect ourselves from govts.

  • Stossel seems like a fake Libertarian to me.

    Even Stossel tries to weasel the same talking points out of him.

  • If ron ever gets shot…..wait for the revolution. No joke……he stands for America…….I stand for him. Revolution 2012


  • its funny when someone finds a Ron Paul video an hour after its uploaded just so he can go comment and discredit and dislike it. shouldnt you be watching some Michelle Bachman videos

  • You are so articulate and classy. If you support Mitt I think that says it all!

  • Ron Pauls profile description:

    30+ years experience in medicine

    12 term Texas congressman

    former Air force pilot

    expert austrian free market economist

    humble, gave back his government pensions and denied pay increases, would only take 39,000$ per year as president

    great sense of humor

    76 years old and in better shape than anyone on the GOP

    married for over 50 years…

    NOW THATS A RESUME of someone running for President

  • RON PAUL give up u sore loser. you loss. Mitt is gonna get the nom you old fart.

  • lmao now your trolling this vid! a good troll can troll without being so obvious FAIL TROLOLOLOLOL

  • I like how the audience laughs at the very end. Shows how amazing Ron Paul is, and how mediocre the majority of the public are.

  • good interview

  • ‘paul has actually commented in a interview that he has received many many letters from supporters, who said that they were inspired by him and ran for then won offices locally. Dr. Paul has achieved much, motivating people to really try and make a change.

  • this is the best intro Paul gets, that I have ever seen, fox knows mitt the robot cocksucking Romney is the nominee, fuck Romney.

  • Ron Paul should be taken out like Kennedy

  • Ron Paul for President 2012 Restore America Now!

    Freedom, Prosperity and Peace!!

  • I really like him. Creative, Intelligent and good Sense of Humor…:-)

  • Need Change Now, stop the wars, stop the fed, downsize gov, clean up the environment, but the dark cabal behind the curtain will never allow it….. this FOX laughter is sickeningly so FOX, wtf is this a parody of Dr. Paul?!?!

  • DONATE, VOTE and become a RON PAUL DELEGATE! 20 states and 1297 counties to go, only 70 days left to make a difference. 1047 delegate slots to be elected remains. Ron Paul has a chance at winning at least 5 states and up to 305 delegates just for those…
    Even if Romney were to win the winner take all states, doesn’t mean he’ll clinch the nomination.
    A brokered convention is still very possible, and Ron Paul will be victorious, “RENEGADE” Obama would face “BULLDOG” Ron Paul in epic debates!

  • I am also a strong Dr. Paul supporter that donates money and always votes for him. Health wise I think Dr. Paul is still sharp as a tack and more physically fit than the other candidates. But I would be concerned that if elected he would share the same fate as JFK. I certainly would hope not but…
    Hopefully he gets elected and I am just a crazy conspiracy theorist.

  • then how about we pick up arms, every citizen and storm the hill. I’m sure that’d get em’ to change thar minds ;3.